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As I opened my eyes the white of the room shocked me and stung my eyes. I squinted and tried to take in my surroundings there were beds everywhere with men in striped pyjamas and some in tattered uniforms who had just arrived. I was in a hospital. I was still alive! I ran my hands down my chest to check I was in one piece and cheered for myself silently that I seemed to be ok. A nurse in a long dress and white apron stained with blood and sweat saw he was awake and smiled with relief before walking over to him.

"Ah Lance Corporal you're awake everyone's been so worried about you. Your father, the Major has been to see you twice and some of your platoon stopped by briefly on their day off, you seem to be quite popular Mr Scott." She smiled at him.

"Uh that makes a change." He grunted touching the back of his head.

"Yes you took quite the blow Lance Corporal you should expect some headaches for a few days" She smiled pouring a small dose of whiskey into a glass.

"But am I going to be ok? You know in general, will I be able to go back to my unit?" He asked.

"I will just tell the doctor you're awake and let him explain things more clearly.

"No uh Nurse…I'd rather you tell me…if there's something wrong with me I don't want some quack letting me know you're the one who's been looking after me so I'd like you to tell me…please Nurse" His eyes pleaded.

"I really should let the Doctor know" She handed him the whiskey "Gulp that down its good for the pain" She instructed "I could lose my job, I'm only a trainee nurse" She looked at him her brow furrowed.

"Please nurse…what is it? What's wrong with me" Nathan asked again.

"It's your legs Lance Corporal…they aren't sure if you will ever walk unassisted again" She told him looking at the floor.

"Oh" That's right he'd checked his arms and his chest but he hadn't tried to move his legs and that's when he noticed his legs were dead. He couldn't move them off the bed, he couldn't even twitch his toes.

"I'm sorry Mr Scott." She said softly.

"Call me Nathan it seems like I'm going to be here a while." He smiled regretfully.

"Ok Nathan." She smiled back at him her eyes lighting up.

"And you are Miss Nurse?" He grinned cheekily.

"Probationer Haley James" She whispered.

"You look a little young to be a nurse if you don't mind me saying so" He said softly.

"Don't tell anyone I'm only 16 I lied about my age to get away from home I was tired of that sleepy little town and of doing nothing except learning to sew and cook at home." She explained "You should get to sleep doctor will be telling me off for keeping you from your rest." She walked away slowly to attend to another patient but for the rest of the day her mind was on Nathan Scott.

"So how'd you think Nathan is doing?" Chase asked while they were rolling dice one night.

"I dunno alright probably is my guess, Docs said he was awake anyways" Lucas laughed when he won the next roll.

"You think we're going over the top again tomorrow?" Chase asked.

"Maybe its getting brutal out there gotta be careful." Lucas answered.

"Not many of the original company left now" Chase pointed out.

"Yeah I miss some of them , it's hard to think we'll never see them again." Lucas said softly.

"Let's not start all this morbid business again not good for morale." Chase said quietly.

Lucas just nodded.

"So when can I start trying to walk again?" Nathan asked restlessly.

"Don't rush things Nate I think in time you will realise that learning to walk again is a very horrible, long and painful process and it will be even worse if you start before you are ready I thought Doctor had explained all this to you." Haley said.

"Yeah um he did but I didn't understand all the funny words he used I like it when you tell me what's goin to happen Hales you put it into word I can understand cus I'm not all that clever but I'm well I was a good soldier when my dad didn't interfere I was one of the best but he thinks he has to help me cus I'm his son and he's a major." Nathan scowled "Now I don't know what I'm going to do I'm just a 20 year old bloke who can't walk and has no job experience and no qualifications I never even finished high school Haley I flunked out sophomore year" He looked sad.

"Don't worry Nathan something will come up and if you work hard at it you will learn to walk again I'm sure of it" She smoothed his covers and handed him a cup of very weak coffee.

"You really make things better for me whilst I'm stuck in here" Nathan said "You know when I can walk and everything again I'd like to take you out proper like." He smiled and reached for her hand and covered it with his own "I think you're a pretty special girl Hales" He said using his pet name for her.

"Nathan you know I like you and we are closer than we should be already I could lose my job if the doctor thought I was out gadding about with the soldier's in here." She said softly "besides that I only get one half day off a month" She added.

"Oh…uh right ok I understand Nurse" he removed his hand sullenly "You don't wanna be seen with a cripple like me…it's ok I get it" He said sulkily.

"Nate it's not that I really really like you more than I should to be quite honest I've never felt like this before about any of the boys at home and certainly none of the soldiers here they all seem a bit too old and scary but you straight away you seemed to know me, if I could I'd go out with you tonight" She told him earnestly and she made a point of taking his hand this time.

"Honest?" He brightened up.

"Honest" She grinned at him.

"So if I figure it out then you will go out with me?" He persisted "If I can keep it discreet so your boss wouldn't find out?"

"Um yeah I guess but right now I have other patients Mr Scott" She tried to look sternly at him but just ended up making them both laugh.