"Leo?" I groaned. He flicked a light on, luminicing the back of the van. I was guessing Mystic was driving, not acknowledging herself to me.

"Be happy it was me," he snarled. "You know better than to walk these streets alone, and without a phone." I had a phone. I patted my pocket and my eyes widened. He reached into his black hoodie. "You left it in the diner and I watched you walk home. How could you be so naïve." Who was he so worried about. It was a small neighborhood and everyone knew each other.

"I'm sorry; I'll be more careful next time. I promise." He shot me a glance. "I promise," I chuckled. He untied my wrists.

"You were so fooled," he snickered. "shouldn't I be an actor, Mystic." There was a red light, so she spinned in her seat.

"You can't be an idiot to act." Leo's ears dropped, making Mystic laugh. "Maybe we should of kept the charade up longer; you know, until she was begging and cryong for mercy." I growled at her, making her smirk.

I went up to my room and changed into my tank top and shorts. I stared at my ceiling for I don't know how long. I just couldn't stop thinking about Shadow; the way he looked at me, the way he asked for me, or the way I looked at him. I decided to close my eyes and forget everything for now.


I sat on Shadow's desk, twiddling with a ball of rubber bands. I looked at him, how he was surprisingly more interested in school work than me. I cleared my throat. "It's getting late, why don't we just…relax." He looked at me funny, as if he didn't know what I was talking about.

He sighed. "As much as I'd like to, I have a lot of work to do." I wrapped a white tuft of fur around my lace gloved finger. He looked at me, now getting the idea. I kissed him, letting the taste of his cigarettes form in my mouth.

Shadow has smoked for about 2 years; if his mom ever found out, he would be in big trouble. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into his lap. I giggled- something I never do. I ran my fingers through his quills, enjoying our kiss.

I then had a vision, and I liked it. "Shadow," a voice whispered. He was sitting in the dark. His ears pricked up at the sound. He was in his blue and red plaid pajama pants- my favorite. A girl walked by, but it was too dark to see who it was. She had a white silk nightgown on, with her pink lace bra strap sliding down her shoulder. "Shad-" she called again, but was grabbed by him. They fell into a passionate kiss. I found out it was me.

I giggled again, and he pulled away. "What's got you so happy," he smirked.

"We're going to be together forever." His smirk went away. "We are going to be together forever, right?"

"It's getting late, you should go home." He opened the door, but first dumped his ashtray out the window. I closed the door, and my eyes turned to a violet color. I wasn't wether I was happy or mad.

"If you don't want to answer me, maybe I'll just stay home," I snarled coldy. I slammed the door shut and walked home alone. I hated Shadow, but at the same time loved him.


I sighed heavily. I loved Skye, but this new girl. I was intoxicated by her. I couldn't imagine her not being with me. Maybe I could just fool around with her and then it'd be over with. Tomorrow will be the day- since I'm single now.

"Hello," said a sultry voice. I looked around the dark room, but couldn't see anything. Then I saw two orbs glowing in the dark. I smiled, thinking this would be Amy. I heard her tiny footsteps.

"Hello," I said, as I wrapped my hands around the small figure. I then realized; the girl was in her bra and underwear. She brought her hands to my shoulders.

"Do you remember me?" she asked quietly. She kissed my cheek. "Do you?" then kissing my neck. I nodded. "Do you know who I am?" I nodded; I knew it was Amy without a doubt.

The lights flickered on and I was shocked to see who it was. I didn't think of how good of a kisser she was until now. I was wrong, it wasn't Amy, in fact it was the complete opposite.

It was Anastasia.