Danny's POV

It was the perfect day for flying. The weather was balmy with hardly a gust of wind to knock me off course. It would've been a perfect day if it hadn't been for...CRASH! Technus was blown into the side of a building by my 19 year old sister, Jazz.

"Wow! Nice shot, Jazz! Danny! Get down here, we need that thermos!" Sam called as she got the nine tails ready. Technus got up and charged towards Sam, Tucker, and Jazz screaming his plans to the world.

"I am Technus, master of all things electronic and beeping! You can't defeat me so easily! I will rule the earth!"

I snuck up behind him and froze a section of the road, then sucked him into the thermos when he got knocked back by Sam's attack and slipped.

"The only thing you're a master of, Technus, is long winded lame speeches" I said slightly annoyed. "Back to the Ghost Zone with you."

I turned around ready to fly him back to Fenton Works and flush him through the portal, when I noticed a strange dark purplish-red glow on the horizon. The others noticed it as well, and (after a short pit stop to give my dad the thermos) we were soon headed over there. By the time we reached the source of the glow it had vanished leaving 3 very confused teenagers and a sporty black and green car standing in a small crater the size of our park.

One of them, a tall, browned haired kid with a strange looking watch on his wrist approached us followed by an older male with a stern looking face black hair, a black shirt, and faded blue jeans, and a tall shy looking girl with long orange hair and a rather preppy outfit consisting of a red sweater over a white shirt, a black mini-skirt, black leggings, and black loafers.

"Hi, I'm Ben Tennyson and this is my cousin Gwen and her boyfriend, Kevin Levin. You guys have any idea what just happened? Where are we?"

Jazz stepped forward and answered him while I grabbed the nine tails just in case. "You guys just appeared here from some strange purple glow." She frowned briefly as she considered all the possibilities then continued. "My name's Jasmine Fenton but everyone just calls me Jazz. This is my little brother Danny and his two friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley."

She pointed to each of us as she said our names then stepped back a little and pulled out her cellphone and started dialing. I put the nine tails away convinced that if they had been ghosts I would've sensed it. I was about to ask Ben what the watch was for, when the strange glow started again in another section of town. Instantly, we all hopped into our respective cars (or RVs) and took off for the glowing orb.

"Mom and Dad are on their way. They'll meet us there." Jazz called back as she wrenched the car into a 45 degree turn. "With those kids here I don't think you should go ghost unless you absolutely have to in case that watch thingy is actually a detection device. Got it, Danny?"

I just nodded and hopped out of the RV as soon as it came to a stop. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin were already here just staring at the huge glowing orb as if they were hypnotized. This one wasn't quite as large as the first, nor did it seem to be disappearing. As soon as Mom and Dad got here, they became to do some experiments on it and only paid vague attention to our introductions. After about an hour of tests of every conceivable type, Jack and Maddie Fenton, my parents pulled us all away from the orb as fast as they could.

"Kids listen to me. I want you to stay away from that thing, understand?"

The rest of us looked confused and it was Tucker that spoke up first saying, " Why? Is something wrong? What exactly IS that thing?"

Mom's eyes narrowed as she looked him in the eye and replied, "That is a portal to another dimension, another reality. One which exists outside of our own but should remain separate. Why this small section of it overlapped ours I'm not sure. But what I do know is this orb is a gateway to Ben's reality, and our worlds are about to collide!"