Welcome readers once again =D This is my second fanfiction, but this one will be multi-chaptered. These are all a series of one-shots. And they're probably going to be very short. They mostly won't be connected but maybe with future ideas that might change. I'm going for funny so hopefully I'll achieve that =D Not much romance in this—maybe a bit, but no official pairings. Without further rambling, I shall begin?

Disclaimer: No I don't own the Teen Titans. All rights go to DC and Glen Murakami and all of them folks.

"But Raven!—"


Raven proceeded to walk out of the common room. Beast Boy proceeded to swiftly grab Raven's wrist. She didn't even have the decency to turn around. But she did halt with an agitated sigh.

"How can you hate it when you didn't even try it?"

"For the last time, Beast Boy, I don't drink high-in-sugar, carbonated, low-quality, so-called drinks!" She burst out her thoughts, and then out of the room.

Beast Boy hung his head in defeat.

-Later That Night—

Raven telepathically checked to make sure every Titan was asleep. They were. Satisfied and anxious, she reached under her bed and pulled out a small cooler—producing a can of Fanta. She opened it and gulped down some of it, with a content smile on her face.

"Okay, so I don't hate all sodas," she began quietly, "but they'll never know."