Author's Note: Hey everyone =) ! This is another update (obviously xD). I am really horrible at timely updates and for that I'm sorry . But now that summer is here and studies are off, hopefully I'll be better…though maybe not but I just hope I will lol. On a more important note, I decided I will write not one chapter for each character, but whatever idea comes into my head… so many characters will repeat—it feels more natural and is easier for me. Thank you to all who have read, reviewed, alerted, and favorited this story =)!

Wintergreen stood expectantly in front of Slade."Is that all Mr. Wilson?" Wintergreen knew in his heart that Slade would not let him go home at the 'early' hours of midnight. Still, he figured it was worth a shot to ask. Besides, he really missed seeing his family. Slade narrowed his eyes at the question, and Wintergreen automatically felt rejection coming forward.

"Yes. Thank you, Wintergreen, that is all for tonight."

Wintergreen felt surprised at Slade's answer. He never lets me out before three A.M, he thought. Then, remembering Slade's evil nature, he wondered if this was a test. What if by walking out I'm failing some sort of employee test? "Are you sure Mr. Wilson? Perhaps I can brew a pot of tea or –". Wintergreen was interrupted by a curt reply:

"Yes, go."

The assistant needn't be told three times. With a nod and a bow, Wintergreen exited the warehouse. Slade remained in his seat after he heard the metal clang of the door and sighed with annoyance. He really did want Wintergreen to stay; after all, being without a servant in a huge abandoned warehouse is very inconvenient. But he knew no one could ever find out about it. Slade narrowed his eyes in frustration. He was Slade Wilson, for Pete's sake! Slade Wilson—a famous, feared, and ruthless villain. Yet he had this problem since he was a child. He was able to overcome it almost always now, but under certain circumstances it returned. But no, he wouldn't let a little horror movie spook him into doing the one thing that if found out, would be used as permanent blackmail against him. And yet the night was getting darker, and with a sigh of defeat Slade reached over his chair—and turned on his nightlight. "The Titans would never let me live this down", he said while slapping a hand on his face with frustration. Worried by this very thought, he looked around nervously.

"But they'll never know."