Authors' Notes: This story is part of an ongoing epic involving a natural Legilimens named Sydney (Siggy) Whetstone, a first year student at Hogwarts, his cat Morpheus, Severus Snape (who has become Siggy's guardian following the death of his abusive uncle), and Hermione Granger, who is studying Morpheus, a maneki neko with unusual magical powers. It takes place in roughly 2007 or thereabouts.

A Trip To Remember

A collaborative effort by Sinistra_Furze and SadiraSnape

CHAPTER 1 – Snape's Preparations

15 June

Finally have all the appropriate equipment for the journey to Egypt and Romania. Young Whetstone and his infernal maneki neko have been sorted and properly outfitted. Ms Granger has agreed to accompany us – I am interested to see how she does in the field as well as with a child and a creature at her heels. If nothing else, it will be entertaining. I'm especially looking forward to the effect the heat and humidity of the Nile valley should have on that hair of hers – I believe I'll place a small wager with Filius as to how far from her head it will extend. I think 3 feet is a reasonable figure.

Remember to pack a camera for photographic evidence.

My old friend Ogdoad Valentinas has assured me he has made all arrangements and will assist in keeping the younger set occupied while I attend to certain areas of research and collection that do not require the input of children, felines or know-it-alls. It seems he has a nephew who will most likely provide some distraction for Ms Granger.


20 June

Why in the world did I break out the elf-made Armagnac last night? I'm not sure, but I may have told tales out of school regarding the "hidden lives" of the staff. Blast it. Pomona will have my guts for garters if she ever finds out.

I have to admit, though, it was decidedly… pleasant… to spend an evening getting comfortably loose, and in such interesting company. Who would have thought that annoying little witch could mature into such a keen mind and brilliant conversationalist. It was quite enjoyable to put my feet up and stop being the Great Bat o' the Dungeon for a bit.

Mustn't do it too often, though. And certainly not in Egypt! Although a bit of wizard arak would be delightful…

Note to self: be sure to pack extra protective gear for Blue Lotus collection. We can't have a repeat of the situation involving the Kekrops quetzalcoatalis expedition… and Florence Bench. Ugh.

25 June

Ms Granger is getting along famously with young Whetstone and his beast. Oddly enough, I am not finding her presence a burden, or even much of an annoyance. Rather than talking my ear off all day long, she spends her time actually studying Siggy and Morpheus, asking them pertinent questions, and recording her observations. Fascinating. And she takes quite comprehensible and cogent notes as well.

I reluctantly find myself wishing she would not have to return to London and the Ministry at the end of the summer.

How odd.

1 July

The date of departure draws near. Everything is in order, fake Muggle travel visas have been arranged, the political climate has been sampled and found to be as badly in disarray as it's ever been. I find myself obsessively counting and recounting the packages, vials, bottles, baskets, and other accoutrements of a field trip for gathering potion ingredients and research. I've also cut back on the treacle tart – I find since the war that I have a somewhat alarming tendency to indulge myself in things that "ensnare the senses", to coin a phrase… I've taken to enjoying desserts entirely too much, savouring the aroma of the more pleasant dried ingredients, even noticing the colors of my surroundings more than I ever did.

At any rate, don't want to be completely miserable in the heat of the Middle East, and the extra stone I've put on will certainly do it. No more desserts and a brisk nightly walk around the lake are in order for one S. Snape, I do believe. Blast.

I have also discovered that Ms Granger is quite a lovely and captivating young witch. Much too young for any serious thought or pursuit, of course, but I suppose even an old warhorse like myself can appreciate the aesthetic treat she provides in these dark and damp old dungeons…

Hm. I must go count the baskets again. And did I remember to pack my camera? Besides documenting the effect of Egypt's heat and humidity on Ms Granger's hair (Filius took my wager at 5 to 1 her hair would bush out at least 3 feet from her head, put down 10 galleons and muttered something about she having been the first to learn some charm or other), I am surprised to discover a desire to document the trip itself, and my companions.

Again, how odd.