Some hours later. At the flank of the defensive line of Schlos base. 4th Detail

Alarms trigger on the background. Ian: "Captain, ADAN vessels have jumped out at point 23-05. Unknown classes of vessels are arriving like the earlier contacts at the same location…. Here they come!"

Opposite of the 4th detail a equally sized ADAN fleet jumps out. As the ADAN fleet completes jumpout, a small group of sleek gold plated ships exit warp beside it. The ADAN fleet immediately opens fire and the golden ships follow suit, raking a destroyer with yellow beams next to the Acropolis, collapsing its activating shields and then tearing it apart and rocking the Acropolis with the explosion. Crichton immediately shouts to return fire. Natalie relays the order and snaps the fleet out of its surprise, starting the battle in earnest. Rhino and Bird flight launch amidst the mayhem.

Unknown to both fleet, behind the 4th detail Zak was shocked, surprised and very pissed. His Nemesis ended up in the middle of the general area where missed shots from the ADAN fleet ended up. He wasn't sure if one the energy shots would decloak him, but he didn't want to find that out the hard way, because he wasn't sure who would be more hacked off when that happened. The fleets he was spying on, or his Fleet commander. A moment later he decided it would be his FC, who was yelling at him that he should stay cloaked and confirm there where indeed Amarrian Navy cruisers.

At the battle site

Rhino flight flew sideways out of the fleet in order to avoid the ship to ship weapons which would severely damage there Delta Sabers. Raymond " Listen, aim for the attackers. Do not let the attackers near the base of the Acropolis. Let the warships focus on the ships.". A group of confirmations respond to him "Ellen and Katana, stick together. Gene, your with me." Gene Baldwin is the replacement for Brandon from the 5th fighter squadron. "Roger that" He reply's as the group splits up.

Rhino flight dives back into the fight. Intercepting a group of attackers heading for the cruiser at the front. Katana and Ellen swing in from the left and hammer the craft from the side, exploding one with a well placed railgun round, and sending another into a death spiral as its portside engines explode with missile impacts. Before they can swing around for another pass to finish the rest of the group a triplet of Magi's attempt to take them down with missiles. Katana and Ellen dodge to the left and try to turn around. By the time they finished their turn Raymond and Gene flew by and took them down.

Ian comes in over the comms "A group of enemy aircraft is approaching. They're heading for Schlos base!" "Katana, Ellen, take them down!" Raymond responds "Roger that!" Katana reply's as he dives down to attack the group of attackers. He sees the 3rd fighter squadron are under the same orders and reins in the Delta's Sabers power to stay in formation with them and overhears some chatter about his new model not being able to hold its own.

Deep space

"So.. Amarrian ships with the brown ships apparently belonging to a allaince called ADAN. And the blue folks called the TCAF eh" says contemplating "Oh, do forget we are stuck wherever 'here' is, our scouts not finding any wormholes." Eethrak adds sardonically. "Uuuhm, sir" Zak interrupts "The blue buggers are about to engage the a couple of Ammarian frigates escorting a bunch of non-stealthy bomber type of… flying thingy".

Zak wasn't the only scout struggling to describe the battles breaking out around the station called 'Schlos Base'. Battles between vessels fought completely different. "Hmm" Hikita contemplates "Eeth, keep the fleet together" he switches comms "Vlad, Dan and Mia and her squadron, we are going on a little excursion" This is greeted by the selected people as a disappointment, with the rest feeling lucky they didn't get picked.

"Well, surely this will not end as bad as Hiki's last excursion" Dan says cheerfully.

Behind the defensive line

As the group closes in, they see the group of attackers have a group of Magi escorts, and three gold plated U shaped fighters, about as big as the attackers themselves. Katana assumed first they where some other form of bomber, something quickly dispelled as they pulled up towards the group quicker than the escorting Magi's and the lasers they fired, shredding an Arrowhead and damaging Katana's shields.

As the groups closed distance, the fighters unleashed a barrage of missiles, which took down most Magi's while the return fire claimed another three Arrowheads, Leaving Katana and Ellen and three survivors of the 3rd fighter squadron. The missiles that hit the gold plated fighters expend themselves against their shields with no visible damage "Those ships also have shields that blocks missiles?" Ellen exclaims confusedly. Just as the fighters pass each other, Katana glances to the side to see any form of identification symbol, or cockpit for that matter. The only thing he sees to his surprise is a gun aimed straight at him, with rather to much energy gathering around it for his liking and he slams his control stick the other side. Dodging the laser beam by a narrow margin.

A bit further away

Hikita arrived near Zak, who was already sneaking closer to the battle between the warships. Seeing as how the unshielded fighters got shredded by the Amarrians, he decided to intervene.

"Mia, go in and help the blue colored guys. Me and Vlad will take care of the Bomber things" "Are you sure sir?..." "No, but where going to do it anyways, whatever the Amarrian navy is up to can't be good". Mia just nodded to that as she and he squadron activated there microwarpdrives to engage the Amarrians.

"Katana, we got more of those unknown ships!" Ellen shouts distressed. The fight with the three gold plated vessels hasn't going good at all. The 3rd fighter squadron was completely destroyed and evading the lasers was extremely hard. Both Katana and Ellen had nearly no shields left and suffered armor damage. "Katana, Ellen, hang in there, if one of us go down, we all go down!" Raymond shouts, as he and Gene hurry to the fight as quickly as they can.

Katana looks sideways to the new contacts which are nearly in range, and notices that there different. That the lead ship had a wicked looking pike attached to one of its sides didn't give Katana the feeling they were friendly however.

"Okay squad, keep the blue ships intact, even if they take a couple of shots at you. Focus on the navy ships" Mia and her squad barrel past a stunned Katana, who couldn't believe the variety of ships flying past him. And in his surprise that they didn't shoot at him, he didn't open fire either to give them a reason to. As he turns a bright explosion heralds the death of gold plated ship who was tailing him. He then hears a female voice say "Save the other fighter first, Jurgen catch the runner!" A moment later another bright flash appears "Katana, did you hear that to?" Ellen ask stuns as the mixed band of ships turn away from her and chase the last gold plated ship who disengaged the moment they appeared. A futile attempt as the unknown group hunted it down like a pack of wolves. "And why are they helping us?"

"Katana, Ellen are you all right?"Raymond asks. Before they can respond they see the Attackers they were supposed to take down suddenly disappear of the radar, and the appearance of two large cruiser sized contacts. Who then start moving towards them at startling speeds. As they come into view, they see one of the vessels looks the same as the one who shot down Brandon, and the other is gold plated like the unexpected allies of ADAN. "Everybody, retreat, NOW!" Then they hear the female voice again saying "Sorry boys and girls, my boss rather would like to have a chat with you" this threat is backed up by the return of the squad flying into formation of the Delta sabers and slotting in. "What do you wa.." Raymond starts before he is interrupted by a male voice.

"What I want is you informing your fleet that for this fight, we are you on your side 'till we got more information" it says with a hint of impatience. "Information regarding where in the blazes we are, who the hell you are, and why in divinity's edge the Amarrian navy is here". Before Raymond can respond Ellen snap angrily "Why should we trust you, you shot down Brandon!". "Ellen!" Raymond starts before he is interrupted again "Ooh, real nice diplomacy there Hiki" an unknown voice chips in. "Shuttup Dan, yes, I shot down a fighter like the ones you where flying, I will not apologize for that, and the reason you should trust me is that you are still alive and talking to me, instead of being free floating space dust". Before the TCAF pilots can respond the voice goes on "Mia, escort our 'friends' back to the battlefield, I am calling some backup and take down that excuse of a fleet over there." With that the grey and golden ship hurtle away to the battle with the same astonishing fleet.

"Raymond, are you alright?" Crichton asks worried. Ever since the unknown ships closed in on Rhino squadron, she wasn't able to contact them. "Yes we are" he comes back "There are two cruiser sized vessels inbound, they claim there on our side." Crichton looks at Ian who confirms "Two large cruisers are approaching in the same fashion as the ones on the ADAN fleet, they appear to be overshooting us however". A moment later this is reinforced by a flash of gold as the Harbringer shoots past. "But that one looks the same as the ones attacking us.. " he hesitates " A 3rd contact appearing above the first two.. wait.. A battleship sized… no.. two battleship sized contacts appearing. They have more cruiser sized contacts around them to!" Ian exclaims.

Mean while the unknown ships start firing into each other. Crichton asks for a close up of the battle and soon wished see didn't . All the gold plated vessels with the ADAN forces fire as one on the grey vessels. She sees the shield collapse, but the ship plows on undisturbed by that. What then really scared Crichton was how the energy beams that easily took apart a destroyer, didn't seem as much scratch the grey ship. Who in the first return volley collapses the shield of the closest gold plated cruiser. And then the gold plated vessel plays its energy beams over its smaller cousin, causing the armor to glow cherry red.

Then more vessels appear. The one of the biggest, bigger than an TCAF battleship, looked like a squashed oval with a ring shaped thruster system in the middle place. And the front and rear end packed with guns. Guns who spoke a devastating volley which blew stricken cruiser into non-existence.

The ADAN fleet starts to turn to meet the unexpected fleet at their flank. And are quickly rewarded for their trouble with a unhealthy amount of return fire. The gold plated ones started to retreat and the unknown fleet started engaging the ADAN fleet. Crichton realizes this is a really good time to disengage before the new fleet turned on the TCAF one. "Natalie, order the fleet to disengage and retreat, we don't know what is going on"

A moment later after doing that Natalie says "Captain, we got a communication request from somewhere in the middle of the fleet, but I cannot trace it to a ship" "Accept it." Crichton wonders puzzled. On the main screen a happy looking man appears "Hello, I'd have to friendly ask you to stay around. My Fleet Commander would like some information, or did this Raymond fellow forget to relay that?". The man said. He looked real, yet something seemed off like a he was a simulation. "Natalie, contact Schol base and…" "I think I can't have you do that just yet" the man interrupts, and in front of the bridge suddenly a cruiser sized grey ship appears out of thin space. "Outside communications are down!" Natalie shouts surprised" "Radar, targeting system, it's all gone" Ian follows up. Suddenly the ships jerks to a halt and Russell from engineering comes in "Captein, there a lot of sub…" "Now that I have your undivided attention" the man goes on. His ship shields suddenly flare up as the Acropolis escorts open fire on it. The second volley however goes wide, and so does the third. "Please, don't do that again, I don't want to kill you". The left destroyer kept firing and scored a glancing hit on the shields. The oddly shaped grey ship pops out some unseen turrets and rakes the offending cannons on the destroyer.

"Well, with that cleared up, please wait here and kindly do not inform your HQ of us being here". With the ADAN Fleet on the background suffering heavy damage, Crichton was inclined to listen.


Really had a hard time not making the capsuleer vessels to powerful in this chapter. After all, the Ammarians had plenty of free time shooting the TCAF fleet without ganking it.