Author's Note: I got this idea after reading SpyNya-Chan007's fanfic, Hetaliafied Commercials :D Enjoy ^_^

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia or the commercial used. They belong to their respective owners. That is all.

Ludwig Beilschmidt and his wife, Felicyta, were standing in front of their house, talking to their neighbors, Arthur and Francoise Kirkland.

"Oh mon Dieu!" Francoise said. "I can't believe how much it's taking us to save for Al and Mattie's futures."

"How do you manage to save for Gilbo?" Arthur asked tiredly as he held his and Francoise's youngest son, one-year-old Peter, in his arms.

"Like, saving money for our kid's college fund was getting totally expensive," Felicyta said. She flipped her hair.

"Ja, it was," said Ludwig. "So, to save money, we taught our five-year-old how to dunk."

"You taught Gilbo how to dunk?" Arthur asked, almost dropping Peter. "Bloody hell, he's five, you dolts!"

"We know," said Ludwig and Felicyta.

"Like, here he comes now," Felicyta said cheerfully.

As if on cue, a five-year-old boy with platinum blond hair and red-violet eyes, wearing denim shorts and a white T-shirt, ran up to the tall basketball hoop in the driveway. This was Gilbert, Ludwig and Felicyta's son.

Gilbert jumped up to the hoop and managed to do a slam dunk. Unfortunately, he was unable to get down, and was hanging onto the hoop with both hands!

"Like, scholarship!" Felicyta exclaimed. Then she turned and saw her son hanging from the hoop. Felicyta turned to Ludwig. "Like, honey, go get him."

Ludwig started freaking out as he ran towards his son. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! DON'T WORRY, GILBO, DADDY'S COMING!"

"Get me down!" Gilbert called to his father.

A man named Yao Wang walked up to the Beilschmidts and Kirklands. "Hey, there's an easier way to save, aru. Just go to Geico, and you can save 15% on car insurance in fifteen minutes, aru."

Oh mon Dieu!- Oh my God! (French)

Ja-Yes (German)