This is as you can already guess a beauty and the beast inspired twilight story. I hope you all enjoy it, this is only the start.
All recognisable characters belong to Stephanie Meyer. x

There was a man, many years ago mind you, who was not as he first appeared. They say to never judge a book my it's cover, and this particular man was no exception.

Now would be the time to introduce our main character, just simply The man. Does not do him any justice at all. He was named after his father, Edward; his full name was Edward Anthony Mason, duke of Berry province, France.

Yes, our Edward was a duke! What else? You wouldn't expect him to be a pig farmer now did you? Well if he was then the story just wouldn't work.

As his tittle would suggest Edward was indeed wealthy, but unfortunately as was usually the case this wealth made the young duke arrogant, selfish and cruel. The apple did not fall far from the tree in this case.

Now it wouldn't be fair to judge him just because he had a less than desirable personality, he was a man after all so we can t hold that against him. Never judge a book by its cover, keep that in mind, even though that statement is incredibly contradictive, but still Edward was a man of many covers.

Now that our introductions have been made and we are on first name basis with our main character, I think it is high time we started with the story, don't you?

The moons bashful light hit random spots of earth through the canopy of branches. The forests nocturnal inhabitants sang and scurried blissfully aware of the ever present dangers that lurked unseen amongst their homes.
A shadowed figure glided un-breaking between the tall thick trees. As if the figure was mosses animals both large and small, deadly and mild moved with haste and uncertain fear.

The thin strands of silver moonlight ghosted onto the figures hooded face to reveal the worn and weathered looks of an aged woman. She looked almost hag like as she walked sure footed but hunch backed and stooped shouldered.

Her eyes were not as weary as her features might suggest, quite the opposite actually. They stared in their entire icy blueness strait ahead of her and were fixated on the looming, semi hidden foreboding silhouette of a chateaux set upon a jagged mountainous hill.

The heavens cracked open and cried down on the dark earth bellow. Large teardrops of icy water bounced from leaf to leaf in a drip-drop-drip-drop Rhythm. The earth became colder and slugier under the naked feet of the woman; the harsh forest floor was not kind on her feet, twigs and rocks picked at the exposed flesh leaving them bleeding and raw.

A strong angry gale picked up and whistled cruelly threw the trees. The thick woollen cloak that clung desperately to the old woman's frail shoulders blew viciously, biting at her bare ankles.

Yet she kept walking as determined and as gracefully as she had before. The forest began to dwindle and slowly disappear with every step she took. Before long the chateaux in all its darkened glory stood before her.

With agonising slowness she walked the few gravelled yards to the large front door. Raising a wrinkled stiff hand she rapped on the painted wood. Flakes of black fell lifelessly to her feet.

Although the sound echoed around her there was no answer. The elements still persisted in their misery.
No lights flickered through the quilted windows. Nothing.

She knocked on the door again, like she did before and like last time, nothing.

The woman's thin pale lips turned up in a smile of sorts. The wind and rain raged more violently now, but still the chateaux door remained arrogantly closed in front of her.

The old woman raised her hand for a third and final time and like the times before rapped on the door. Seconds past, movement was heard from within the building. She stood back from the door, a look of satisfaction crowning her wise features.

She counted the seconds as they crept by 1... 2... 3... 4 then on the 5th second the door flung open violently crashing into the wall inside.

A young man stood fuming in the semi-shadowed entrance of the house, a candle labra gripped in one hand. The woman was not stuck by his earth bound young Greek god looks; she was repulsed and angered by it.

"What?" he growled deeply his emerald eyes burning, the woman did not flinch at his hostility. He ran a frustrated hand through his hair, waving flicks of auburn hair stuck out in frazzled directions.

"I am seeking refuge-" she croaked but was cut off cut off by the tempest before her. "Get away from my house! he shouted and pointed dramatically away from his house, the woman remained unmoving where she was. With shaking hands she pulled off her sodden hood.

The young man gasped and drew back in horror. "Leave hag! Go and leave me be!" he shouted, she stared at him, "I have come travelled a long way, please I beg of you a nights shelter." She pleaded holder her hands out before her. The man groaned impatiently.

The woman took note of his dishevelled appearance and the unmistakeable stench of alcohol and tobacco.
"Please sir! Have mercy on an old woman. A nights rest and shelter in your home is all I ask for." she begged, she tentatively placed a dirty bloodied foot over the threshold of his house and looked straight into the face of the now murderous looking auburn haired god.

"You're trying my patience, did you not hear what I said. Get away from my house, go get out of my sight!" he all but screamed in her face. She did not even flinch; she laid a hand on his arm.

He ripped himself away from her grip and pushed her away from him in a blind rage. Her feet lost contact with the slippery stone of the steps, in a matter of seconds the old woman lay in a deformed heap beneath her cloak on the wet ground.

The man took on fleeting look back then turned to walk inside, not caring for the unconscious woman in front of his house.
The sky roared in outrage, flashes of electric light zigzagged down the earth illuminating the sky as it did. The man stopped for a second, paused at the door and waited for a moment then went to close the door.

"Wait." A voice whispered quietly, the sound seamed to travel ghostly threw the air. He froze where he stood, hand poised on the door handle.

"Stop." The voice said again. He turned around and waited in startled horror as the crumpled form stood up strait, the heavy cloak fell from the once hunched shoulders.

Now stood where the old hag had once been was a young woman, her beauty was far beyond what words could describe. Long golden curls tumbled around her shoulders, it lay calmly and unmoving in the storm around her.

Her dress clung to her sculpted body as if it were a second skin of sapphire velvet. Her youthful face held strong almost stern features; icy blue eyes watched the young man as he stumbled forwards.

The enchantress walked forward a step then another then another with agonising slowness testing him, teasing him. But he stayed stock still frozen to the spot.

"You can't imagine the mistake you have just made." The enchantress declared her voice deep and deadly. She circled him like a shark would its prey. The now pale man stiffened as panic set deep into his bones.

She raised a perfect hand and placed it on his back, on contact the man yelped in surprise as a bolt of heat scorched threw him.

"Are you going to listen to me now?" she asked mockingly, she kept her contact with him as she repeatedly shot heat threw him almost rhythmically.

"Yes! Yes I will!" he whimpered pathetically, she laughed, a deep seductive chime. Throughthe pain he was being inflicted he was captivated by her ethereal beauty and the way she moved cat like, agile and graceful.

"When you saw me before, you shunned me." she said coldly, he screamed as a volt of electricity coursed through his shivering intoxicated form. "Sorry!" he screamed and fell to his knees.

"A sorry can't fix everything Edward." Said the enchantress as she gazed down at him.
"H-how do you know my name?" he gasped, she just chuckled darkly.

"Word has travelled fast about your cruelty." Her tone sent more painful convulsions down his spine.
"How would you feel if you were turned away at every door? How would you feel if you were shunned for the way you looked?" she asked as she crouched down before him.

The enchantress took hold of his head between her hands, "No! whatever you are going to do please I beg of you I will change I swear!" he grovelled; she ignored him of course and leant forward to whisper into his ear. "What goes around comes around." She stated simply, she pressed her hands onto his head and locked them there squeezing intolerably tight.

Fire and ice battled for dominance, it twisted and turned, lashed out and buried itself in his body. The air was forced out from his lungs as they deflated in on themselves. A fiery hand constricted around his beating heart.
His collapsed like a house of cards onto the floor.

The golden haired enchantress stood back and watched as his form writhed and contorted before her, agonised gasps and screams echoed into the night.

She bent down once more to whisper into his ear. "Remember you have brought this on yourself so you are the only one to make amends." Her cryptic words seamed to loud for his pulsating ears to bear.
"What! What do I do?" he whimpered

"You have to work that one out for yourself. And I would hurry if I were you. You see that apple tree." She pointed to the tree beside her.

Edwards eyes followed her direction. He croaked a "Yes! ." "Well you have until the last apple falls from that tree to break the curse or you shall remain the feared creature that you are now for the rest of eternity." She promised "It's a shame really, for me to have to do this this. If only you had seen what you were doing, who you have turned into then I wouldn't have to come here." The enchantress muttered almost sadly.

"Please!" Edward screamed on the floor clutching his heart as it burned. The enchantress just shook her head "It is too late, the transformation is complete. It is no longer in my power to change what has been done, that power lies solely in your hands." She explained.

With a final grim smile at the shifting screaming form in the floor the enchantress turned her back to him and started to walk away.
"I would get inside if I were you, the sun is awakening." Were her final words as she disappeared into the morning.

Hope you all enjoyed it. Yes it was a bit cheesy fairy tale but that is how it is supposed to be, I have loved beauty and the beast for a long time so I decided to create my own one. Review and I will