Somebody had called his father on his mobile phone.

He had apologized, walked out and he hated him for the flare of relief he saw in his eyes.

Left him alone with Him. A ball of anger and hate and he clenched his fists so hurt it started hurting.

''What do you want?'' he growled. Karl raised an eyebrow. ''Visiting the sick son of my supervisor. I'm a nice guy, aren't I Steve?''

He came closer to the bed.

Steve tensed and slowly leaned back, bracing himself.

A soft chuckle.

''You wouldn't you attack me in front of your dad Steve, would you?'' Another chuckle and he felt to urge to smash the others head against a wall.

''If you hurt my father I'll...'' ''Why should I hurt him?'' And suddenly he was standing next to him and the anger was back, the hate, the fear.

you fear. you fear me.

Hard to move. Harder to breathe. The world was blurring and pain.

He'd have screamed if he could have moved his mouth, could have move anything.

Fingers on his cheek stroking slowly.

''You're more interesting than your father Steve.'' A burning rush of nausea. ''I want to have a little fun with you. See how far I can go before you break. You know,''

A hand closing around his throat and a cutting smile.

''Everybody breaks in the end. Everybody slips.'' Black spots and he was falling now and it was too late, too late to save his father, his family, himself.

Only the voice left.

''You'll try.'' Trying to struggle. ''I'll enjoy watching watching you fail.'' Darkness making it impossible. ''And you will fail. Cause we're not that different.''

And the hand disappears and he drew air in greedily. Karl stepped back and the door opened.

''We got to go.'' His father looked at him and frowned. ''You look so pale Steve. Everything's okay?'' Not, he wanted to scream. No I'm not okay, nothing is okay, please stay Dad and make the bad things go away, make it all good again, please Dad, please, please, please.

Karl grinned.

And Steve bit his tongue and nodded. ''You're sure?'' The concerned look didn't changed and he bit harder and nodded again. ''Oh. Okay.'' Something in his father's eye he couldn't define and he looked away cause he didn't wanted to know. Not now. Biting so hard on his tongue he tasted blood.

''We'll go then. Bye Steve.'' Another nod, no look at his father and he only turned around when he heard the chuckle. ''Nice to met you Steve. We'll see each other each again.''

A smile.

''I'm sure about that.'' The door closed and he felt back exhausted. A trembling hand reaching for his throat and he swallowed.

Splitters of the conversation, the look in his father's eyes, His smile and he reached to wipe the tears away from his eyes. To his surprise they were dry.

A fragment of something Karl said. Words endless repeating themselves. Not that different. We're not that different. Memories of a harsh order and the blurred eyes of the doctor removing the restraints.

''The thing he does... can I do them too?''

And a short moment of hesitation.


''Teach me.''