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The students of Whitechapel High race outside school, heading home. One teenager though, stays back.

Hmmm.. Benny, Erica, and Sarah should be home right now. They'll now about me faking about going to the store soon enough. I have to finish this.

With determination in his eyes, the brown haired teenager, walked left into the forbidden parts of the woods. Legend has it, once you step into those parts of the forest, strange things will happen to you, strange unnatural things. Whether its bad luck...or death. Of course Ethan experienced alot more supernatural stuff.

After turning the last corner, a dead end struck. The seer held his place and shouted,


Three dark dog-shaped figures appeard at an impossible time rate.

The one in the middle spoke, "Huh. I thought I expected more of a battle, but we can finish this off quickly."

Ethan snarled, "What? to weak to fight your own battles, Craven?"

At that moment, Craven bared out his teeth and growled, "I'll show you weak!"

Craven immediately pounced on his right tearing apart his own partner. After that, he jumped to the left, and tore open his other partner's neck, blood poured out both of the wolves.

Smirking at Ethan he asked, "Now who's weak?"

Ethan never hesistaing, answered, "You."

Both eyes burned with hatred.

Black to Brown.

Dark to Light.

Bad to good.

Then they pounced for each other.

Only one goal, and knowing only one will come out alive. To be changed or to be dead.

At mid-air, Ethan brought out his weapon, an eight inch dagger, which in fast and deadly. Facing him, Craven bared his sharp canine teeth.

They fought violently.

Ethan slashed his dagger in such an alarming rate, that only a little blur of light, reflecting from the moon could be seen. Craven flew back in agony. Never giving up though, he leaped at Ethan. Ethan carefully dodged the bites, because one of the bites could change him. But as luck would have it though, a bloody tree root tripped Ethan.

"Its payback time." The wolf sneered.

Craven bit Ethan's shoulder with a 200-pound force. Ethan screamed loudly, and the pain caused him to dropped his only weapon. Suddenly his arm went numb, causing him to not feel the agonizing pain anymore. He kicked off Craven and grabbed his weapon with his left hand, stabbing him one after another. After Ethan knew he had enough he looked at Craven as he spoke his last words.

"You may have killed me and saved your loved one. But by doing so, you have killed yourself too."

Ethan grabbed a part of a of a Yarrow plant and applied it to his injured arm.

"Anything to save her."

With that being said, he walked away.

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