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The two teenagers fought for their life. Ethan growled as Jessie turned into this some kind of winged maniac.

"Darkness is the most powerful thing on earth." Jessie smirked his purple-like lips.

Ethan reeled back, "Love is."

Jessie snarled and lunged for Ethan. Ethan turned at the sound of running feet. A body ran into him as he stood there. He hit a tree with a thundering crash. Splinters stabbed into his furry body.

Meanwhile a brunette watched the whole scene; one thing in her mind. Love?

Sarah's thoughts were jumbled like mosquitoes scurrying to and fro. He's protecting me... Because he loves me? She asked herself.

She allowed a small tear run down her cheek. Holding her hand over her heart she shouted, "I love you! Please Ethan!" She knew she couldn't intervene the fight. No matter how strong or weak she is.

To her left, Benny was bamboozled. All this time Ethan, he thought, all this days, it was for her..

He shook his head in both shock and amazement. He knew to, it was their fight. But with different reasons.

Ethan turned to the sound of her voice... She loves me! She really does.

So much for being manly there.

"Puny Ethan.. Little.. Weak. Stupid Ethan. Do you really think you could stand a chance?" Jessie's eyes were wide with anticipation and false victory, "Do you?"

With that, Jessie repeatedly punched and kicked Ethan; who was trying and failing to protect himself.

No.. Not now, he thought, protect Sarah.

"After you. It's your little girlfriends turn." Jessie hideously laughed.

Ethan snarled, "Don't touch her!" He leaped at Jessie who never saw it coming. They fought savagely, trying to kill and never showing mercy.

Blood spilled out each others body. Ones dead. Ones alive. Two people who witnessed it all are crying.

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