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It's basically Aladdin, but with Kurt and Blaine.
Obviously I made some changes (you'll see), but it pretty much follows the story line of the Disney movie.
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"I've never been so insulted!" a big guy with a mohawk entered the castle from the gardens.

"Oh, Prince Puckermann, you're not leaving so soon, are you?" Sultan Burt scurried behind the man. Was that a piece of his jacket missing?

"Never in a thousand years I'd want to marry that, god luck finding someone who will!" with that, prince Noah Puckermann slammed the door behind him leaving the castle.

"Oh Kurt," the Sultan sighed, "what did you do this time?" he went into the gardens searching for his only son, whom he loved dearly, but who could drive him up the walls sometimes.

"Kurt?" he walked through the gardens, "Kur-AAAAURGh," Sultan Burt nearly jumped 3 miles in the air when Rahja appeared in front of him, growing with his teeth out. Was that a the piece of missing jacket from Noah Puckermann? "Rahja DOWN!" he scowled. Rahja immediately backed off and returned to lay at Kurt's feet. The tiger was harmless, but he could give you a good scare if you weren't aware of that fact. "What happened?" he demanded of his son.

"Oh father, Rahja and I were just playing," Kurt send an innocent smile at his father while he scratched his pet tiger behind the ears, "weren't we Rahja, yes we were," he cooed at his furry friend.

"I should have never given you that beast," Burt scowled.

"Father, we both now that it's not Rahja That's the problem here," Kurt glared up at his father, eyes cold as stone, "it's the endless line of so called 'perfect matches for me' you force upon me."

"Kurt, you know I love you," Burt sighed, he and his son had had this conversion about a million times, "but the law says you should be married-"

"Before my 21st birthday, to a prince," Kurt finished his sentence while he turned around and walked away, "yes, I know."

"I only want the best for you Kurt," Burt said, "you haven't gotten that long anymore."

"Well, that law sucks royally," Kurt banged his head against his the big birdcage that was standing in the garden. He opened the door and got his favorite bird out of it, Pavarotti, snuggling him close to his face, "If I marry, I want it to be because I love that person. Not because some stupid enforced law."

"Kurt," Burt looked at his son with a pained look in his eyes, taking the bird from him and putting him back in the cage, "it's not just the law son. I'm getting older, I'm not gonna be here forever. I just want you to be happy. To have someone that takes care of you, and loves you. For you. I wouldn't be searching for princess if that wasn't the case. I could easily force you to marry the first unnamed princess that I can get. But I want you to be happy."

"Father, It's not just that," Kurt sighed while he sat down, "I've never been outside this castle before, I've never had any real friends, that weren't forced to like me because of who I am. I've never done anything in my life."

"But Kurt, you are a Prince," Burt lay a hand on his sons shoulder.

"Well maybe I don't want to be Prince then!" Kurt answered angrily while he stood up and left the gardens and his father behind to brood in his room.

Kurt tiptoed to the garden door. He knew he was a prince, and he had to get married by law. But he just couldn't do it. When his mother was still alive, they had these amazing dreams of him marrying for love. Marrying his soul mate. That was what he wanted. Not some prince that was forced upon him. He knew his father meant well, but he just couldn't do it.

Rahja nudged his legs with his head, which made Kurt turn around.

"I have to do this Rahja, if I don't," he sighed, "I'll be unhappy for whole my life." He scratched his favorite pet behind his ears, "I'll miss you though."

The big cat let out a low cry, "I know, I love you too."

Kurt sighed and scowled himself, "look at me, talking to my pet like he's the most important thing in the world, my life really is pathetic."

He shook his head and opened the door, leaving the palace grounds. Tears where stinging in the corner of his eyes. He would miss his father, he loved him dearly. But he knew he had to do this for himself.