Hey you guys, my new story is up, it's called Beauty and the Beast, Klaine style. Check it out if you like.

It's really different from this one (I explained it in the prologue) But I'd like it if you gave it a chance. It's really good, I promise!

Oh and I want to show you all something! It's a drawing by ForgottenPulse. She was a loyal reader and reviewer for the whole story.

And I really liked her work, and want to show it to you all! It's exactly like I imagined them in my head actually :D

http:/ forgottenpulse . deviantart . com / # / d4falqe

(remove the spaces ;) )

If you like it, go tell her! (or leave a review, and I'll tel her) I think it's amazing

Anyways, I really enjoyed writing this story, and I hope you guys will read my next one ;)

thanks for all the reviews I got (81, you guys amaze me) and all the favorites and alerts (44 favorites, amazing, that means at least 44 people read it and liked it รถ)

anyways, thanks so so so much!

hugs and klainebow kisses!