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Silva stopped dead in her tracks as she entered Shinshu Field. "O... oh my gosh..."

Shinshu Field was completely dead. All the trees were black and lifeless, there were no animals, the grass was brown and withered, and everything was covered in a cursed zone. Abigail let out a cry of horror.

"Huh?" Issun gasped. "You probably know this already, but this here is Shinshu Field, the most beautiful field in Nippon. At least, it's supposed to be…but ever since that incident, I've been getting a bad vibe. We better watch where we're going. Just tell me if you wanna see the map and I'll show it to you. Let's pay attention to it as we push ahead."

They started walking, but didn't get that far before Issun stopped them again. "Look, that's the Guardian Sapling marked on our map!"

Silva looked at where Issun's toothpick of a sword was pointing and saw what looked like a smaller version of the Konohana tree.
Issun continued talking. "It's supposed to be a place for travelers to rest and recuperate, but just look at it! It looks like it could fall over at any moment! This place is definitely cursed from the looks of it! Places where evil has taken hold, luring monsters from far and wide, are known as cursed zones. But I've never seen one this big before. It's withered all the plant life in the area, including that big tree! It'd take a monster with powers beyond even a god to do this!" He was quiet for a second. "That tree's an offshoot of Sakuya. It protects nature in the area. Maybe the natural beauty here would return if we revived it…but how the heck could we do that, anyway?"

Silva quickly ran through the events of Okami in her mind. "...maybe we should go check up on the other one?" She suggested, albeit a little hesitantly.

"...that's not a bad idea." Issun said slowly, as if he didn't want to admit it. Which he probably didn't.

"Hey, what's that?" Abigail suddenly asked, pointing towards a nearby demon scroll with a slightly amused look. "It looks kinda funny..."

Silva's eyes widened as she spotted the demon scroll heading towards them, and she grabbed Abigail's hand, pulling her along with a yell of "RUN!" as the group ran as fast as they could away from the scroll.

"I'm guessing you know what it is, since you ran away pretty fast..." Issun noted. Silva nodded breathlessly while Abigail tilted her head in confusion.

"It's a demon scroll," She explained quietly to Abigail, once they had all regained their breath and started walking again. "Do you remember when we fought that group of demons after meeting Mr. Orange?"

Abigail nodded at once. "Is it kinda like that?" she asked, her eyes widening slightly.

"Kind of. Basically, you touch a demon scroll, you get transported to the demon world and you have to fight a small group of demons. Once you kill all the demons in that particular scroll then you're able to leave. But I suggest you stay away from them, because they're not all as weak as green imps."

Abigail nodded solemnly in response. They walked along the path, near the cursed zone, and Silva was struck with a sudden, stupid idea.

"I'll be right back." She said, walking towards the eerie red and black clouds that were hovering nearby.

"H-Hey!" Abigail frowned and ran hurriedly after her. "Wait!"

"What are you doing?" Issun asked, and bounced from his perch on Ammy's head to Silva's shoulder.

"I just want to see what it looks like inside." Silva replied, not bothering to flick Issun off her shoulder. Abigail stopped dead as soon as she heard this, and watched her anxiously.

Silva stepped into the nearest cloud, and everything instantly went dark. She looked around with wide eyes, amazed at how different everything looked from inside the cursed zone. The sky was red, the ground was black, and wisps of blue smoke was coming from the ground.

"Holy cow!" Issun yelled. "This is bad! It looked like your regular old curse zone from back there, but the evil here is much worse close up! It would curse a normal person in a flash!"

"Ngh," Silva fell to her hands and knees, feeling herself getting weaker by the second.

"It's even robbing you of your power!" Issun exclaimed, getting up from where he was on the ground, having been thrown from Silva's shoulder when she fell. "Come on, we'd better get out, quick!" He said, bouncing in front of Silva. She nodded slowly and crawled towards the end of the cloud. Thankfully she hadn't gone too far in, so she was able to get out fairly quickly, though she was still weak. She fell forward onto the ground, wanting to just lay there and sleep. Ammy ran up and, after a brief check to make sure she wasn't hurt, started licking Silva's face. Abigail also hurried toward Silva and knelt beside her. "H-Hey! Silva!" Her eyes were round. "Why'd you do that?-! That thing looked like pure evil and- hey, are you okay? You look sick or something...!"

"I feel sick..." Silva muttered, her face buried in the ground. "And tired..."

"Do you think you'll be able to walk anytime soon?" Issun questioned. "Or fly?"

"Mmf." Silva said unintelligibly.

"I'll take that as a no." Issun sighed.

Abigail proceeded to look highly concerned and have a minor freak out.

Ammy picked up the limp fairy and placed her on her back, then continued walking to the left of the Guardian Sapling, towards a small house near the river, which was now an ugly brown. Abigail continued to look anxious and was mumbling to herself as she followed Ammy, also while trying to keep an eye on Silva.

Ammy walked up to the man that was in front of the house, chopping wood. "What just happened?-!" He asked, seemingly oblivious to the young girl slumped over on the wolf's back. "I was just out here chopping wood and communing with nature,"

"I approve of this guy." Silva mumbled.

"when I heard a loud rumbling like an earthquake from the lake. Then a huge gust of wind came out of nowhere. I don't know what happened next, but when I came to, it was like this. My art workshop was just across the stream there, but it vanished when this cursed zone appeared. The earth must be angry." The Nameless Man hung his head sadly. "All I want is to live with nature in peace, man."

Sounds like a hippie, Abigail thought brightly, despite her concern for Silva.

"But now I can't. I noticed a figure running from the lake toward Kamiki. Whoever it was, man, I hope mother earth kept them safe." He was about to go back to his work, but Ammy barked at him. Again.

"What's up, nature buddy?" the Nameless Man asked.

"Space buddy..." Abigail grinned to herself.

"Curious about that cave? It's the entrance to a place called Hana Valley, the site of an amazing waterfall. But monsters have moved in now. There's a trippy crystal ball that makes plants grow enshrined there. You'd think gardeners would be flocking here for it! Actually, not long ago that Susano guy went marching in there. It's weird. Normally, he runs away at the sight of monsters. And he hardly seems the type to try his hand at gardening. Anyway, it's bad karma, man. You could be attacked if you went in."

"...we're going to go follow him, aren't we." Silva sighed.

"Yep!" Issun chirped.

"Don't wanna..." Abigail whined.

"Why not?" Silva asked.

Abigail looked down. "...'cause he's stupid," she mumbled.

"He may be stupid, but we need him for plot progression." Silva argued.

Issun and Ammy stared at her. "...what?"

Silva realized what she said and shook her head. "Nothing."

Issun continued to give her weird looks while Ammy simply shrugged and kept walking up the path, which just so happened to lead to Hana Valley. Abigail was forced to suck it up and mutinously followed them, pouting slightly as she did so.

Ammy opened a chest with a traveler's charm inside, and then they crossed a bridge to find a group of imps partying around a campfire.

"Aw, that looks fun," Abigail mumbled. "Too bad they'll kill us if we approach."

" seriously haven't noticed the barrier?-!" Silva yelled from her spot on Ammy, who was currently attacking a red imp with Silva brutally attacking the green imp next to it.

"No, what ba- EEP!" Abigail scampered away from the battle as she noticed what was going on.

"My god, you're ignorant!" Silva said, as Ammy leaped over Abigail to attack the last imp.

When the fight was over, the area to the left of them was restored. The water cleared up and a small island appeared... but then a black mist came over it, and it was as if nothing happened.

"Huh?" Issun stared at the area. "We got rid of the monsters, so why did the gods' power disappear? Guess the curse on the gods is really strong here. They can't intervene till we do something about this stagnant air."

Abigail tilted her head and waved her hand in the air. "...It seems like it's moving to me," she said dubiously. No one answered her.
Silva sighed. "Dangit..."

A few minutes later, while they were still walking along the path, the came across a very strange thing.

"Is that tree moving?" Silva asked, staring at the aforementioned tree. The tree then threw what looked like a flaming fruit at Ammy, which instead hit Silva, who gave a startled yelp, and knocked her off the wolf.

"OW DAMMIT THAT HURT!" She yelled, clutching her shoulder.

"This is reminding me so much of the Wizard of Oz..." Abigail trailed lightly, though she was a couple of feet away with a cautious look on her face.

The tree threw another fruit at Ammy, but she simply Powerslashed it so it hit the tree.

"Heh heh…" Issun chuckled. "Looks like it's wearing a taste of its own medicine! Let's pass on by this creepy old tree while we can!"
Ammy grabbed the back of Silva's shirt and dragged her past the tree, the fairy still complaining about her shoulder, albeit much more quietly.

(Scene transition because laziness)

"Why is that picture covered in red lines?" Silva asked, staring up at the large mural in front of them. She was now standing by herself, having declared that she felt she was able to hold her own weight again.

Issun was about to reply when they were interrupted by yet another group of imps, this time with a yellow imp.

"Oh come on!" Silva threw her hands up.

"Why do all these guys carry instruments?" Abigail wondered as she struggled to stay out of the action.

"...that is a very good question." Silva replied, cutting a green imp in half, while Ammy was running in circles along the edge of the barrier.

"They could form a band," Abigail pointed out brightly. "That'd be cool. 'Impster and the Implings'... or somethin' like that..."

"What kind of a name is that?!" Silva yelled, while running around trying to avoid the yellow imp's bombs.

"A cool name!" Abigail answered eagerly while clapping her hands together excitedly, as if the imps had decided right then and there that they would form a band. "I mean, can you imagine that?! That'd be so cool! I'd go see them!"

"Why are we even talking about this?!" Silva asked incredulously, sparring with the other green imp. The imp suddenly fell over, and Silva blinked. "Wha-?-!"

Ammy barked excitedly from behind the imp.

"I should have known." Silva muttered, rubbing Ammy's ears affectionately.

"Yay, Ammy!" Abigail cheered, and proceeded to head over to Ammy and pet her as well.

Susano turned around from where he was pushing a wall, for some strange reason. "Huh? What's all that racket?" He suddenly noticed the group behind him. "Oh, it's you, mutt and lasses. Go home! I told you, I'm not looking for apprentices."

"Who said we wanted to be your apprentices?-!" Silva demanded.

"Hana Valley is no place for a mutt like you." Susano continued. "Beyond this point is my secret training ground. It's the perfect place to hide-"

Ammy leaned forward slightly, while Issun and Silva snickered. Abigail put her hands on her hips and raised her eyebrows.

"Er… I mean, to train!" He cleared his throat. "Now scoot! Be off with ya!" He took out his sword at swung it at them, making Ammy jump back and Silva scoot out of the sword's range. Abigail blew a raspberry at Susano.

Issun hopped over to the wall painting Silva had noticed earlier. "Wow…check out that wall painting. It's said that a crystal sphere that makes trees grow is enshrined somewhere around here. Based on this picture here, the rumor must be true. Still, something's not right." He jumped back onto Ammy.

"And what would that be?" Silva asked sarcastically.

Issun, of course, ignored her. "Don't you think there's something missing from this painting?"


"Will you just shut up?-!"

"Nope." Silva grinned, watching Issun hop up and down angrily.

Abigail flailed her arms. "Can we pleeeease get along right now? I wanna know what's goin' on here, because I'm clueless, and you guys aren't helping."

The rock Susano was trying to push suddenly exploded.

Everyone looked at Ammy, who had her tail in the air. She gave a wolfish grin and looked pointedly at the mural, which no longer had red lines.

"Yay, Ammy!" Abigail cheered again as she ran over to pet Ammy, again. She gave Silva and Issun a slight glare as she huffed, "At least someone here knows how to be helpful!"

Silva tried and failed to look innocent.

"I don't want any more arguing," Abigail growled, folding her arms. "Or else."

"What in heaven's name?-!" Susano exclaimed from the other side of the room. "How did that happen? Well, now I can go hide-" he cleared his throat again. "Er… I mean, now I can go train!"

This was very helpful, as it redirected Abigail's irritation onto Susano, and she instead trained her oddly vicious glare on him. Silva snickered again as he ran down the newly found path, probably to hide from Abigail's wrath.

Silva pointed toward the path. "Onward to-... ...what are we going to?"

"The Guardian Sapling?" Issun offered.

"Onward to the Guardian Sapling!" Silva yelled, and then ran down the path after Susano.

Ammy barked and ran after her.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Issun yelled, hopping after Ammy, since the abruptness of her leaving gave him no time to get on the wolf's head.

"H-Hey!" Abigail yelped as she darted after Silva and Ammy, having gotten a slow start due to her clumsiness. "Wait up! Issun, quick, on my shoulder!"

Issun gladly took the offer and bounced up her arm to settle on her shoulder.

(Scene Transition is being overused.)

Silva waited for Abigail at the top of the cliff, having done some sort of complicated aerial flip to the top a few minutes prior. Abigail finally managed to climb her way to the top, not wanting to suddenly turn into a bird and cause Issun to topple off her shoulder. She sat on the floor for a few moments, panting. "...You couldn't... have... waited...?" Abigail managed to choke out, breathless as she was. She glared slightly at Silva. "Gee... whiz..."

"I waited for you here, didn't I?" Silva managed to say with a straight face.

Ammy hit her with her tail.

"Owwwwww," Silva whined, rubbing her arm.

"You deserve it," Abigail huffed as she got to her feet, still breathing a little hard.

Issun was snickering at the whole conversation, still standing on Abigail's shoulder.

"And don't make me flick you off," Abigail threatened Issun, turning her head to glare at him. "You're the reason I couldn't just turn into a bird and fly up here. I was being nice."

That shut him up very quickly.

Silva turned and kept walking down the path, walking for a short while before she came out in a very large and spacious room. The only thing in it was a small, green sprout.

"What a strange place! Is this really the secret training ground Susano mentioned?" Issun piped up, looking around.

"Issun, knowing Susano, this place is probably just some cavern he found by accident." Silva replied.

"Yeah, you're probably right. Hey, where'd Pops go, anyway?"



Oh the comparison between Susano and Pops from Regular Show. Other than the fact that there is none. Abigail looked amused.

Silva walked towards the small sapling, and Issun quickly bounced from Abigail's shoulder to Silva's head.

"Hm? I smell a faint scent like Sakuya's coming from the sapling!"

"Scent...?" Abigail repeated, tilting her head.

"Only you would know Sakuya has a scent, Issun."

"Quiet. Anyway, why would a Guardian Sapling be so tiny like this? I mean, that wall painting had a magnificent tree in it!"

"Just because it was in the painting, doesn't necessarily mean it's in real life."

"Will you just be quiet?-!"

"Why should I take orders from you?"

Abigail looked like she was beginning to blow a gasket.

While Issun and Silva were arguing and Abigail's brain was frying, Ammy ran off into one of the tunnels and found Susano facing a bear on a green crystal. Ball. Thing.

"Hey, what's goin' on?" Abigail asked as she followed Ammy into the tunnel, leaving Silva and Issun to argue. "They're still going at it... I don't wanna be there for it. Hope they stop soon." She sighed.

Ammy rolled her eyes and shook her head slightly, then turned to face Susano, who let out a questionable growl. Abigail tilted her head.

"You... you foul beast! How did you get in here?-!" he huffed.

"Foul beast...?" Abigail frowned.

The 'foul beast', the bear, was in fact fast asleep. Ammy and Abigail gave Susano a look, but he took no notice.

"You have some nerve sneaking into my private training ground!" Susano declared. "Now you shall get a taste of my new secret technique!"

The bear snored in reply. Abigail facepalmed. "...That's a bear... A sleeping one, at that..." she attempted to explain half-heartedly, as she knew Susano would not take any notice, yet again.

"Enough talk!" Susano snapped, predictably ignoring her. "My blade thirsts for battle!" He slipped into some awkward-looking kind of battle stance that, like the Exploding Implosion's stance, would probably yield no results. "Susano-style SUSANO!-!-!"

"He named a move after himself?-!" Abigail exclaimed. "It's already 'Susano-style', just leave it at that!"

He proceeded to 'hit' the torches that lit the room one by one, exclaiming a different syllable of his name each time and finishing with shouting his entire name. When Ammy had Powerslashed all four of the torches, the room had been rendered completely dark. Abigail shivered softly at the intense darkness and turned her hand into a torch.

"Now for Susano-style..." Susano dropped into a familiar awkward-looking battle stance. "Exploding Implosion!-!-!" He charged the bear and slashed at it, which prompted Ammy to Powerslash the bear. Though this was obviously a bad idea, Susano took no notice; Abigail was totally down with him getting eaten, and Ammy seemed to be willing to let him take the consequences if there were any.

Most unfortunately, there weren't any; the bear simply jolted awake for a brief moment, rubbed its eyes, and fell backwards off the ball, fast asleep once more. Susano simply cackled at this. "Aha ha ha ha ha ha! That'll teach you, foolish beast! You're no match for my new secret technique!"

Abigail was completely silent. Ammy took a few steps forward until she was standing next to Susano, then peered into his face, almost as if checking if he were quite sane. Susano remained motionless until he glanced off to the side, saw Ammy, then realized he was not alone and jolted. He proceeded to look nervous for a moment. Then, he put his sword away, folded his arms, and cleared his throat.

"Um... uh..." he stuttered for a moment, then managed to continue, "Rest in peace, foul beast." He nodded in what he clearly thought was a calm and sageful manner. "Susano condemns the offense, not the offender. Anyway, there are other monsters I must defeat!"

With this last lie- I mean, statement, Susano ran off once more, cackling madly like always, leaving Ammy and Abigail alone in the dark room. Abigail put a hand to her face in a 'no. just... no.' manner, while Ammy simply tilted her head, as if continuing to question the "great warrior"'s mind. There seemed to be an unspoken agreement that Susano was completely insane. That, or inept. Or maybe both.

"I dunno what that guy's problem is," Abigail grumbled, as she went around re-lighting the torches with her torch-hand, turning it back into a hand when she had finished. She glanced around the room- the only sound was the echo of the bear's ferocious snores for several moments- and she suddenly brightened as if she had an idea. "Hey, Ammy... look at this thing." Abigail walked toward the strange crystal that the bear had previously been standing atop, and Ammy approached it as well.

"It looks like... it's filled with leaves..." Abigail trailed off, frowning. "Maybe this has something to do with the Sapling. D'you know what it's for, Ammy?"

As it turned out, Ammy did seem to have an idea, because she began to roll it out of the room. Abigail, deciding to trust Ammy, helped her with this task, as it would likely be very difficult for one without hands to roll a ball through the cave.

They returned to the Sapling to find Silva and Issun still arguing. Abigail stood a couple of feet away and watched their argument with a look of disbelief in her eyes.


"White-haired granny!"


"I told you not to call me that, you... you... you sad excuse for a fairy!"

"OH HELL NO," Silva yelled, pulling out one of her swords with a mad glint in her eye.

"I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU," Abigail thundered suddenly, with a positively vicious look on her face, "THAT I DIDN'T WANT ANY MORE ARGUING!"

Issun hopped away a few feet in terror while Silva actually shrank back.

"...Yes, well, Ammy knows what to do now, so let's wait for her, okay?" Abigail continued in a much calmer voice.

Ammy, who had taken a few steps away from Abigail, nodded cautiously and proceeded to push the crystal into a small puddle that was in front of the sapling. The water rose like a fountain, holding the crystal up.

", someone had a lot of time on their hands to think this up." Issun commented after a few moments' hesitation. "So this was that sphere in that wall painting! I bet this sphere here is magic or something!"

"If this is like the picture, as Issun says..." Silva said slowly, still afraid of Abigail's wrath and not wanting to make her angry again. "Then there should be a sun like the one Ammy drew in the picture..."

Ammy took her cue and drew a sun in the sky.

The sun shone on the crystal, which in turn shone the light onto the small plant in front of it. The small plant immediately grew into a replica of the Konohana tree, though this one was much smaller, and withered.

"Hey, is this a Guardian Sapling?" Issun commented.

Silva opened her mouth, probably to give him a sarcastic reply, but remembering Abigail's outburst, quickly shut it.

"It's all withered like the others..." Issun continued.

Suddenly, the sky went dark, and a few beams of starlight shone down on the four.

"Huh?" Silva looked up at the sky, confused.

"What the? Who turned out the lights? Oh…it's another constellation!" Issun exclaimed.

"Ooooh..." Abigail beamed up at the sky. "It's so pretty..."

Ammy painted two dots, completing the constellation, and the scenery changed to a golden landscape.

"Wha-?" Silva looked around with curiosity. Abigail seemed to think the new scenery was not particularly alarming, but also very pretty, because she beamed around at it, too.

What looked like a large monkey holding an instrument of some sort came down from the sky, spinning as it landed softly.

"Ah... Amaterasu... Origin of all that is good and mother to us all..." It began. "Silva, guardian of the Wood Nymphs... and Celeste, messenger of the golden kingdom of Halley... you have my gratitude for releasing my body from its slumber. Please accept my humble thanks in return for your great kindness. I am Sakigami, one of the triumvirate of flora gods known as the Hanagami. My brethren and I have been entrusted with the brush techniques known collectively as greensprout. I now grant my humble power to you. Use it wisely." Sakigami transformed into a ball of light, and it flew into Ammy, giving her a new brush technique.

"Hey, that was Sakigami, one of the gods of flora!" Issun stated. "Apparently, the Bloom brush technique can make flowers blossom simply by drawing a circle on a withered tree. Maybe it'll make the withered Guardian Sapling blossom, too!"

"Only one way to find out." Silva said, watching as Ammy drew a circle around the tree with her tail. It immediately burst into pink petals, and the area around it began to revive.

They stepped outside to see the extent of the rejuvenation.

"Wow!" Issun exclaimed. "Look at how everything grew back so quick! Sakuya wasn't kidding about the power of the guardian saplings! So this is what Hana Valley's supposed to look like…"

Abigail squealed with excitement. "It's so pretty~!"

"Almost makes me want to live here..." Silva commented softly, looking around at the valley with a serene expression.

"Seems Sakuya's Guardian Sapling has lifted the evil curse. I'm not sure how weak the gods have become recently…but it must've taken some seriously strong power to suppress this magnificent guardian sapling. Even if you are Shiranui reborn…we might be up against more than we bargained for!" Issun said. "Hey, Ammy, Silva, Abigail…what about that withered Guardian Sapling outside? I bet you three could revive it like you did this one! And by bringing that guardian sapling back to life, we might be able to lift the curse there, too! What are we waiting for? Leap before you think, right?"

"Wasn't it don't leap before you think...?" Abigail wondered.

"I thought it was 'think before you leap'…" Silva trailed.

"Not for us!" Silva could vividly imagine Issun giving her a giant, carefree grin right then.

Silva rolled her eyes and then ran down the path, only to crash into a green imp that had materialized in front of her. She swore loudly as it threw her off itself and she went sailing into the barrier. Abigail squealed, this time in fear, and kept on the edge of the battle as she did her best to avoid the action.

Ammy growled and attacked the imps, keeping an eye on the yellow one that was running around underground. It spotted her, however, and it would have hit her if Silva had not attacked it from behind with a loud cry of "YAAH!" She swung her sword down on its head, and it fell down, dead.

Ammy barked as Silva unintentionally struck a pose. "Well, it seems we're even now." She said happily. Ammy barked again, pawing Silva's clothes. "Hm?" She looked down. Her white shirt was spattered with blood, as was her grey skirt. "Weird... I didn't know demons had blood..." She sighed. "I'll wash it later. Or," She mused. "I'll get a kimono instead. Better to blend in with." She shrugged.
"I wanna kimono..." Abigail mumbled to herself. "I heard they're really pretty, too..."

Unbeknownst to Silva, however, Issun had started chuckling pervertedly at the mention of her washing her clothes. If she had known, she would have squashed him into oblivion.

After checking to make sure Abigail was alright and Silva had no major wounds, Ammy continued down the path.

Issun huffed in frustration when he saw that the possessed trees were still evil and throwing fruits at them. "That creepy old tree just won't give up. I've got an idea, Ammy! Maybe you could hit its fruit right back at it! While it's stunned, you could use Bloom to rid it of evil."

"...It's worth a shot," Silva concluded.

Ammy did as Issun suggested, and the tree turned into a beautiful cherry tree.

"Wow, you actually had a good idea, for once." Silva murmured.

"Peaches!" Abigail exclaimed suddenly, pointing at the fruit that had fallen from the tree. She ran over and picked up one of the peaches, lightly wiping it off before eagerly chomping into it.

"...wait, what?" Silva walked over and picked another fruit up, this one an orange. "Whaddaya know..."

Ammy barked impatiently.

"Coming, coming." Silva jogged down to where Ammy was on the path, peeling the orange as she did so. Abigail followed suit with a mouthful of peach.

Issun, once again, stopped them when they had gone a ways down. "Woah, guys! Hold on!"

"What now?" Silva grumbled, tired of being interrupted.

Issun pretended not to hear her. "Hana Valley looks so much better now, but... what about this patch of grass?"

The grass, if you could call it that, was completely dead, small streams of purple smoke emanating from it. To top it off, there was a cow skull sitting in the middle of it.

"That is a really weird patch of grass." Silva commented, eyeing the skull warily.

"What's with the skull...?" Abigail asked blankly, through another mouthful of peach.

"I really don't know..." Silva replied, wiping a trickle of orange juice from the corner of her mouth.

While the two girls had been talking, Issun had explained the rest to Ammy and Ammy had used Rejuvenation on the grass patch, finding a scroll in the process. She then turned around and gave them a look that said "Let's get going, shall we?"

(Scene Transition says Mystic is lazy.)

"Ow!" Silva yelped, getting hit by yet another flaming fruit and trying desperately to avoid the others. "AMMY! A LITTLE HELP OVER HERE!" She yelled, sliding along the ground in an attempt to dodge a fruit.

Issun was laughing hysterically while Ammy decided to take pity on the fairy and bloomed all the evil trees that were currently attacking her.

"Mystic hates me," Silva muttered, rubbing her arm and glaring up at the sky.

"YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BREAK THE FOURTH WALL." Mikey yelled down from her spot in the clouds.

"I can do whatever the hell I want!" Silva yelled back.

"Can we keep the fourth wall breaking to a minimum, please?" Mystic called from backstage.

Silva grumbled something inaudible, but acted like nothing had happened.

Mystic Obliviated all the characters for good measure.

Abigail was now staring at a conspicuous glowing green spot that stood on a ledge. "...hey guys... uh... there's somethin' over there..."
Silva looked up at the ledge, the flew up to it. "'s a glowing green spot. I'm not sure whether that's good or bad..." She mused, staring down at the column of light emanating from a random spot in the ground. "Ammy, get up here! We need your digging skills!"

Ammy wall jumped and dug at the glowing green spot. A clover came up from the ground and randomly hovered in the air.

" it just me or this clover defying the law of gravity?" Silva asked, waving her hand underneath the clover to make sure there was nothing holding it up.

Abigail stared suspiciously at the clover. ...Isn't that the logo of the studio that helped make Okami...?

"...well, I suppose there's nothing else to do but bloom it." Silva said after several seconds.

Ammy obliged and drew a circle around the clover, earning herself 5 praise.

"I suppose we should move on now." Silva declared, jumping from the ledge to the ground.

(Scene Transition: Overused. OVERUSED.)

After finding more clovers, blooming all the trees in Hana Valley, evil or not, and getting a Sun Fragment, the group emerged from Hana Valley back into Shinshu field, which was still cursed.

"Oh gods that was repetitive." Silva mumbled.

"That's one more brush technique in the bag!" Issun announced suddenly.

"I like this technique..." Abigail mused, smiling.

"Can we go bloom the Shinshu field Sapling now?" Silva asked impatiently.

Ammy barked and ran off toward the tree.

"Woah, Ammy! Slow down! Heel! Heel!" Issun yelled desperately, holding on to Ammy's fur for dear life.

"Hey!" Silva yelled, grabbing Abigail's sleeve and running after the white wolf.

"What is with this group and running off randomly?" Abigail whined as she attempted to keep up with Silva, and not doing so well due to her charming clumsiness.

Mystic: Long chapter is long. o_o 10 pages, according to Mikey. And we introduce the Scene Transition that is probably going to be used a lot more in later chapters. The ones that are repetitive, most likely. ...we also learn that you should not make Abigail angry.
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Abigail: :P
Mystic: ...and you don't insult Silva's fairy heritage, either.
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Ammy: *facepaw*
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