City of Dreams: A Fan Fiction based off The Mortal Instruments Series

Summary: The battle is over, and Lilith is dead, but during Simon's absence, his mother has been brought into the world of demons and angels without his knowledge. If that wasn't bad enough, Sebastian's blood has had a rather odd Side effect on Simon, and now his feelings for Isabelle might put them both in danger. To top things off, Jace is missing. But that's the least of Simon's concerns.

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to the characters in this story. They remain the sole property of Cassandra Clare. Any likeness to another story is purely coincidental, and not intentional. Please be aware this story contains mild sexual content. Please do not redistribute, or copy this story, without permission. It's just a fun story, and has not been run through a Beta, so my apologies for errors ;)

Chapter One - Home Is Where the Heart Is

The front door was unlocked. Simon thought that was strange, but he still longed to push the heavy door aside to catch a glimpse of his mother. It had been days since he'd seen her. Simon remembered the look on his mother's face the day he'd told her that he was a vampire. He remembered the way her eyes had grown wide with fright, and disgust - the way she'd told him that he wasn't her son any longer. Those words had cut right through him, so he'd done the only compassionate thing he could think of; projecting false images into his own mother's mind. He hated himself for it. He'd messed with her brain. What kind of son does something like that? A monster, Simon thought.

What if something had gone wrong? He was barely a vampire - a fledgling the others called him - yet he could walk in the sun, and he held the mark of Cain upon his forehead. No one could harm him, at least not physically anyway. Lilith had found away around his mark. She was the oldest of all the greater demons, and had used Clary to force him into doing her bidding. Losing Clary was the one thing that Simon feared above all else, and Lilith had used that to her advantage. Of course, there was one thing Lilith had underestimated about Clary - her love for Jace. Clary would do anything for her shadowhunter boyfriend, even slash right through his skin to burn away the remnants of Lilith's Rune. It had been her downfall, but even now, Simon could feel the effects of the blood he'd been forced to drink. Sebastian's blood. Much like Isabelle and Alec, he couldn't refer to Sebastian by his real name - Jonathon. He would always be Sebastian to Simon. The same Sebastian that had murdered Max, and tried to bring about what Simon jokingly called the apocalypse. It was Sebastian's blood that now ran through his veins, mixing with the angel blood that had saved his life months earlier - Jace's blood. Simon imagined that his body was going through some sort of war against itself, and he wondered who would win; angel or demon. He wondered if he had changed since all this happened? Was he still the same Simon that could walk about in the daylight, or had Sebastian's blood tainted him?

Simon didn't feel any different really. He just felt sick. He'd spent half the night retching up Sebastian's blood, and the other half trying to avoid the dagger-like glares of the Clave as they began their investigation into Lilith's dark affairs. He'd felt so out of place there - A downworlder among of sea of Nephilim. He'd done his best to ignore the stares of the other shadowhunters, but in the end he'd snuck out of the back entrance and into the abandoned street. He was aware that Luke was watching him as he left, and after their conversation about Simon returning home, he had faith that Luke would assure Clary he was alright. Werewolves and vampires were enemies, but not Luke. Luke was more of a father to him than anyone ever had been. He would tell Clary, and Clary would be relieved - if she even asked about him. She was probably too preoccupied with Jocelyn and Jace to notice his hasty departure, but sooner or later she would ask. She had to ask.

Isabelle, on the other hand, would not understand. She had come to Simon's aid, and he'd abandoned her; ran away like a scared little boy who wanted his Mommy. Simon knew that Isabelle wanted him to stay. He just didn't really know what for. Maybe it was the demon blood talking. She had come to save his life, and they'd almost kissed back in that room, but there couldn't be anything between them. Simon would never age, and Isabelle would. Simon didn't even know how the mark of Cain was going to effect him, or what Sebastian's blood would do. Isabelle deserved better than that - more than what Simon could give her. He couldn't bare the thought of hurting Isabelle, but what if Sebastian's blood had done something to him? What if it was something bad? He wouldn't know till sunrise if Sebastian's blood had taken away his ability to stand in the sunlight, and right now there were more important things on his mind than his immortality.

Simon's thoughts drifted away from the gruesome images of the past few hours until they once again rested on his mother. What if the magic he'd worked on her mind had gone wrong? What if he'd done some sort of permanent damage? His hand hesitated just a few inches from the brass doorknob that decorated the tall, wooden door to his childhood home. From inside the house, Simon could hear the faint humming of the microwave and the weatherman from channel 6 reciting tomorrow's dreary forecast of rain. Then there were footsteps; feather-light, almost gliding across the floor as if they were barely touching the tile in the kitchen. There was a popping noise, followed by the slam of the microwave door, and finally a sigh. His Mother's sigh. Simon knew that his mother hated microwave meals. She said they were unhealthy, and almost always tasted of cardboard. So what was she doing cooking one now? Simon sucked in a deep breath, just concentrating on the scents that filtered through a small crack at the base of the door - Pasta. The smell didn't really sit well with his nerves. It made his stomach turn and twist painfully, but he wasn't sure if it was the simple fact that he could no longer enjoy human food that bothered him, or just the fact that he hadn't consumed anything since encountering Maureen a few days prior.

Maureen had been a huge mistake, but Simon was disgusted with himself. Once you've had pure human blood there is nothing you will want more. Those had been Camille's words, and she was right. There was nothing like the feeling that accompanied drinking human blood. It was what he was made for. Blood called to him, and he'd so foolishly suppressed the agony that realization dredged up. Simon understood why his mother had called him a monster now. He was doomed to wander this earth, always searching for his next meal - a predator among men.

He'd almost changed his mind about seeing his mother when something caught his eye. Simon looked up to the small window that circled the top of the front door. There was something shimmering in the window pane, casting patterns of light on to his chalky arm. He watched the tiny diamond-like images bounce of his skin and tumble down to his ripped blue jeans until they faded into the cement pathway at his feet. He searched the window for the cause of the reflection, and saw a small crystal bell hanging in the valance. He'd never seen this specific piece of jewelry before. It looked like a small, ornate bell that almost glittered in the light streaming from inside the house. It rested on a silver chain that was tucked neatly around the green valance that hung above the window frame. Simon wondered where his mother had purchased the necklace. It was seemingly otherworldly in its origins, with strange markings on the side of the bell that he couldn't place. A sudden sense of alarm rose in his throat, and despite his instincts to retreat, he pushed open the front door.