Blue Moon

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Stars glittered down from the night sky, some watching the world with a timeless silence brought on from centuries remaining untouched by time. Others danced amongst the heavens, flinging themselves, playfully, away from the pale full moon.

Down below on Earth, a gentle wind ruffled the green leaved abundant on the summer trees. The silence of such a peaceful night was disrupted by nothing except the melancholy chirps of the crickets and croaks of toads.

Deeper in the forest, a place where humans rarely ventured, roared a magnificent waterfall. The clear water flowed from a steep cliff in a beautiful arc and then flowing off into the wilderness at a leisurely pace.

Rustling of a small bush broke the stillness of the night, followed by a small, pitiful whimper. A small, raven head peeked out from the shrubbery cautiously to take in its surroundings. Dull emerald eyes shone through the night to take in the view. Noting the small, vacant clearing just a few steps ahead leading to the edge of the tiny river, the small creature gave a tiny yip.

Small padded feet emerged slowly from the bush and the small body of a wolf pup limped along the river towards the roaring falls, small whimpers emerging every few steps. The vulnerable black form shuffled towards the rocks leading inconspicuously up behind the waterfall. Painfully, the pup hopped up the small "steps" and, with one last glance of its surroundings, disappeared behind the falls.

Emerald eyes, glazed with sleep, opened slowly to greet the new day. Twin orbs took in the surroundings in which they found themselves. Several feet in front of him the familiar waterfall flowed continuously, blocking the rounded entrance to the small cave. Ragged and dirty pelts of small rabbits and other creatures were piled up in a tiny pile to give the feeble form some relief from the cold, hard stone of the cave floor. A small button nose nuzzled in to the warm yet filthy pile for a moment before making sure everything in his abode was untouched. A small pile of rags resembling clothing sat a few feet away and a little pile of the child's personal belongings sat right next to it. Besides a small fire pit and a few cooking and eating utensils, the rather spacious cave was empty.

Satisfied that everything was still in its rightful place, the small form relaxed for a few more minutes, giving his weary bones a minute before it was time to start the day. Pale, slender limbs stretched as far as they could go before a loud hiss emerged from the chapped lips of the young boy. Looking down with a grimace, green eyes took in a painful looking cut going from just under his ribs to the top of his hip. The flesh was red and angry, dirt caked around the edges, threatening a possible infection.

Grumbling, the boy forced himself up from the floor and walked towards the falls, ignoring his lack of clothes. Quickly, nimble fingers scooped the freezing water from the "doorway" and rinsed and scrubbed gently at the wound, cleaning it as best he could. The dirty, pink water rolled down his thin body, passing over the clearly visible ribs and sunken stomach, passed jutting hip bones and down too-skinny legs to pool on the floor. Deeming himself as clean as he was going to get, the young boy rinsed his body once more before stepping back.

Walking over to his pile of "clothing", he picked up a brown roll of what could have once been white bandages. Expertly wrapping the wound around his midsection, the boy then proceeded to get dressed in a ratty t-shirt a couple sizes too big and an old pair of jeans. Leaving his feet bare, he walked out of his cave.

Dull emerald orbs took in the position of the sun before hastening away from his cave and into the surrounding forest, knowing he would be punished even more if he caused a disturbance by arriving late. As nimble feet made their way through the thick forest, the young werewolf thought back on how exactly he'd gotten into the routine that made up the life he had now.

Harry Potter was born to a loving mother and father who were both strong members of one of the greatest werewolf packs in Britain. For two years, James and Lily Potter raised their young pup to be a strong and kind member of the community, developing strong bonds with the older and younger members of the pack.

However, everything changed when a tragic accident took James and Lily from their young son forever. Left as an orphan, the young Harry secluded himself from his former friends, despite the attempts of the older members of the pack. Slowly, his health began to deteriorate as well. When he was three years old, the alpha of the pack decided he had seen enough and took the young pup under his wing.

Fenrir Greyback was undoubtedly the strongest alpha in all of Great Britain, and the youngest to boot. But despite his ruthless and hardened reputation, the young Harry took to him almost right away and soon enough they were practically attached at the hip. As the years passed the two grew closer; Harry got better and regained his strength until he was once again the promising pup from his youth. He began interacting with the pack once again, though not his old friends, and once again everyone loved the young boy with beautifully shimmering emerald eyes.

But Harry, for the most part, still only had eyes for Fenrir. Whenever Fenrir walked into the area, Harry would immediately gravitate towards his strong presence – and to the packs continued amazement, the alpha's hard eyes would almost immediately soften when they landed upon the small form of his ward.

Life was good for Harry then. He had everything he could possibly want. A nice warm hut, where he slept peacefully every night, and plenty to eat each and every day. Not to mention, he had his alpha, his friend, Fenrir.

But once again, all good things must come to an end.

Unbeknownst to the blissfully happy Harry, many of his old friends weren't so happy with Harry's prominent position in the pack. In fact, it seemed as if he was on his way to becoming the next beta, if not more. One in particular was another young were named Ron Weasley, son of the current beta and, according to Ron, next in line. Ron had been a good friend of Harry's when they were toddlers before his parents' death, but now Ron wanted nothing more than to put Harry in his place. And when an opportunity presented itself, he did just that.

Like all packs, there is a strict system of hierarchy amongst the members, starting at the alpha, then the beta, and moving all the way down to the omega of the pack at the bottom. Normally these positions are earned as members grow older, but there is always, at one point in the pups' youth, a competition to see who will be in which tier – the top, middle or bottom. The pups fight each other to see who is more dominant and who is meant to be more submissive. It's a rather sad process for some, but seen as necessary for the pups to receive the proper training for their station.

Unfortunately, cheating occurs in many instances amongst the youth and even more unfortunately, it is very rarely taken into account or even brought up.

So when seven year old Harry's old friend Ron offered him a bite of some chocolate his mother made for him, he didn't think twice, not taking notice of the strangely bitter flavor or the way Ron's eyes gleamed in satisfaction.

Blinking rapidly to clear his suddenly blurry vision, Harry watched as the two pups before him wrestled in the small ring set up for the competition. The bigger pup, full of dark gray fur and sharp teeth, easily subdued his opponent, a smaller red wolf pup. His furry forearms pinned the exhausted body beneath him and gently closed his fangs around the smaller wolf's throat. Satisfied after hearing the small whimper of submission, the bigger pup sprang up and trotted away to take a rest before his next round.

Harry's muscles twitched nervously, knowing something was wrong with him as he swayed unnoticeably to the side. Green eyes searched the surrounding crowd frantically for the familiar silver eyes he knew were out there. Seeing Fenrir's huge form towering above the crowd, he tried to signal him that something was wrong. Seeing those silver eyes move towards him, no doubt feeling his stare, Harry felt relief.

Locking eyes, Fenrir seemed to notice his young ward's nerves and winked quickly at him before turning his attention back to the empty ring where the next pair was supposed to emerge. Panic filled Harry as he realized it was supposed to be him who appeared next. Rising dangerously to his little paws, Harry scooted forward through the older weres standing around the ring. Emerging from the circle, he finally looked up to see his opponent, the howls and excited growling from the observers banging through his head like a thousand drums. A big blurry red form met his gaze as Harry realized it was Ron who was meant to be his first opponent.

From experience, Harry knew that any other day he could easily take the bigger boy, but as he swayed once again, he knew he wouldn't be able to manage it right then.

Once again, Harry's green eyes sought out the silver ones of his Alpha, trying to convey his meaning. Something was wrong. Blurry eyes searched but were unable to focus on anything, only seeing the swaying, shadowed forms of the crowd as they blurred together.

Harry's heart sunk into his stomach as he heard the challenging growl emit from the red-head across from him. Cautiously looking back at his irritated opponent, Harry knew that this night would change everything. Fenrir had confided that he had high hopes for Harry's placing tonight. With a heavy heart, knowing he was about to disappoint the only wolf he truly respected and loved, Harry weakly squared his shoulders, braced his shaky legs far apart and growled weakly back.

And with that, Ron lunged. With that, Harry's life changed forever. Because only a year later, with the death of the previous Omega, Harry succeeded him to be the youngest Omega in the pack's history. With that, Fenrir never so much as looked at the young pup with anything likened to affection again. And with that, Harry's years of suffering began.

The now thirteen year old Harry shook himself out of his reverie as he approached the clearing where his pack's homes resided. In the center of the clearing stood the triumphant hunting party, showing off today's catch of deer and fish and rabbit form the bountiful forest. The women proceeded to prepare the food while the young cubs wrestled and the men converged to talk and brag about the day's happenings.

Slipping unnoticed into the area, Harry settled himself down beside his usual tree, far enough away from the pack to not cause a disturbance but close enough to not miss his presence. Ignoring the hollow feeling in his stomach as he watched everyone crowd around the wooden tables and settle down to eat, Harry took in the sight of his pack.

The two young mothers of the pack happily fed their pups as the rest of the young ones crowded together to eat while being watched over by the other mothers and the Caretaker, Remus. The men of the pack laughed boisterously together as they woofed down the meaty stew. Harry's dull green eyes moved stoically over all of the members of the happy pack. Each and every face bringing back unpleasant memories of the last several years. Finally, reluctantly, his roaming eyes found the form they always seemed to gravitate towards. Long gray hair was pulled back from the ruggedly handsome face and a roughish smirk decorated those thin lips.

A pale, thin hand reached up to touch at a faint scar marring Harry's thin neck. Harry's eyes glazed over as he was once again pulled into the escape of his memories.

Vibrant emerald eyes took in the smirk painting his Alpha's face as he talked with one of the older members of the pack. It had been a week since the previous Omega had died and eight year old Harry had taken up his new role. Wanting to avoid a confrontation, but knowing he needed to ask about where he would be staying, Harry shuffled towards the large form of his alpha meekly, noticing that it was Remus Lupin, the Caretaker, that Fenrir was talking to.

After waiting for several moments to be acknowledged and getting no response, Harry raised his small hand and tugged gently on the Alpha's pants. He certainly wasn't expecting a harsh growl to come towards him or for his hand to be roughly removed from Fenrir's person when the larger form turned around and took a large step away, now standing next to a now unsure Remus.

Barely sparing him another glance, Fenrir looked away and asked abruptly, "What is it?"

Flinching slightly from the harsh tone, Harry fidgeted for a moment before stuttering his reply. "I, um, I was just wondering w-where I'm supposed to, um… stay?" Glancing up, Harry looked hopefully into his Alpha's eyes, not noticing the stiffening of the man standing next to him.

A heavy growl emitted from the towering form of the Alpha and quickly Fenrir stomped forward, ignoring the startled and confused look from the young boy, and grabbed harshly at the hair at the nape of Harry's neck, bending him back into an uncomfortable angle, causing him to give a short cry of pain. Leaning over, the angered man leaned close into Harry's face, not caring of the hands clawing weakly at his own, trying to loosen his grip.

"A pup in your station should know its place. Never look me in the eye."

Confused, and against his better judgment, Harry opened his mouth, "But Fen-ah!"

Harry protest was cut short as sharp canines angrily dug into the tender part of his throat. Emerald eyes closed in pain as small tears leaked from the corners and rolled down pale cheeks. After a few tense moments, Fenrir pulled back and glared down at the silently crying boy in his grip and the slightly bleeding mark he had left at the juncture of his neck and shoulder.

Ignoring the sharp pang in his chest, the Alpha growled out his next warning. "An Omega never calls the Alpha by his name." Eyes still clenched shut in pain, Harry nodded quickly and as well as he could with the iron grip holding his head still. "And you will sleep outside until you've earned the right to a hut." Letting go abruptly, Fenrir watched as Harry fell ungracefully to his back before scrambling into a crouched submissive pose. Snorting, the large man turned his back to walk away.

Recognizing that he was no longer under scrutiny, Harry sprang to his feet and dashed frantically for the safety of the forest, running as long and as hard as he could until finally he collapsed. Crawling towards the closest tree, the small form of the newest Omega curled up on his side, holding his hand to his sluggishly bleeding neck and cried himself into an exhausted sleep.

He never noticed gentle amber eyes watching sadly as he fled the clearing, or the triumphant brown ones following his panicked departure.

Bleary eyes focused in on his surroundings once more, noticing that he had been zoning out more recently lately. Taking in the scene before him, he realized that the pack appeared to be finished eating and a few women were the only ones left in the area, and they were diligently putting everything away.

Quickly springing to his feet, and then regretting it as his he felt a stabbing pain in his injured side, he shuffled forward to one of the closest pots that still had some leftover stew, grabbed a bowl sitting nearby and dunked it into the lukewarm food. Bringing it back up, he prepared to retreat back to his spot to eat. As he turned back around, he closed his eyes and inhaled the delicious aroma emitting from the bowl. Because of this, he didn't see the obstruction in his path, so as he turned a few things happened at once. One: The bowl and Harry's body collided with another, larger body. Two: The bowl's contents proceeded to relocate themselves to cover the front of Harry and the "obstruction". Three: The other person cursed loudly and roughly shoved the smaller boy away and into the large iron pot of leftover stew.

Harry cried out in pain as he felt the hot coals of the fire scorch his skin. That, however, was no comparison to the pain of his side ripping back open, the rim of the cauldron digging deep into the tender flesh and hitting bone. Whimpering pitifully, Harry rolled away from the fire pit to curl up on his side, clutching his arms around his middle in an attempt to ease the pain.

Malicious brown eyes watched the pitiful scene of the Omega writhing in the dirt. Snorting in amusement and disgust, the tall red-head brought his heavy foot back before swinging it towards the helpless body before him. The heavy, booted foot collided with the Harry's stomach, causing all the air to rush out of his body in a harsh cough.

Smirking smugly, Ron spit in the dirt next to the injured boy and turned away, throwing over his shoulder as he went, "Watch where you're going next time freak!"

For several long minutes, Harry lay there, attempting to regain his breath and fight off the black crowding his vision. No one approached the young boy; no one offered help or lent a sympathetic eye. Knowing this, Harry fought on, just to spite them. Why should he give them the pleasure of seeing him die now? After everything he's been through at the hands of his pack. No. Not his. Why would anyone let their own pack suffer, their own "family" suffer?

A fierce determination shot through his battered body then. He wanted to go home. Away from all of these people. This pack of strangers.

Weakly, and after several failed attempts, Harry raised himself up on his feeble arms and then his legs. Silently, and meeting the eye of none of the remaining women, he staggered towards the forest. Breathing a sigh of relief when he finally disappeared behind the thick trees, Harry gave himself a moment's rest against a small thick maple before pushing forward.

It was a slow process, but eventually Harry made it to his home and slid behind the safety of the waterfall. As soon as he did, black filled his vision and Harry collapsed to the cold floor.

Remus Lupin took pride in his place within the pack. He had taken care of each and every young pup in the pack and most if not all the teens as well. He had good standing with the alpha and was friends if not good acquaintances with all the members of the 50plus member pack.

And he did love his pack – his family. But there were some things that went on that he just couldn't agree with. The treatment of one young member of the pack was one of those things.

Harry Potter was one such young teen that he had never had the chance to care for as the Caretaker. This was mainly due to the fact that Fenrir had taken the young one in shortly after his parents had died. The adorable young pup had always intrigued Remus. Especially due to the fact that Remus had been good friends with James and Lily when they were alive. But then Harry had had the unfortunate luck of becoming the Omega and any chance Remus had of bonding was shut out the window.

Remus still remembered the tragedy of the ranking competitions the year Harry competed. How he was wiped out each and every round, sometimes with nothing more than one hit. Remus had been surprised and disappointed at the time. He knew what kind of fate the poor pup would face after that day and in a way he was glad James and Lily wouldn't be there to see it. To be the pack's punching bag and scapegoat would certainly be a terrible life.

He had no idea it would be this bad though. Every day the boy looked more and more worn down. Bags hung under his eyes and Remus was surprised that his thin bones and weak frame could even support itself.

Remus' amber eyes gravitated towards the area that had brought about his musings. The place beneath the tree where the young Omega would usually wait for dinner was empty. It had been empty for three days now. A heavy weight settled in the Caretaker's stomach as he poked at his food and contemplated the possible reasons for the new phenomenon. None of which boded well.

Remus made up his mind right then. Tonight he would seek out the young teen, simply to assure his safety. But first he would have to find the elusive pup's hiding place.

Remus set out a few hours before dark, after assuring himself that no one was watching. His keen nose, led him from the tree at the edge of the clearing deeper and deeper into the woods. Several times he lost the trail, before circling around and finding the right one.

Deeper into the forest he traveled. Very rarely had he ever needed to venture this far out. The only other times were when one of the more mischievous pups had taken it upon themselves to "explore". Keeping an eye on his surroundings so he would know how to get back, the Caretaker pushed forward.

An hour passed before the scent suddenly got much stronger. The area he had entered had obviously been used a lot. Remus paused a minute to look around in surprise. He certainly remembered this area from when he was a pup. His father had brought him here to show him the boundaries of their territory. So the pup must live very close to the edge then if he was remembering right.

Moving forward, Remus emerged into a clearing that surrounded a large, beautiful waterfall. Taking a moment to watch the majestic sight, he almost forgot his purpose for being here. His nose twitched constantly as he took in the smell of the tiny Omega. He definitely lived close by. Circling the area over and over again without the scent getting any stronger, Remus finally stopped and crossed his arms in frustration.

Amber eyes stared transfixed at the waterfall for several long minutes before an idea clicked. Moving forward swiftly, Remus approached the mighty falls. Climbing the handy rocks to the side of the rushing water, he finally got a view of what he'd been searching for. There was a gap, big enough for a body to slip through without touching the falls.

Grinning slightly in triumph, he walked swiftly forward into the cave.

Only to stop abruptly to cover his nose and mouth.

The place smelled overwhelmingly of sickness and filth.

Looking downward to collect himself, he gasped at what he saw. Forgetting about the smell, Remus rushed forward to the prone body lying a scant few feet in front of him. Gently, he turned the tiny Omega over from his front onto his back and took in the boy's condition.

Harry's pale face was sick with sweat and his eyes fluttered constantly under his lids, his faced set in a grimace of pain. A glance to the right showed that he had vomited in his unconsciousness and another glance showed a small river of blood flowing out of the cave to mix with the waterfall beyond, though most of it was already dried. Knowing that that was probably the source of the problem, amber eyes scanned the emaciated form, quickly finding their target.

Blood soaked through the thin fabric of Harry's shirt, revealing the outline of a serious wound.

Taking a deep breath, Remus carefully peeled the shirt up, only to almost retch at the sight presented to him. Yellow, infected skin crept at the edges of the wound that was inflamed beyond anything the Caretaker had ever seen. Blood continued to ooze out at a sluggish pace and Remus was sure that if the wound wasn't so swollen he would be able to see a rib or two.

Gently, with trembling fingers, Remus prodded at the wound and received no response for the teen. Insanely worried, Remus batted his brain on what to do. Surely he couldn't trust his pack to do right by the boy, even in his condition. And he was certainly not qualified to heal something this severe. Honestly, if he waited much longer then Harry would probably be dead – going by his shallow breathing and faint pulse.

With a heavy heart and determined mind, Remus wrapped his arms around the tiny teen and lifted him gently, almost bursting into tears at how little he weighed.

Rushing out of the entrance to the cave, while trying to be as gentle as possible, Remus took off in the opposite direction of his pack's territory. As soon as he got to the edge of the Greyback and Black territories, he let out a loud distress howl, hoping someone would arrive soon.

Sirius Black took great pride in his pack, his family. Even being one of the smaller werewolf packs (numbering in the 30's) in Britain, his pack continued to be one of the strongest, rivaling even the pack of the infamous Fenrir Greyback. Who just so happened to be his neighbor. Lucky him. Ha!

Sirius trudged through the underbrush near the edge of his territory, doing the weekly patrol of this particular area. The protective alpha only felt comfortable if it was him patrolling this particular area, considering it was the boundary that separated his and Greyback's territories. It really was a shame no one in his pack dared venture out this far, since it truly was beautiful in this particular area of the woods. The trees were enormous and not a hundred yards away a cool, clear stream flowed right into his territory from Greyback's.

Large, black paws moved steadily through the area as a big, wet nose stuck close to the ground, making light puffing sounds as it took in all of the thousands of scents that had collected on the forest floor in the past week. Sirius, like most alphas, preferred patrolling in his wolf form, since his senses were about ten times better when in it.

Suddenly, and out of nowhere, a loud, piercing distress howl carried through the trees to the startled alpha. Straightening up and raising his hackles, the large black wolf scanned his surroundings for the call that had come from very close by. The voice was unfamiliar to him, so it couldn't be a member of his pack. Taking a few steps forward, debating over the risks of coming to the aid of a strange wolf, piercing gray orbs peered into the thick trees, trying to see any movement.

The howl sounded again, getting closer to the border between his and Greyback's territories. Making a split decision, Sirius sprang into motion, sprinting forward at an alarming speed for anyone who had never seen him run. Dodging through trees and jumping over obstacles, the large black wolf seemed to blur in and out of existence as he raced towards the distressed wolf. It took only a matter of moments before Sirius emerged into a small clearing, instantly spotting a human form sprinting his way, carrying something in his arms. Noticing that this strange werewolf had entered into his territory by several yards, the alpha automatically went on the defensive, crouching down in a defensive position, raising his hackles and snarling at the intruder.

The strange wolf in human form stopped short, panting slightly in exertion and clutching the bundle in his arms to his chest protectively. It was then that Sirius spotted what it was the other wolf was carrying and straightened up slightly in shock.

An obviously young boy lay still in his arms, limbs dangling loosely from the older wolf's embrace. But the state of the boy is what caused the kind alpha to straighten up completely and shift back into his human form before the pair who was obviously in need of help.

Remus tried not to stare as the wolf before him shifted back into human form – naked. Of course, he knew who this wolf was. Just about every werewolf in Britain knew him by reputation alone, and many, including Remus, had been given a detailed description of the powerful alpha wolf whose territory bordered theirs. Remus, however, would never forget the little black pup who had grown up with Lily, James and himself. They'd been pack mates once. And Remus seriously hoped Sirius would take that into consideration when he heard his request.

Lowering his eyes, Remus tilted his neck slightly in an act of submission before peeking through his lashes at the alpha who was studying the pup in his arms intently. Stepping forward until he was only a few feet away, Sirius raised his gray eyes and locked them onto the amber orbs of Greyback's Caretaker.

"Remus." It was a statement instead of a question, but Remus nodded nonetheless, tentatively raising his head to meet the eyes of his old friend.

"Sirius. He needs help. Please." Remus raised the dying pup towards the alpha slightly as if in offering and Sirius's eyes shifted once again from Remus to the pitiful form.

Bending down slightly, Sirius inhaled the scent of the pup, sorting past the smell of sickness and blood to arrive at two very familiar scents underlying that of the pup's own. Rearing back, wide gray eyes connected to Remus', a horrified look appearing on the alpha's handsome face.

"James? ...And Lily's?" The question was disbelieving, but resigned and sad. The scents brought up memories of times long past. Happier times, which had eventually led to Sirius' defection from the pack. Sirius hadn't seen James, Lily or Remus since they were young teens, and at the time James and Lily's relationship was anything but romantic.

And here lay the embodiment of everything he had missed since he left the pack. He didn't regret his decision to strike out on his own, away from the strictness and cruelty of the Greyback pack. But he did regret how much of his friends' lives he had missed out on. Sirius remembered fondly that at one point when James and he had been shooting the breeze, James had laughingly asked him if he ever had a pup if Sirius would be his godfather – or dogfather, as James liked to tease. At the time Sirius had laughed back and agreed. Now though that promise didn't seem so laughable. Especially since Lily and James had died soon after the pup was born. Or so Sirius had heard.

Looking into the kind eyes of his old friend, Sirius asked, "What happened to him?"

"I don't know for sure. I found him like this just a few minutes ago. He disappeared for three days, so I assume he's been injured for that long."

Sirius contemplated the answer, and knowing the pup didn't have much time, even though there were so many things he wanted, no, needed to ask Remus, they would have to wait.

"Why did you bring him to me? Why not take him to your healer?"

Remus looked down guiltily and then back up into those piercing gray eyes. "Harry's the omega, Sirius. He's treated so terribly. The pack hates him. I think they'd sooner let him die than save him! Please Sirius, help him. He's only a pup. He needs to be somewhere safe; with someone who will care for him and look after him. He's malnourished and who knows what else is wrong with him physically, let alone mentally. I'm sorry to put this on you old friend, but I just can't take him back there!" Remus ended his speech passionately, staring pleadingly into Sirius' eyes and holding the broken form of his best friends' pup in his tired arms.

Sirius stared hard at the pleading wolf before him, but he already knew his answer. Taking a breath, the alpha stepped forward and gently took the fragile form from the caretaker's arms, enfolding him gently but firmly in his arms, pretending not to notice Remus' sob of relief. Looking down at the pale, fevered face, Sirius felt his chest clench. Gray eyes moved up to look at the relieved wolf standing across from him.

"You know you could be punished for this Remus. Even killed if Fenrir wanted. It would be seen as a betrayal in his eyes. There's no doubt he will find out about your involvement."

"I know. And I'm prepared to face him and my punishment when the time comes. They don't deserve Harry, Sirius. I doubt they'll even notice he's gone. At least for quite some time." He spat with disgust. "As for you, he could declare war with you and your pack over this, as I'm sure you know. I'm aware of the risks just as much as you are Sirius, but I won't change my mind." The Caretaker of the Greyback pack stood firm in his decision.

Sirius stared for a moment at his old friend. He knew first-hand how ruthless Fenrir Greyback could be if pushed past a certain limit.

"You could come with me Remus." Remus thought he saw a slight pleading look in Sirius' gray eyes just then, but it was gone before he could look too much into it.

Smiling sadly, Remus shook his head. "No. I've failed Harry enough as is. The least I can do is stand up for him to the pack. And hopefully give you a few days head start to save him." Remus smiled gently at his old friend and reaching a hand up, he caressed the alpha's cheek, shocking his old friend at the familiar gesture. "Thank you though. It means more than you'll ever know." Pulling his hand back, Remus looked down at the weak pup in those strong, steady arms. "Please, just take care of him."

Sirius nodded as he peered down at the small form in his arms. Knowing the pup needed medical care quick, Sirius cut the meeting short. Stepping over to the other man, he bent down and nuzzled his nose against the cheek of his old friend. "The offer stands Remus. You'll always be welcome with me." Remus smiled gently as Sirius stepped away and turned to run back towards his pack, glancing back once at the lone form of the kindest person he had ever known.

Remus watched as the large form of the Black alpha sprinted away with his precious bundle. Sighing, Remus finally allowed himself to let a few tears drop, before wiping them quickly out of existence.

"Thank you, Sirius."

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