Well I guess this is where I say hi and tell everyone reading that this is my first fanfiction and I have to say that I'm excited to finally write a fanfic cause lets just say I'm not the most ambitious person and I'm kinda lazy. So without further ado let me introduce you to my first story, The Betrayed Champion
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Misty -16








"Lucian's Alakazam goes down! The winner of the match is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!" The announcer shouted over the intercom.

Ash jumped up into the air in excitement. "We did it Pikachu!" The roar of the crowd was enormous as Ash stood proud, one step closer to his dream.

"Pika pi," Pikachu responded while jumping into Ash's arms.

"Yeah go Ash!" A voice emerged from behind him.

"You were awesome." Ash turned around to see his friends charging at him. He was about to go and greet them when he felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned around to see Lucian smiling with his hand held out.

"Congratulations Ash, I haven't had a match like that in long time, I wish you luck against Cynthia."

"Thanks, that was a great battle Lucian, and if Bayleef hadn't evolved into Meganium I probably would've been done for," Ash said shaking his hand.

"Yes and I would have never guessed that aiming for the horn would have been my pokemons one weakness," Lucian said puzzled.

Ash laughed as he remembered how it worked against Rhydon back in Kanto. "I guess it was just a lucky guess."

"Well I don't want to keep you from your friends," Lucian said while pointing at Ash's friends. "So I'll see you at your battle with Cynthia," he said while walking away.

After his exchange with Lucian, Ash turned around to see all of his friends, Brock, Dawn, May, Misty, Gary, Max, Paul who was standing in the back round with a smirk across his face, and last but not least, Drew.

"You were awesome Ash," May excitedly yelled.

"If I was battling him I would have used Charizard's flamethrower," Max said with a smirk.

Ash couldn't help but smile at all of his friends complements. "Thanks you guys, without you all I know I would have never made it this far," Ash said gleaming.

"Well if it wasn't for my cooking I bet that you wouldn't have made it to Viridian city," joked Brock.

"Yeah yeah, and if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be the Pokemon breeder you are today," replied Ash.

"And if I didn't pull you away from all those girls you would probably be in jail for sexual harassment," explained Misty.

"Alright I get it," Brock screamed to end the onslaught of comments.

"So Ash," Dawn said changing the subject, "When is your battle with Cynthia gonna happen?"

"It happens a week from now so I'll start my training tomorrow. But that's the last thing on my mind right now, tonight we celebrate! And best of all, Gary's paying!" Ash declared as his stomach grumbling agreed with him.

"Wait what!?" Gary asked but his words were lost in the roar of the group. After the long day of excitement and almost losing their voice cheering, cooling down was all they could think about, especially at the expense of Gary's wallet.

The group couldn't be happier as they walked back to the pokemon center, except for Gary. Their stomachs were full and emotions were at an all time high. The streets were illuminated by lights as they walked down the sidewalk. Everyone had a smile on their face, expect for Drew. He looked like a man who was bursting at the seams, ready to explode unless he let out whatever was eating at him.

Just as they were about to reach the pokemon center Drew walked up to May. Not being to keep quiet any longer he went up to her ear and whispered, "Hey May, I know this is kind of sudden and all, but can we talk about something?"

She was caught off guard by this at first, the serious tone in his voice bringing her emotions back down to earth. Never one to snub a friend, she eagerly nodded her head, "Of course Drew, let me just tell the others," she replied as spoke up to the group, "Hey guys, me and Drew are gonna stay here for a little bit, you guys go ahead and we'll catch up in a bit."

"Alright," Ash said thinking nothing of it as he was on cloud nine, "we'll see you soon."

Once they slowly made their way out of sight May turned to Drew, her hands behind her back, curious. "Well you've got me here now all alone, so what's up?"

Drew hesitated, knowing that there was no going back after this. "I've...I've had something on my mind, about you. It's something that eats at me whenever I see you, something that I can't hold in any longer." Drew said with his heart racing.

May's cheeks started to flush red, she had never seen him so flustered before, and she had a feeling she knew why. "Where exactly are you going with this Drew?"

Not wasting any more time he took a deep breath preparing himself to say, "I'm in love with you May."

May went weak at the knees, almost collapsing under the weight of that declaration. After all the roses and kind gestures, she had a feeling there was something there, but love? She was almost speechless. "Y-you love me?" May asked shocked.

"Yeah, have been since the first time I saw you in Hoenn." Drew explained hoping for his desired answer.

"I...I don't know what to say." May stuttered, trying to choose her words carefully as Drew's cheerful expression slowly started changing.

"You could say that you feel the same," Drew suggested, hoping for the best.

May bit her tongue. On one hand she wanted to jump into his arms and say she had feelings for him as well. On the other though, there was someone else on her mind that she couldn't pass up on, a certain raven haired trainer. She couldn't make a decision right then and there, she needed time.

"Drew this is all so sudden, I want to give you an answer I really do, I just need some time to go over it in my head." May replied as she felt her heart almost beating out of her chest.

Although not getting the answer he desired, Drew solemnly nodded his head, "Okay May, I understand, there no rush. But take this before you go," Drew said as he pulled a rose out of nowhere like a magician and handed it to her.

"T-thanks," May chocked out, barely able to say anything.

With that, Drew walked away into the night, leaving her stunned.

Under the dimly lit entrance of the pokemon center stood Ash, Brock, and Paul, while the rest had tapped out and went to bed. Just shooting the shit and burning time Brock realized something.

"I wonder what those two are up to? It's past midnight and they're still not back," Brock said, a bit worried.

Ash nodded his head as the same thought had been in his head, "Well whatever they're doing, I just hope she's okay."

Just then, as if on cue the automatic doors to the pokemon center opened and through it came Drew, although judging by the look on his face he did not seem happy. He locked eyes with Ash, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that he was what kept May from committing to him. He was the road block in his life and he knew he had to do something about it.

"Hey Drew," Ash walked up to him, innocent and oblivious to it all, "where's May, I thought she was with you?"

Without saying a word back Drew just kept walking, not wanting to even give Ash the time of day as Ash glared back. Earlier he was cheering him on at the stadium, now it seemed like Drew couldn't even stand the look of him.

"What's his problem?" Paul chimed in, "Either he really doesn't like you or he's trying too hard to be like me," Paul joked.

"Something has to be up with that guy, what do you think Ash?...Hello Ash, you still there?" Brock asked trying to get his attention as it seemed like he was in his own world.

Ash's eyes were still fixated on Drew as he turned the corner and headed into his room. It was only until he felt a tap on the shoulder did he come back to their world, "Ash," Brock said concerned, "did you hear what Paul and I said?"

"Oh? Sorry, I kind of zoned out for a second. What were you saying?" Ash asked.

"Look Ash," Paul said angrily, grabbing his collar, "I make one joke a region and you just missed my Sinnoh joke so when I talk you listen, got it."

"Calm down Paul, I got." Ash said as he tried to diffuse the suddenly hostile situation.

For a second time the automatic doors opened, this time a more friendlier presence walked in. With a rose in one hand she looked around as she entered, seeing the situation that Paul and Ash were in she chuckled a bit, "Did I miss anything?"

"Nothing important," explained Brock as his nerves cooled down seeing her back.

Brushing Paul off Ash smiled seeing her, "You're back!" He happily said as his eyes slowly drifted to the rose. He knew Drew had given it to her and in all those times that he had he never thought much of it, but for the first time he felt something he had never really experienced before in this scenario.


"Another rose to the collection huh?" Ash said, feigning a smile.

A blush appeared across her face as she remembered the rose and the conversation she had with Drew, "Oh you know how Drew is, they're pretty at least."

"Yeah, I see," Ash said as his words trailed off. His mind was flooded with the thought of what they could have talked about earlier. Combined with Drew's odd behavior and the rose in May's hand, something was up. But he pushed it to the side for now, rest and training tomorrow to beat Cynthia was what he had to worry about most.

"Well," Ash continued as he yawned, "today has been great but I need to hit the old reset button, get some rest. I'll see you all in the morning, night."

Everyone said their goodnight to Ash as he began to walk back to his hotel room to get some more rest. Turning around just a bit he stole one more look at May, smiling softly while doing so. But just as the good feelings warmed him up, his eyes diverted right back to the rose. The good feeling gone and the smile having been faded away. No one seemed to notice a thing, nobody except for Paul. He knew there was something up between the trio of Drew, Ash, and May but he kept it to himself for now, curious to see where this would all lead to.

Well that's the first chapter of The Betrayed Champion, I hoped you liked it. Sorry to all the people who loved Bayleef but he's had Bayleef since it was a Chikorita in Johto so I decided that it was time to evolve. One more thing, in this story I decided to make Paul one of the more smarter people in this story and he will understand more about everything than everyone else. You'll understand in later chapters. Review about anything you want, hate it, love it, question my love for advanceshipping I don't care, I just want to hear what you guys have to say.