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Alpha was walking home, anger steaming off of him. 'How the hell can Bitch eat so much? She should be fat ass sitting on the couch judging by how much she eats.'

The midnight moon was in the sky. Alpha was in the woods and the trees made it so that he could barely see where he was walking.

'This would be a lot easier if I had some of my pokemon with me, but I left them all back at the hotel cause I thought I wouldn't need them. I swear when I see Paul I'm gonna give him more than a sore jaw,' he thought to himself.

Alpha kept walking until he heard something coming right at him. He turned around and threw his fist as hard as he could at the flying object. As he made contact with the object, it was broken into pieces. "Who's there, show yourself."

A 12 year old kid with a guilty face appeared from behind a tree, "Sorry mister, it's so dark out here I thought you were a pokemon."

Alpha's anger started to rise, "So you threw a pokeball at me?"

"Yeah I'm sorry," the kid replied while pouting. "But you must be really strong mister to break my pokeball."

Alpha looked at his muscular arms, "I guess you could say that."

"Well mister I hope you don't have to go against my brother Leo, he's really strong," the kid explained.

"Trust me kid, I don't care how strong your brother is, it won't be a challenge for me," Alpha replied while walking away.

"Yeah right, he let me borrow some of his pokemon and I bet there 10 times stronger than any of your pokemon," the kid declared.

'Wait, if he has some of his brother's pokemon, than I can easily take them from him,' Alpha thought. "Hey kid can I inspect your brother's pokeballs."

"Why should I let you do that?" the kid replied, unsure of what was going to happen.

Alpha quickly thought up of an excuse, "Well I need to inspect the pokeballs to see if they are clean."

The kid arched his eyebrow, "Do I really look that stupid that I would fall for that?"

"It was worth a shot," Alpha replied while shrugging his shoulders. Alpha in a blink of an eye was standing in front of the kid.

The kid was taken back by this, "How did you do that?"

"Enough small talk kid," Alpha said while grabbing his collar, "Give me your brothers pokemon, or else!"

The kid started to shake in fear, almost wetting his pants. He reached into his pocket and took out three pokeballs. "Here," he replied while holding his hand out.

Alpha was about to take the pokeballs but stopped when he heard a voice. "Let go of my brother you son of a bitch!"

Alpha turned his head and saw young man but due to the darkness he couldn't get a clear look at him. But Alpha could see that he had three pokemon beside him.

"Leo help, this guy wants to take your pokemon," the kid yelled.

"I'm giving you three seconds to get away from my brother or else my electric friends here, will shock you until there's nothing left of you," Leo said while pointing to his three pokemon.

'I'm so used to being hit by electric attacks that his attacks wouldn't even affect me,' Alpha thought. 'But I don't want to take any risks and besides, I don't have any of my pokemon on me.'

Alpha quickly swiped the pokeballs from the kids' outstretched hand and sprinted as fast as he could back to his hotel. By the time that Leo realized what had happened, it was too late.

Alpha was taking in deep breaths as he entered the hotel. 'That was too close, that guy Leo almost had me. But I can't wait until I see him next time, we have some unfinished business.'

Ash went to the elevator, reached his floor, and entered his room. 'Good, no sign of those moochers,' Alpha thought as he didn't see any of his former friends. As he entered his room he saw that there was an envelope that had been slipped under his door in the room. Alpha picked it up, opened it and read it.
'Dear Alpha, sorry that we left you with the bill so we all pitched in our money to pay you back.
Sincerely May.' Alpha thought that that was the end of the letter until he looked at the bottom of the page. 'P. S. Contests Rule.'

Alpha looked inside the envelope and saw a few hundred dollars in it. 'Well maybe they aren't as bad as I thought. But a few hundred dollars isn't gonna make me forgive them,' Alpha thought as he ripped the letter in half. Alpha quietly slipped into bed as to not wake Pikachu and went to sleep.

The next morning

Alpha slowly opened his eyes, the rays of the sun invading his room, hitting his face. His eyes went to Pikachu, who was still asleep on the edge of the bed.

He threw the blankets off of him and stood up. 'Man I'm so tired, I wish I could just stay in today. But I can't give up the opportunity to show my power,' Alpha thought as he woke up Pikachu.

Pikachu opened one eye and saw Ash waiting for him to get up. Instead if getting up he shook his tail and went back to sleep.

"You know you're getting lazy Pikachu, I'll give you the day off but only because you did so good in the battle yesterday," Alpha said to Pikachu as he grabbed his bag and walked out.

Alpha walked out of the hotel without any sightings of anyone important. He walked to the tournament board to see where he was battling. 'Field one? Mr. Goodshow must have been impressed by my battle since he gave me the major field.'

Alpha slowly walked to field one, not caring who he was battling. As he entered the battle field he noticed it was much bigger and more space. He walked out of the tunnel and into the field, He looked around him and saw that the stadium was filled with people watching his match.

Alpha scanned the whole stadium and saw some familiar people. 'Didn't think they would show up, but I guess they want to see what other pokemon I have.'

Misty, Brock, Gary, Ritchie, Dawn, Max, Brock, and Paul were all in the stadium, cheering for him. May was just sitting down with her arms crossed not paying much attention.

"Hey, how about you stop looking at your fans and get ready to be destroyed," a voice said from across the battle field.

Alpha's head perked up at that voice. 'I must be the luckiest person in the world,' Alpha thought as he turned to face his competitor. A lightly tanned trainer with a brawny physique stood across from him. His jet black hair in disarray but his black peak cap covers up his hair. His emerald colored eyes pierced Alpha. He is wearing a blue polo neck that has a yellow lightning bolt across the front and he uses an old wore out pair of black jeans. On his right hand is a black and gold fingerless glove.

"Hello Leo, you don't know how badly I want to face you," Alpha said with a smirk.

Leo laughed at this, "Please, you think you're so tough just because you have a Lugia? I can still beat you without a legendary."

The referee stepped up and spoke. " This will be a three on three pokemon battle, on the left we have Alpha from the Depths of Hell." The crowd exploded when they heard Alpha's voice. The fan girls were in a frenzy.

"And on the right," the referee continued, "We have Leo Bourne from Olivine City." Leo was greeted to boo's from the fan girls.

"Oh shut up this battles gonna be over in a few minutes anyways," Leo said to the crowd. He then turned to Alpha, "You're lucky someone took three of my pokemon or else you wouldn't even have a chance."

Alpha shrugged his shoulders, "It wouldn't matter."

"Alright," the referee said, "Alpha call out your first pokemon."

Alpha dug his hand into his pocket, "Show them your power, Charizard."

Charizard appeared from his pokeball, stronger than he had ever been. He had a determined look on his ace as he waited for Leo to call out his pokemon.

"Show them how it's done, Electivire," Leo said while throwing his pokeball into the air.

Electivire appeared and had a mean look on his face.

"Now," the referee said with his flag in the air, "Begin."

"Electivire use Thunder," Leo ordered. Electivire shot a thunderbolt at Charizard.

"Charizard, use your wings to blow that thunderbolt away," Alpha said. Charizard waited until the attack got close enough and he then flapped his wings, sending the thunderbolt to the side.

"Now Charizard, fly up in the air," Alpha yelled. Charizard flew up into the air and just stayed there.

'What is he up to?' Leo thought. "Alright Electivire, use Flamethrower," Leo screamed. Electivire shot fire at Charizard. As soon as Electivire shot it, Leo knew why Alpha told Charizard to fly in the sky.

"Wow this is too easy to dodge, Charizard just fly to the left a bit," Alpha said. Charizard flew to the side as the attack went by him.

"You told Charizard to fly in the air because you know that he can dodge almost everything I shoot up there," Leo said to Alpha.

A small smile appeared on Alpha's face. "You figured that out fast, but I rather finish this now rather than later. Charizard use Flamethrower on the entire field." Charizard shot fire out of his mouth, burning the entire battle field.

A focused look appeared on Gary's face, no one noticed this except for Ritchie. "Hey Gary what's up?" Ritchie asked.

"Well Ash used the same thing against me when we had our battle," Gary replied while focusing on the match.

Ritchie shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe it's just a coincidence," he said while turning back to the battle.

The field had gone from a nice green field into a fiery wasteland. While Charizard was in the air, Electivire was jumping up and down, his feet getting burned.

"So do you give up already," Alpha taunted.

Leo gritted his teeth, "Not a chance."

Alpha shook his head, "They never learn, Charizard fly at Electivire and use Steel Wing." Charizard's wings started to glow and he flew right at Electivire.

"Electivire," Leo yelled, "Use Light Screen." Electivire created a light screen in front of him as to protect himself from the upcoming attack.

"Charizard full power at the light screen," Alpha shouted. Charizard flew straight at the light screen, cracking it. But he wasn't strong enough and he was sent flying back onto the ground with bruises all over him.

"Crap, Charizard get up," Alpha screamed. Charizard gritted his teeth as he pushed himself up, pain coursing through his whole body.

"Now," Leo screamed, "Use Giga Impact." Electivire charged up all of it's energy and started to charge the weakened Charizard.

"Charizard grab on to Electivire when he gets close enough," Alpha ordered. As Electivire rushed at him with all of his might, Charizard was somehow able to grab and stop him.

Charizard and Electivire were at a stalemate, both tired from this match. Alpha smirked as he watched, "Now that you have him so close Charizard use Overheat."

"No Electivire get out of there," Leo screamed.

Alpha laughed at Leo's scream, "Too late." Electivire tried to escape but Charizard had a good grip on him. Charizard's body started to turn red and when he charged up enough energy, he shot white fire with a red-orange flame spiraling around it at him. The attack hit Electivire right in the face, burning him in the process.

Electivire was somehow still standing after the attack but was on the verge of fainting, "Now Charizard, finish this with Seismic Toss," Alpha screamed. Charizard grabbed the almost unconscious pokemon and soared up in the air.

"Electivire try getting out by shocking him with your Thunder," Leo ordered. Electivire used everything that was left in him on the thunder attack. He shocked Charizard but he just brushed it off as he flew higher in the air. Once Charizard was high enough he flew in a circular motion and started his descent back to the arena. Once he got close enough, Charizard threw Electivire straight into the ground, dust flying up into the air as he made contact.

Alpha shielded his eyes as the dust enveloped him. He waited a few seconds to open them again and when he did he saw a very tired Charizard and an unconscious Electivire.

The referee saw this and spoke, "Electivire is unable to battle, Charizard is the winner."

The crowd erupted in cheers and everyone was cheering for Alpha. Alpha looked at the crowd and just shrugged his shoulders, 'Damn it, the last thing I need are people cheering for me, this is gonna make my mission much harder.'

"That was too close Charizard, return," Alpha said as Charizard was sucked back into his pokeball.

"Don't think this match is over yet," Leo claimed as he returned his pokemon.

"Leo call out your second pokemon," the referee ordered.

Leo smirked, "Well now it's time to show them how it's done. Come on out Ampharos." Ampharos appeared out of the pokeball with a determined face.

Alpha dug his hand out of his pocket and smirked, "Show them your power, Sceptile." Out of the pokeball came out Sceptile with his arms crossed and a twig in his mouth.

"Now," the referee said with his flag in the air, "Begin."

"Sceptile use Bullet Seed," Alpha ordered. Sceptile shot a barrage of seeds st Ampharos.

"Ampharos dodge and use Thunder," Leo yelled. Ampharos skillfully dodged the seeds and shot a powerful Thunder attack at Sceptile.

"Sceptile deflect it away with Leaf Blade," Sceptile's leaves on his wrist started to glow and when the thunder came, he deflected it away from him.

"Now Sceptile, Quick Attack," Alpha ordered. Sceptile started sprinted towards Ampharos with a white stream behind him as he ran.

"Ampharos meet him head on with wild charge," Leo said to his pokemon. Ampharos covered himself in electricity and sprinted right at Sceptile. They met right in the middle of the battle field, Sceptile was sent flying back while Ampharos stood proudly.

"Now Ampharos before Sceptile can recover, use ThunderPunch," Leo ordered. Ampharos started running at Sceptile who was still trying to get up with an electrified fist.

"Sceptile get up and use Leaf Storm," Alpha yelled. Sceptile was able to push himself up just in time to see Ampharos' fist slamming into his face. The attack sent Sceptile flying back into the wall, dust flew up into the air as he hit the wall.

"Awesome job Ampharos, there's no way he's getting up from that one," Leo claimed.

As the dust settled Sceptile was on his knees breathing heavily, but not out yet. "Alright Sceptile we can still win this," Alpha declared.

"Oh no your not, Ampharos finish this up with one more ThunderPunch," Leo yelled. Ampharos once again started to charge Sceptile with an electrified fist.

"Alright Sceptile wait until he gets close enough and use Bullet Seed on his eyes," Alpha ordered. Sceptile waited until Ampharos got close enough and right as it was gonna use another ThunderPunch, Sceptile shoot a barrage of seeds right at Ampharos' eyes.

The attack left Ampharos temporarily blind as he was sent back a few feet, trying to regain his vision. "Ampharos just stay in there, it's almost over," Leo pleaded.

Alpha saw that this was his opportunity to finish it, "Now Sceptile finish this with Leaf Blade." The leaves on Sceptile's wrist started to glow and he charged Ampharos.

"Alright Ampharos use Thunder Punch but only swing when I tell you," Leo ordered. He waited until Sceptile got close enough to tell Ampharos to swing. Right as Sceptile got close enough both trainers yelled the same thing to their pokemon.

"Now!" they both yelled. Sceptile swung at Ampharos' head and make direct contact, but at the same Ampharos made direct contact with his thunderpunch. Both pokemon were sent flying back as they had both endured a long battle.

The referee saw both pokemon laying on the floor, not moving and decided to make his call, "Both Sceptile and Ampharos are unable to battle, this battle is a draw."

The crowd was in shock of what had just happened, both Sceptile and Ampharos had knocked each other out.

"Wow that was an great battle between Sceptile and Ampharos," Brock said aloud.

Paul nodded in agreement, "Yeah I thought this battle was just gonna be another blowout but Leo guy is really giving Alpha a run for his money."

"Yeah, but I wonder where his Pikachu is, it's usually with him all the time?" Dawn wondered.

May shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know but Glaceon and Buneary sure took a liking to him. I wonder why?"

"Be quiet you guys, no cares about your filler talk, lets just get back to the match," Max said trying to get this story back on track.

"Wait but I didn't get say that..." Misty was about to say before she was interrupted by the battle.

After both trainers had recalled their pokemon, the referee spoke. "Alright Alpha call out your next pokemon," the referee ordered.

Alpha smirked as he pulled the next pokeball out of his pocket, "Show them your power, Garchomp."
Ash threw the pokeball into the air and out came the purple pseudo legendary in all of its glory.

Leo threw his head back in anger, "Really, a Garchomp!"

Alpha chuckled at this, "Oh come on, I promise he doesn't bite."

Leo dug his hand into his pocket as he grabbed his last pokemon, "Well lets go Jolteon." Out of the pokeball came the electric pokemon. Jolteon looked all around him but he couldn't find the pokemon he was battling. His eyes scanned the filed until he saw two long purple legs standing in front of him. He looked up those purple legs to see Garchomp with an mischievous look on his face. He looked back at his trainer for some support.

"Come on Jolteon, I know you can beat that Garchomp," Leo claimed.

"Now," the referee said with his flag in the air, "Begin."

"Jolteon use Shadow Ball," Leo ordered. Jolteon opened its mouth and a black and purple ball formed in front of it. After it was big enough, it fired it at Garchomp.

"Garchomp counter with Dragon Pulse," Alpha ordered. Garchomp shot purple circles at the shadow ball, at contact they both exploded, stopping each other.

"Now Garchomp, charge it and use Brick Break," Alpha yelled. Garchomp's hand started to glow white and it charged Jolteon.

"Jolteon dodge with agility," Leo commanded. As Garchomp swung at Jolteon, it disappeared and the only thing that Garchomp hit was the air.

"Now Jolteon, use Thunder Fang," Leo ordered. Jolteon appeared behind Garchomp and sung his electrified teeth inside Garchomp's leg.

Garchomp stood there unfazed, not affected by the attack while Jolteon hung on his leg. "Idiot, electric attacks don't affect Garchomp," Alpha mocked.

A concerned look appeared on both Jolteon's and Leo's face. "Damn it, Jolteon get out of there!"

"Oh no you don't," Alpha yelled. "Garchomp grab Jolteon and throw it into the air!" Garchomp grabbed Jolteon from his leg and threw him into the air.

"Now Garchomp, finish it with Hyper Beam!" Alpha ordered. An orange ball appeared in front of Garchomp's mouth and it fired it at Jolteon.

"Jolteon counter with your Hyper Beam," Leo screamed. While Jolteon was flying in the air, it straightened itself out and shot its own hyper beam at the oncoming attack. As the two attacks met, they stayed even for a few seconds until Garchomp's hyper beam overpowered Jolteon's attack and the hyper beam slammed into Jolteon.

"No, Jolteon!" Leo screamed. Jolteon crashed into the ground, just enduring a hyper beam head on. A loud thud could be heard as Jolteon slammed into the ground.

Garchomp stood smirking over Jolteon's unconscious body, he stared at him for a few seconds before he started to walk back to Alpha.

The referee saw Jolteon and decided to make his decision, "Jolteon is unable to..." the referee stopped when he saw what was happening.

Jolteon, covered in bruises slowly started to get up, barely keeping himself awake on pure adrenaline. Leo looked on as he saw his injured pokemon get up, "Jolteon it's okay. This match isn't worth you getting injured," Leo pleaded. Jolteon paid no attention to Leo and slowly started to walk towards Garchomp, who just stood there. Jolteon walked with a limp and slowly reached Garchomp. His eyes met Garchomp's eyes before Jolteon gave a weak tackle to Garchomp.

Alpha's attention was on what Jolteon was doing, the thing that Alpha was feeling, was respect towards Jolteon. "Garchomp, just put it out of his misery, he's put up a good fight," Alpha ordered. As Jolteon went for another tackle, Garchomp hand started to glow a weak shade of white and Garchomp hit Jolteon right in the midsection, knocking it out.

The referee knew that Jolteon wasn't getting up again and decided to call it. "Jolteon is unable to battle, the winner of this match is Alpha from the Depths of Hell."

The crowd erupted in screams as Alpha was declared the winner. "Good job Garchomp, return," Alpha said as he saw Leo return his pokemon and walk away. Alpha decided to say something to Leo and ran towards him.

"Hey Leo wait up," Alpha called out to Leo.

Leo stopped and turned around, waiting for Alpha to reach him. Alpha stuck his hand out, "Good match, you did better then I expected," Alpha claimed.

Leo stared at his hand for a few seconds until he slapped it away, "No thanks, I don't need your pity," Leo said as he walked away.

Alpha stood there shaking his head, "This is what I get for trying to be nice." Alpha looked at the crowd one more time before he walked out of the arena, leaving the 'Alpha' chants behind him.

Alpha walked out of the stadium with surprisingly no one chasing after him. Of course as he walked past the entrance, a certain group of people saw him.

"Hey Alpha, wait up," Brock called out.

Alpha turned his head to see his former friends once again rushing over to talk to him. 'Can't I get any breaks,' Alpha thought to himself.

"Wow that was a great match," Misty praised.

"Yeah I didn't know you had it in ya," Gary said.

Alpha looked at them and saw that May was in the back of the group, not paying any attention. "Hey Contest Girl, what did you think?"

May looked her eyes onto Alpha before she spoke, "First off my name isn't Contest Girl, it's May. Secondly I thought you did quite well, maybe you'd do okay in a contest."

Alpha smirked at May's comment, "I tried it a few times but they were too easy," Alpha replied while pulling out five ribbons from his pocket.

May stood there shocked opening up the door for Dawn to talk. "Whoa, where did you get those?" Dawn asked.

Alpha shrugged his shoulders, "I was bored so I entered a few contests. I breezed through them pretty easily and now I have five useless ribbons."

"Wow, I never pictured you even entering a contest let alone winning five," May explained.

"Well there's a lot about me that you don't know," Alpha replied with a grin.

Paul knew what Alpha was talking about and started to laugh. "Why are you laughing Paul?" Dawn asked with a puzzled face.

"Oh it's nothing, but right now I need to talk to Alpha alone so why don't you guys head back to the hotel," Paul replied.

"Sure," Dawn said while everyone started to walk away. "See you later," she said before they left.

Paul turned to Alpha and spoke, "Here's the pokeballs you wanted me to get," Paul said while pulling out six pokeballs from his pocket.

Alpha took the pokeballs in Paul's hand and quickly pocketed them. "Lets take a walk, I got nothing better to do and you have nothing better to do."

"Well actually me and Dawn have a..." Paul said before he was interrupted.

"Really, you'd rather hang out with Dawn?" Alpha asked.

Paul thought for a second and then spoke, "I guess your right, lets go." Alpha walked into the woods, the trees covering their every movement.

They walked for a while until Paul started to make small talk, "So Ash, have you heard about what's been going on with this new group of people?"

Alpha shrugged his shoulders, "Nope, and should I care?"

"Maybe, all they do is talk about pokemon liberation and how they shouldn't be confined to their pokeball," Paul explained.

Alpha shook his head, "I hate hippies. I don't really care what they do as long as they say out of my way."

As they were walking they heard a cry for help by the edge of the cliff. "What was that?" Alpha asked.

"I think it was someone yelling," Paul explained. "Lets go." Alpha and Paul ran to the edge of the cliff and saw a guy holding onto the edge of the cliff.

"Oh thank Arceus, I thought I was done for," the guy said when he saw the two trainers.

"What happened?" Paul asked.

"Well I was looking at the view from the edge of the cliff and the ground caved in beneath where I was standing," the man explained.

"Well it's okay, we're here now and we'll help you up," Paul said while walking towards the guy.

Alpha grabbed Paul's shoulder, "I'll do it Paul." Alpha walked up to where the guy was hanging and spoke. "Before I pull you up, toss up your pokemon."

The man got a confused look on his face, "Why?"

"Well," Alpha said thinking of an excuse, "What if they fall out while we're pulling you up?"

"Yeah I guess you're right," the guy replied while digging into his pocket and throwing his pokeballs into Alpha's hand. "There now an you please help me up," the guy pleaded.

An evil smile appeared on Alpha's face, "You know I like the old Paul better."

"What are you talking about Ash?" Paul asked.

"There's more to being a part of Team Rocket then just taking people's pokemon," Alpha explained.

"Ash shut up, you're telling this guy all of our secrets," Paul replied while pointing at the hanging man.

Alpha smirked, "Oh it's okay, he won't be here for much longer."

"Please just help me up, I'll do anything," the guy pleaded.

"Ash I don't know what you're getting at?" Paul asked.

Alpha pointed at the man's fingers that were holding onto the edge of the cliff. "Step on his fingers," Alpha ordered.

"What," Paul yelled with a horrified face. "I can't do that."

"Paul you have to know what if feels like to take a life. And I'm not asking you, I'm ordering you," Alpha said.

Paul walked to where the man was hanging on, not taking his eyes off of Alpha. Paul looked down and saw the guy shedding tears, shaking in fear.

"Please, I have a family out there that needs me," the guy cried.

"Finish him Paul, I want to get out of here," Alpha said.

Paul looked down at the guy and spoke, "I'm so sorry, but I need to this." Paul put his foot on his fingers and stepped on them.

"Aaah," the guy yelled as his fingers were being crushed. Slowly his fingers were loosening up and after a few more seconds, he lost his grip and started to fall.

"Noooo," the guy yelled before he made contact to the rocky outcrop.

"Ouch, that one hurt," Alpha joked as he saw the guy drop from a fatal distance. "What do you think Paul?" Alpha answer was left unanswered. Alpha turned around and saw Paul walking away.

"Hey Paul where are you going? We just six new pokemon," Alpha said.

Paul turned around with a cold look on his face. "I need some time by myself Ash. Just leave me alone for now," Paul replied while walking away.

Alpha stood their, thinking about what had happened. "Maybe I pushed him to far?"

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