Chapter 1~Heartbeat

I sense you everywhere.

Is it because part of your heartbeat lies within hers?

She smells like you.

My tears flow freely.

I see you when I . Sstanding beside her incubator. While I sSoftly caressing her hand.

Your beauty astounds me.

I clutch my hand to my heart. This is everything we'd ever wanted.

A family. A combination of where our souls collided into a being of our making.

I look away.

I feel you staring at me. But I can't look back to you.

It hurts to think of your eyes on me.

I want to sweep you both into my arms.

I walk to the closest chair and sit down.

I close my eyes. I have flashbacks.

Loud voices. A lot of chaos. Alarms beeping.

I open my eyes to see you float through a doorway at the end of the hall.

You just walked right past me.

Who do I go to? you? You or her?

You left me here with her, so I have no choice.

I stand at the glass window, staring into the little plastic home that she currently resides in.

I close my eyes, rest my head against the pane of glass.

The tears fall and I do nothing to stop them.