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In the midst of chores, the Smurflings were being overwhelmed by constant stress from work. First they had to wash every window at every mushroom house in the village, second they must help Farmer Smurf tend his garden, third they have to wash Baby Smurf's used "Diddlies" (all 567 of them), and finally they must help Greedy Smurf wash all the used plates from the smurfs right after lunch.

The final blow was the weather, as the temperature had peaked around 35 degrees Celsius. The extreme heat and the heavy stress from work caused Snappy's temperature to also hit the roof, the smurfling does his best to hide his anger. But right after they finished doing the dishes, they head outside to find Papa Smurf waiting for them.

"My smurflings," he said, "There are a few more things you must get done."

Papa Smurf gave the Smurflings a ridiculously long list of more chores to do, they were becoming less thrilled from every word the village leader says. The reason the Smurflings were being worked so hard is due to the decline of the adult smurfs' performance. Every time the smurfs activity decreases, the Smurflings must do extra chores to meet daily goals. Papa Smurf had enacted the plan two weeks ago due to many goals not being met, and the Smurflings were quick to dislike it since they got the hardest part of the rule.

"You understand my Smurflings?" asked Papa Smurf.

"Yes Papa Smurf." said the Smurflings unenthusiastically.

"Once you are done, I'll have some more work for you to do on hand," promised Papa Smurf, "I'll see you smurfs later."

Papa Smurf walked away, leaving the Smurflings stumped from what they must do. When Papa Smurf was out of earshot, Snappy lost it. "We've been working for 3 weeks!" he boiled.

"We always been working." said Sassette.

"But not this much!" he lectured, "Its all because the grown ups are becoming lazy and we have to do their chores, I can't smurf windows, smurf gardens, and smurf diddlys everyday anymore!"

"I can't do it forever either," said Slouchy, "Why do you have to be the one who snaps first anyway?"

Snappy looked at him with a stern glare in response, "Oh now I remember." said Slouchy.

"What are we going to do about it anyway?" asked Nat.

Snappy checked the position of the sun, "It's noon," he said, "I was thinking of spending the rest of the day inside the cool shades of the forest, to do whatever we want."

"I was thinking of something similar." said Sassette.

"You're always thinking of something similar." said Nat.

"No I don't!" snapped Sassette.

"Okay okay," said Slouchy, "If we're going to spend an entire day out in the forest, I want it to be an entire day and not a half day. See where I'm going?"

Snappy thought about it for a moment, "You're right," he replied to the easy-going smurfling, "We'll do this tomorrow, we'll leave before dawn."

"Before dawn?" asked Sassette who was surprised, "But it gets scarey in the forest at dark."

"If it was scarey in the forest then it would also be scarey in the Smurf Village," said Snappy, "There's nothing to be afraid of, except Gargamel."

"Gargamel?" asked Slouchy, "What about Azrael?"

"We all know where his hovel is," said Snappy, "We just head into the part of the forest where we put the Smurf Village between him and us."

"Sounds like a plan," said Sassette, "I like it."

"Lets get our chores done first," said Snappy, "I hope by smurfing todays chores will be easy with this boosted morale."