Cat and Mouse

by Erin Salvatore

Disclaimer: I don't own the Vampire Diaries. I'm just borrowing.

Note: Okay, guys, I got an idea at work for this. This is how "Cops and Robbers" was ORIGINALLY going to be before I changed my mind. Elena is a detective hot on Damon's trail. However, who is chasing who?

Chapter 1

Detective Elena Gilbert was getting frustrated. This was the third time in three weeks that she had missed her target, Damon Salvatore, the notorious serial killer who had been responsible for the deaths of seven people. She hated it when he eluded her. Every time she thought that she had him within her grasp, he managed to get away. How was it that he kept getting the best of her? Elena tried not to think about it too much, even though it was difficult.

"Damn it, why does he have to be so slippery?" she growled to herself. "For once, I'd like to actually catch the bastard in the act before he escapes."

Sighing, she knelt down and pulled back the sheet that was covering the body of Damon's latest victim. It was a girl, age was anywhere between fifteen and twenty, with long, flowing red hair. She also looked like she had been strangled, made evident by the bruises on her neck. Why Damon killed this girl was anyone's guess. But, it fit his pattern. He preferred young victims, teenagers mostly, and this girl was most definitely a teenager. Elena was still looking at the body when Anna Char, the medical examiner, approached her.

"It's a shame that Damon chooses such young victims to prey upon," she said. "I don't know what kind of message he plans on sending with this one."

"The best kind of message that only a serial killer would send," said Elena. "'I'm getting the best of you, and you're going to have to do better if you want to catch me.' I'm telling you, Anna, I'll catch that bastard yet. He can't continue making a fool out of me forever."

Anna nodded and knelt down to examine the body while Elena went to her car. It was nights like this that made her wish that she could just crawl into bed and pull everything in with her. But, as long as there were dangerous men like Damon Salvatore prowling the streets and targeting victims like the one she had found, Elena had as much chance of that as a snowball did in hell.

Sighing heavily, she climbed into the car, closed the door and started the engine, driving away from the scene. She didn't want to think about what that poor girl's parents were going to say when they found out that their daughter was never coming home alive, because she had seen it many times with the parents of the other victims. It was always the same: the mother would be hysterical with grief and the father would threaten to take the law into his own hands while either Elena or one of her colleagues tried to calm him down and discourage him from doing so.

I'll find you, Damon, she thought. You can run from me, but you can't hide. Sooner or later, you're going to slip up and when you do, I'll be right there to haul your ass to jail where it belongs.

Damon's HQ – That Same Moment...

Damon watched the screen as the security camera he tapped into showed footage from the scene of the murder he had committed. He smirked when he caught sight of Elena and licked his lips as his blue eyes gazed upon her curves. Little did she realize that while she was chasing him, he was chasing her. There was a fire within the lady detective that drew him to her. How he loved to get his hands on her and sample some of that gorgeous fire. That was why he chose to leave his victims in the open. He knew that Elena would find them and that would add fuel to her fire.

"It would seem that my plan is working much better than I hoped. Detective Gilbert is determined as ever to find me. Little does she know that I'll find her long before she ever finds me."

As he finished that thought, Damon smirked again. This was, in his opinion, turning into the best game of cat and mouse he ever played, and he couldn't imagine himself playing it with a more worthy opponent than the lovely Detective Gilbert.

"Soon, my lovely," he said. "I will have you within my grasp and we will have lots of fun together, even more than we're having right now."

With that, he let out a wicked laugh, which seemed to echo through the abandoned house he was currently using as a hiding place. He was looking forward to meeting Elena face to face and showing her exactly what he was capable of.

Note: Thus begins the original idea I had for "Cops and Robbers" when I was planning it out. Hopefully, it will be just as popular as the other.