Author's Note- Usually I don't write more than one story at a time, but I had to get this idea down before I lost it. Forgive me! Tommy and McGregor should be updated soon.

Anthony DiNozzo walked into Director Sheppard's office late one night after finishing his latest case report. He took a deep breath and approached her desk. "Director."

"Ah Agent DiNozzo, I've been expecting you." Jenny said, putting her glasses and the file she was reading down on her desk.

"Then you must know that I've made my decision." He said as he shifted around on his feet. He put a lot of thought into his decision and it definitely wasn't easy one, but it was a one he had to make. It was time to move forward in his career.

"And?" she said leadingly.

"I'm going to take the job." He said straight forwardly. Tony was usually one for foreplay but he had decided that it was time to cut to the chase for once.

Jenny was partially stunned. Even though Tony was definitely the most capable agent for the job but she didn't think he would leave behind all of his friends. If there was one thing she knew for sure, it's that the members of Gibbs' team were close, and nobody broke them up unless they had a death wish. She was also no afraid that she now had a target on her back. "Are you sure?" she asked just in case.

"I'm sure." He responded before he could talk himself out of it.

" Okay so the next order of business is assembling your team." Jenny said pulling out a stack of personal files. "Now these are all capable agents but we do have to put at least one that has a background in computers on the team so you can keep in contact with MTAC."

"Guess I have to learn how to deal with another geek." Tony muttered almost ruefully as he flipped through the files.

"Not necessarily." Jenny said, catching Tony's remark. She had wanted to bring that up.

Tony's head shot up. "What do you mean?"

"Agent McGee is one of the best agents here and from what I hear from before my time as Director, you played a very big part of that. Plus he has a very high degree in computer forensics. I have no problem with you taking him with you as your Senior Field Agent." She told him. She had been planning on promoting McGee too, but only if Tony accepted.

"Really?" Tony questioned. Leaving would definitely be easier if he took someone with him.

"Tony, you and Tim did a good job while Gibbs was gone." Jenny said talking more as a friend then a boss. " Officer David and Agent Lee are good at their jobs but you two managed not only to keep up Gibbs' close rate without him but you did it without killing each other, like many of the people around here thought you would."

"Ya, I know. Abby told me about the pool." Tony laughed bitterly. There were very few people that believed he would make a good leader and he was a little hurt by that. When Abby had told him about the pool, he was surprised to see that Tim was the only person that didn't bet against him cracking. "Did you tell him about this?"

"No. I was only going offer if you accepted first. You two are better as a team. I was going to have you ask him." She told him.

Tony thought about it. Tim McGee was his best friend and like the little brother he never had but always asked for, for Christmas before his mother died. He also trusted him the most next to Gibbs to watch his six. "I'll ask him. I'll go over tonight."

"Okay. I know tomorrow's Saturday and your day off, but I expect you here at 0600 to finish the details. Agent McGee too, if he agrees. You leave for Spain Sunday morning. Goodnight Agent DiNozzo, and congratulations again." She said as Tony made his way to the door.

"Thanks." He said before leaving. As he walked down the stairs and towards the bullpen. It was empty. Tony sighed as he grabbed his bag and headed for the elevators. Just as the doors closed, he looked back at where he spent the majority of the last few years. Then the doors closed on that part of his life.

Tim McGee sat at his type writer and stared at it blankly. He had nothing and he hadn't in quite some time. Deep Six had only been released a month ago but his publisher was already pushing for the outline of his next Tibbs novel. What Lindy realize is that there was no new Tibbs stories, unless she thought his readers wanted Tibbs leaving the team and taking a three month vacation in Mexico. That topic still made him a little upset. He was glad that Gibbs had fully recovered his memory but he didn't think it was fare that he and Tony be demoted just because Gibbs got up one day and decided he wanted his job back. But there was nothing he could do about it, he was after all only the junior agent.

Tim decided to give up for the night and just go to bed. As he made his way towards the bedroom, there was a knock on the door. He wasn't expecting anybody but when he looked through the peek hole, he wasn't surprised to see Tony standing there. All day he could tell something was weighing on Tony's mind and he knew that if Tony needed to talk, he'd be there with pizza and beer.

"Hey, what's going on?" Tim asked, opening the door and stepping out of the way to let him in. Tony walked in and got busy.

"I have to talk to you about something." Tony said finally after plating the pizza and handing Tim a beer.

"Ya I figured." Tim said gesturing to the pizza and beer in his hands.

"What, a guy can't just stop by and hang out with his McBuddy?" Tony said, faking hurt. When McGee eyed him warily, he gave up and got to the point. "Okay, you're right." Tony let out a deep breath.

"Just spit it out DiNozzo, you're starting to worry me." Tim said noticing Tony's expression.

"I got a promotion." He told him.

Tim froze. He was happy for his friend but also knew that it meant being split up. "Congratulations." He said half heartedly.

"Thanks. I'm shipping out to Rota, Spain Sunday morning." Tony explained.

"Wow, Spain. That's pretty far away and it's really soon." McGee said without making his disappointment that his partner would be so far away.

"I know but this means that you get to be Senior Field Agent now." He said trying to approach his question.

"I told you before Tony, I don't want to be Gibbs' Senior Agent, I want to be yours." Tim explained. He always pictured he would be under DiNozzo, like when Gibbs was away.

"Were you serious about that?" Tony remembered that conversation and it's why he thought the director's suggestion was realistic.

"Of course I was." Tim said not realizing what Tony was getting at.

"Then it won't be completely crazy to say that the real reason I came over here tonight was to ask you to come with me to Spain to be my Senior Field Agent." Tony said.

For the second time that night, Tim froze. He was being serious. Tim had spent enough time around a joking DiNozzo to know that he wasn't joking now. "Are you sure?" he asked anyways.

"Of course. The director told me I needed a computer geek and said that you were the most qualified field nerd we have." Tony explained.

"Wow. That's….. wow." He said pondering what to do. He wanted it but it would be hard leaving everybody else behind.

"Does that mean yes?" Tony asked, hoping it did.

Tim looked him in the eye and made his decision. "Ya. Ya it does."