Author's Note: This is just the prologue and I'm not sure how often I will be able to post on it. The only character in this section that doesn't belong to me is The Meddler whom I named Loki for my story.

The wind howled through the tree branches. The rain came down in sheets blanketing the yard. The lightning lit up the sky. The thunder shook the house. And Drynhild watched out the window. She shivered as the fire died out but she couldn't bring herself to leave the window. She replayed the morning in her head. Trying to find something she could have done differently. Anything at all to stop them, it was her fault. All her fault.

Loki had stayed with her the night before. The party had been long and when it was over they had gone home. Loki had had more than his share to drink. When they had passed her room, him leaning heavily on her, he'd shifted his weight so she was wedged between his body and the door. She had put her hands on his chest, she loved the way it felt under her fingers. She had unconsciously ran her hands around it slightly as she told him he was drunk and needed to get some sleep. He'd smiled, his smile full of fun and joy, then leaned in and covered her mouth with his. While his tongue invaded her mouth she moved her hands up into his hair. To pull him away she had told herself, she never got that far. She just ran them through his hair savoring the silkiness of it. Though she had no recollection of how they had gotten to the bed but the next thing she remembered was Loki leaning over her one knee pressed into the mattress between her legs. His breath was ragged as he smiled sheepishly and confessed to not being drunk having changed his wine to juice. He said all she had to do was tell him to leave and he would. She reached for him and crushed his mouth to hers.

Then she had woken up as they had broken in. Loki had begun to fight as soon as they touched him. But then she had jumped in. There were too many. Even he would need some help. As she drew back her hand fierce energy flew around it but before she could throw the magic someone grabbed her. She'd felt a knife against her throat and watched as the magic died around Loki. A person behind her told Loki that if he went with them they wouldn't hurt either of them. They just wanted to talk. When Drynhild tried to tell Loki not to listen she found herself unable to speak. Loki agreed and walked away. When she tried to follow she ran into a barrier. She sensed Loki's distinctive magical imprint. She had felt anger as she'd hammered at the barrier. When it collapsed she knew it was nothing of her doing. Loki was gone to her forever.