Normal POV:

The three former citizens of Ember were a sad sight to see. The tall, dark-haired boy on the left sat with his legs folded up to his chest and his head on his arms. The middle one was a little girl of about six years old. She was sleeping peacefully on the soft grass on the ledge. The teen on the right was lying next to her, tear stains on her face.

While the two older kids were sleeping, a sliver of light tipped the horizon and lit up the sky. Poppy lifted her head and knelt on the grass, just smiling at the light. As it rose higher in the sky, Doon lifted his head as well. Together they stared at it, in awe.

"Light," Doon whispered. He touched Lina's neck with his hand. "Lina, look."

Lina coaxed her eyes open, but when she saw the rising light, she slowly lifted herself off the ground. "Light," she whispered, staring wide-eyed at it. "Light."

The threesome watched as the giant yellow ball of light topped the horizon and started rising higher than the trees. As the sky changed hues, Lina turned excitedly to Doon and Poppy. "It's blue!" she exclaimed, smiling widely. Doon smiled at her too.

Suddenly, Lina crashed her lips into Doon's, causing him to fall backwards and hit his head on the ground. She didn't give him any chance to react before she pulled away, beaming. "Come on!" she exclaimed, grabbing Poppy's hand. "Let's explore!" Then she started hurrying down the ledge, Poppy right behind her.

Doon's POV:

Light, at last, we had found light. This light seemed like one of our flares, how it came from no where and worked its way toward the top of the sky, but it stayed there, it didn't disappear. Lina is so excited, she seems to have forgotten the awkwardness of the night before.

"It's blue!" she cries, tugging on my arm and pointing at the sky. I remember her talking about a blue sky before, some picture she'd drawn when she was younger. I grin at her, not sure what to say.

Suddenly, Lina's lips are pressed against mine. Her arms are wrapped around my neck. The sudden force of her body against mine causes me to fall backwards and hit my head on the now not-so-soft ground. It's so abrupt, I have no idea what to do.

As soon I realize what's happening, Lina pulls away and jumps to her feet. "Come on! Let's explore!" She tugs Poppy along with her down the ledge.

I sit up and hurry to my feet. "Lina!" She turns around and looks at me innocently. I scuttle down the hill to reach her and Poppy. My head's throbbing, I feel like I'm going blind, and I have questions. So many questions, but this one I ask first: "Now may we experience different feelings?"

Her smile widens and her eyes light up. And that's enough answer for me. I take her in my arms and kiss her tenderly. Getting my head bumped was worth it.

Lina's POV:

I may never know why I pulled away last night, but that's ok, because now, Doon's lips against mine are all that matters. This time, I kiss him back. This was what I was hoping would happen when we came here, when we got out of Ember. Back home, we were just friends, and that's all anyone ever saw. But here, we are in love, and that's what I've wanted for a long time.

The shock from yesterday is nothing. The pain in my leg is nothing. The pain in my heart is nothing. What is something is a new life Doon and I can have, together. And that makes all that pain seem like simple scratches.

Doon and Lina's POV:

This is the best kind of pain!

Author's Note:

Thanks all for reading! I wanna shout out to Spotty of Deltora for constantly reviewing and encouraging me! :D If I get enough reviews, I may write a sequel! :D HINT HINT! If you have any suggestions for another City of Ember fanfic, let me know! Thanks again for reading!

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