"Perfect day to go out camping near Mt. Silver! Eh, Gold?" Red grinned.

"Yeah! Who knew this is a great idea!" Gold replies.

The ten Pokedex holders are on their way to their campsite near Mt. Silver, but little did they know, there's already a pack of young Gym Leaders from Kanto and Johto at their destination (the Johto Leaders are in their campground, a small gap away from Kanto's campground).

Once they arrived there, Gold excitedly saw the Johto Gym Leaders and ran to the ones he's familiar with before. Gold's monkey Pokemon, Ataro, followed him.

Gold decides to strike a conversation with Falkner. Remembering the navy-blue-haired bird keeper, he first saw him as a policeman who was tracking down Silver as a thief, but the second time they met somewhere, he realized that he's aiming to be a Gym Leader of Violet City to take his father's position. Since they're Gym Leaders, Gold was shocked that he did take that role after they met the second time.

"So, what brings you guys here?" Gold asked.

"Hey, if you were a Gym Leader, you would love a break from all those duties as the head of your respective hometown, right?" Falkner answered. "Well, not all of us Gym Leaders wanted to catch a break here, they somehow prefer somewhere else."

"Oh, so that means we can all have one hell of an awesome time!"

Falkner nodded gladly and walked back to Bugsy and Whitney, so he can help them set up their tents.

By the moment Gold took notice of the pink-haired Gym Leader, he let out, "Oh look it's the pretty-yet-really-annoying cutie-girl!"

Whitney only grunted at Gold and ignored him so she can focus on her pink Miltank-patterned tent.

When it comes to Gold, he can be really arrogant to the point when people felt like punching him to the ground, but not really, almost all the time they just get really pissed off into trying to ignore the immature and perverted breeder. Some of his friends and people he knew, however, didn't mind.


When everyone were almost done setting up their campsite in which the Pokedex holders set up their spot between the Johto and Kanto Gym Leaders' campsites, Gold was hearing a conversation between Falkner and Bugsy.

"Hey, Bugsy?" Falkner asked as he's helping set up Bugsy's bug-imprinted tent for him.

"Hm?" Bugsy responded.

"You know Gold too?"

Bugsy nodded, "When we first met while I was searching for my missing companions while we're all at the Ruins of Alph," he focuses his eyes to finishing the tent, "He… mistook me for a girl and asked me out on a date. Like a lot of people did before, but most of the time, scratch out the 'date' part." He laughs a bit.

Falkner's eyes widened in shock, "What? What happened then?"

"I was growing nervous when Gold gave me his pink-up line. He asked if we could have a cup of tea together…" Bugsy nervously spoke, "I didn't know my exact feeling back then… even when he's asking me out because he thought I'm a girl he first viewed me as."

He sighed, "Thinking of those days… I still can't shake off those emotions I had! I think this is crazy!

" … But anyway, I told him that I'm a guy, but even after that, I still don't know-"

"Wait, did you even say no to Gold's offer?" Falkner interrupted. Gold himself is still closely listening to this situation.

Bugsy stood silent. "… I didn't say no, I… Falkner, can we not talk about this?"

"Of course. But if you want somebody to talk to, I'm here." Falkner patted Bugsy's head, and the tent's all set.

When the conversation was over, Gold went back to finish setting up his own tent because he was distracted from being so curious to hear it. And now he's starting to think about it…

That Gold...

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