How To Train Your Autobot

Chapter Five: Unity

In the days following their battle with the Decepticons, the Autobots set to work on repairing their ship so they could return home. The downed vessel had been moved from it's crash site to the glade where the Autobots had been trained in the ways of dragon warfare. The young vikings helped them any way they could, all the while asking questions about the Autobot's race and home.

"Cybertron was once a very beautiful planet." Cloudraker told them. "Then came the war against the Decepticons, and all that beauty was lost to war."

"How long has this war been going on for, anyway?" Asked Ruffnut.

"Thousands of your years." Longtooth shook his head sadly. "And it sometimes seems like it could never end."

"Then why do you want to go back?" Asked Fishlegs. "Why don't you just stay here, with us, away from the war?"

"As tempting as that may sound... we have a duty to serve the Autobot cause." Said Sky Shadow. "We all need to stand together, if we are ever to have a hope of defeating the Decepticons once and for all."

"And what was the point of this war, anyway?" Asked Hiccup.

"The Decepticons wanted us gone." Said Longtooth. "They desired nothing but conquest and destruction. We Autobots simply wished to live in peace, but the Decepticons don't like peace."

"So they attacked for no reason?" Asked Astrid.

"None at all." Said Sky Shadow. "We had no choice but to fight back, and we've been fighting ever since. 'Course, the Decepticons don't back down so easily."

"Correct, Autobot!" Crowed a voice from above.

As human and Autobot alike looked up, they beheld the sight of the three Decepticons hovering above them in their robot modes.

"They're still alive?" Gasped Snotlout.

"Unsurprising." Sighed Sky Shadow. "The 'Cons never know when to quit."

"Back for another can-kicking?" Smirked Cloudraker.

"Not this time." Sniggered Buzzsaw.

"I presume you've spent the last few days lickin' your wounds?" Longtooth grinned.

"We haven't just been repairing ourselves." Smiled Sinnertwin. "Call it, boss!"

"Decepticons." Hissed Inferno. "Unite!"

The three Decepticons moved towards each other. As they did, Inferno's legs sung around to connect to his arms. His robot head retracted into his body, as his Dragon head swung open, hanging over the edge. Buzzsaw's chest panel lifted up to form the lower jaw of her dragon head, and her legs swung up to cover his chest. His dragon mode swung down, and his wings folded over her sides. Sinnertwin's arms swung down and connected to his legs, the dragon heads at the ends becoming new feet. The three Decepticons then joined together; Sinnertwin formed the waist and legs, Buzzsaw became the torso, and Inferno became the arms and chest. Inferno's Nightmare head slid into Buzzsaw's Terror head, pushing the upper part of it down over the titan's groin. The spikes at the front of Inferno's dragon mode's back rose up, revealing a demonic-looking new robot head.

"I... am..." Growled the combined mechanism. "DRAGORE!"

"Great Odin's ghost!" Gasped Hiccup.

"Get back!" Ordered Sky Shadow. "We'll handle this!"

The Autobots boldly charged at the giant, but their attacks had little to no effect. Sky Shadow and Cloudraker's blades couldn't scratch the armor, and Longtooth's gauntlet didn't even dent it.

Sneering, Dragore pulled out his weapon; A combination of Inferno and Sinnertwin's weapons, with Buzzsaw's cannons on either side of the handle. With one swing, he sent the Autobots flying.

"Pathetic." The giant sneered.

"Autobots, fall back!" Sky Shadow ordered, transforming to dragon mode. "Kids, follow us!"

Cloudraker and Longtooth transformed, as Hiccup and the others mounted their dragons. As one, they flew into the sky.

"You cannot escape me!" Roared Dragore, taking to the skies also. The wings on his hips and shoulders pushed him through the air with incredible speed.

The Autobots and the dragon riders flew toward the cliffs on the far side of the island, twisting and turning around the rocky edges. Dragore followed closely, until they turned a tight corner, and he lost sight of them.

"RAAAARRGH!" Dragore screamed in fury, before composing himself. "Fine. If you won't come out and play, then I'll just have to amuse myself with the natives!"

As he soared away, his quarry peeked out from a small crack in the cliff.

"Did you hear that?" Asked Hiccup. "He's going to attack the village!"

"You've got to stop them!" Declared Astrid.

"How the hel did they join together like that, anyway?" Asked Snotlout.

"A little something they must have picked up when they attacked our ship." Said Sky Shadow. "The procedure was concocted to enable Autobots to join together, forming a truely united front against the Decepticon threat. We were carrying the information for it when Inferno's group attacked. In the ensuing battle, we all came down on this island. We thought we had prevented them from stealing it, but evidently, we thought wrong."

"If you guys knew how to join together like that, then why didn't you do it before?" Asked Fishlegs.

"Because the procedure was still experimental." Explained Cloudraker. "We weren't entirely sure it would work."

"But now, we do." Said Longtooth. "So we can use it ourselves."

"But the procedure will take some time." Sky Shadow said. "You should go to your village, help your kind fight Dragore. We'll be along as soon as we can."

""You got it." Said Hiccup. "Let's go, guys!"

"Yeah!" Crowed Ruffnut. "Time to kick some giant metal butt!"

"Lucky for us, there's plenty to go around!" Smirked Tuffnut. "A butt that big? We can all kick it at the same time!"

As the dragon riders took off, the Autobots hurried back to their ship, so as to reconfigure their bodies for combination.

By the time the young vikings reached their village, Dragore was joyfully rampaging, crushing buildings underfoot, and swatting away any dragon rider who dared to get close enough.

"Is that the best you've got, puny fleshbags?" He cackled madly. "Come on! Give me a real fight!"

In response, Toothless unleashed a fireball that struck Dragore in the back of the head.

"You want a fight, ugly?" Roared Snotlout. "You got it!"

"Stay in formation, guys!" Hiccup commanded. "Keep moving, and don't let him get a beat on you!"

"You heard the man!" Astrid chipped in. "Let's go!"

The young vikings, by far the most experienced dragon riders on Berk, managed to give Dragore quite the run for his money, weaving around him, staying just out of range of his weapon, and pelting him with fireballs. Unfortunately, their attacks had as little effect on him as the Autobots' did, and they soon began to tire.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut were the first to go down, Double Trouble getting swatted away as they tried to spread enough gas around Dragore for a suitably large explosion. As they crashed to the ground, Fishlegs and Horrorcow covered their comrades' escape by launching fireballs at Dragore's head. Unfortunately, Horrorcow then reached her "shot limit". With no more fireballs to shoot, she and Fishlegs were easy prey, and they too were swatted away. Fireworm and Stormfly then struck Dragore with a crossfire of flame streams. Blocking the deadly flames with one hand, the hand holding Dragore's weapon spun around rapidly, creating a powerful gust that blew out the fire, and sent the two dragons and their riders crashing to the ground.

Only Hiccup and Toothless were left. They attempted another fireball dive, but Dragore leapt up and caught them.

"Gotcha!" He sneered. "You know, it just occurred to me; If you and your friends hadn't been in the forest that day, none of this would have happened. Let me thank you for that!"

Dragore tightened his grip, slowly crushing Hiccup and Toothless.

"HICCUP!" Cried Astrid and Stoick together.

Just as Dragore was on the verge of squeezing them into pulp, a fireball struck his hand, the pain of the attack forcing it to open. As a groggy Toothless flew out of danger, Dragore turned to see who had attacked him. It was the Autobots, flying towards him in dragon mode.

"You again?" Dragore cackled, as they transformed and landed. "Back for more, I see..."

"No." Sky Shadow shook his head. "We're back to end this. Autobots, unite!"

As the Autobots leapt into the air, they began joining together. The combination mirrored that of the Decepticons; Sky Shadow became the arms and chest, Longtooth became the midsection, and Cloudraker became the legs and waist. Cloudraker's Nadder head, folded over the hips, locked onto the teeth of the upper jaw of Longtooth's Gronckle head, which in turn connected to Sky Shadow's folded-down Night Fury head, via it's horn, the heads forming a chest-to-waist armor plate. From the middle of the former Night Fury back rose a black armored helmet, followed by a silver face.

"We... are..." Began the titan. "Scalord!"

"Well, well." Smiled Dragore. "Finally, a real challenge!"

Scalord produced his weapon; Sky Shadow's shield and halberd on the top half, Longtooth's gauntlet in the middle, and Cloudraker's flail below. The two giants charged each other, their weapons clashing again and again, the two evenly matched in both strength and ferocity.

While the battle raged on, Hiccup and Toothless shakily returned to the ground.

"Hiccup!" Called Stoick. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, dad." Hiccup groaned. "But forget about me. We've gotta help him."

"Help?" Repeated Stoick. "Help who?"

"The one who didn't try to kill us." Said Snotlout.

"Please." Astrid pleaded. "He's our friend."

"More secrets, eh, Hiccup?" Stoick glared at his son.

"Punish me later." Said Hiccup. "Right now, we've got work to do."

"... Fair enough." Stoick said grudgingly.

The vikings and dragons who were able took to the sky once more.

"I've got an idea." Hiccup declared, as they neared Dragore, who was grappling with Scalord. "All Nadders and Nightmares, fire on his legs!"

As the dragons followed suit, Dragore's leg joints started to soften under the intense heat, causing them to buckle under Scalord's push.

As Dragore tumbled to the ground, he eyed the dragon riders.

"You interfering..." He snarled.

"Forget about them." Said Scalord, raising his weapon. "You haven't finished with me yet!"

Scalord swung at Dragore again and again, backed up by blasts from the dragons. As the Zipplebacks produced a massive cloud of smoke, right behind Dragore, Scalord rammed the Decepticon right into it. One shower of sparks later, and Dragore was engulfed in a massive explosion. As Dragore stumbled back, he received a fireball to the face, courtesy of Hiccup and Toothless. Scalord took the opportunity to shoulder charge his opponant into a cliff face, sending the Decepticon's weapon flying. Before Dragore could get up, Scalord leapt into the air and swung his weapon down as hard as he could.

"Haaaarrgh!" Scalord roared.

"Nooooo!" Dragore screeched.

With one swift slash, Scalord's weapon tore straight down Dragore's middle. As the two halves of the tyrant fell to the ground, they began sparking and sputtering, then both went up in a fiery blaze.

For a moment, there was silence. Then, the vikings cheered, and the dragons roared in triumph. His job done, Scalord seperated back into the three Autobots.

"Thanks for the assist, humans." Sky Shadow nodded.

"It's we who should be thanking you." Stoick nodded back. "If there's anything you need in return, just ask."

"Well, now that you mention it, we could use some spare metal to patch up our ship with." Chipped in Cloudraker.

"Consider it done." Smiled Gobber.

Over the next week, the vikings of Berk did anything they could to help the Autobots repair their ship. When the repairs were finally complete, the time had come to say goodbye.

"Well, I guess this is it." Sky Shadow told the gathered farewell party. "Thanks... for everything."

"You're welcome." Smiled Hiccup.

"Good luck with the war." Astrid nodded.

"We're definitively gonna need it, that's for sure." Joked Cloudraker.

"Maybe someday, you can come back and visit?" Asked Fishlegs hopefully.

"We just might do that, kid." Longtooth smiled.

The Autobots entered their ship. To the vikings astonishment, the rear end erupted in flames, and the vessel flew off into the night sky.

"By the gods!" Gasped Stoick.

"And to think, there's an entire world full of them, something out among the stars." Hiccup smiled. "I don't know about everyone else, but I'll never be able to look at the night sky the same way again."

"I think we all feel that way, Hiccup." Astrid grinned, taking Hiccup's hand in hers.

As one, the assembled vikings and dragons looked up at the stars, each contemplating what wonders might lie beyond.

The End

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