It was a late night for Haruhi , just like the last night, and the night before. Even though Haruhi got accepted into Ouran Acadamy on a scholarship, and her Dad had a nice paying job, they were still struggling to keep ends meat. To pick up the slack Haruhi decided to get a job under the table, bartending. Without her father's permission, of course. But she still wasn't making enough money with what her dad thought was "baby sitting". One day the boss at the bar asked her why such a young girl was bartending, and she told him how she needed money. He took pity on her and told her that he could hire her at a place called " The Dolls" that pays young girls a large amount of money to work for them.

She creased her eyebrows and hesitated about her decision to accept his offer, but then she thought about her poor father, suffering on account of raising her.

" I'll take the job,sir", she bowed her head to him. He grabbed her hand and led her out the door to his convertible. The car was electric blue with black leather seats. " We're going there now!" , she squeaked as he opened the passanger door for her.

" Of course, the sooner the better, right?" He smiled , " Oh! You should sign this contract, it's just some things about safety." He grinned until she signed the document. Then went to the drivers side and awakened the engine. He drove for a while until they happened upon a blue victorian mansion. Haruhi tilted her head in question, she saw girls in lingerie through the windows of the house. " Are you really that dense, Haruhi?", her boss asked with a degrading tone. He was standing beside the passanger door. Haruhi's stomach began to churn when she realized what he had meant when he offered her the job. How could he be such a disgusting man? He always seemed so nice before. He opened the door and grabbed her forearm.

" W-wait! Wait! I didn't know this was what you meant!" she yelled and tugged for her arm. He continued to pull her out of the car and started toward the house.

" It's too late now, you already signed the contract." He said with a smug smirk and looked back at her with his bright eyes.

" This is illegal! I'll tell the police!" She argued. He turned around and forced her against the stone fence, surrounding the perimeter of the house. She felt his fingers tilt her chin up to face him.

" You can't tell anyone anything if you're dead…" He whispered. "… and just think about your pathetic father, without his loving daughter or wife. All alone for the rest of his life. You wouldn't want that now, would you?" His face was cold and stone-like. She turned away from his face. " In case you didn't know this, I'm the biggest mafia boss there is in Japan. If you try to get out of a deal with THIS devil, then you're out of luck." He said sturnly. Haruhi clenched her fists out of anger for herself. How could she be so blind? She lowered her eyes to the ground so he couldn't see her glassy eyes. He turned away, still dragging her to the house by her arm. He flug the door open " Girls, we have a new doll!" He yelled. All the women bowed down at the sight of him.

" Welcome home, Master Akira!" They responded in unison, and crowded around the couple. " She's scrawny isn't she?" One of them said. " Her hair's cut like a boys, as well!", another girl declared.

" I'm sure you all can make her a bit more feminine, with some work." He smiled. " I'll be upstairs training her, so carry on with your duties." He ordered and led Haruhi up a deluxe staircase. He opened one of the doors and pushed her inside before locking the door behind them. The room was covered in white, with a lacy canopy in the center. " Just so we're clear on this deal, let's go over the details. If you tell anyone about my little business. I'll kill you and whoever you tell the second I hear about it. Also, You have to come here after school and on weekends, everyday. I'll let you go after four years, once you graduate high school. The costs for your body is $100 for oral, $500 for sex, and $1000 for special services. It is also an additional $10 per hour a customer is with you." Akira explained and walked over to a white love seat in the corner of the room and sat down. " If you don't come everyday I will hunt you d-" Haruhi interuppted.

" But, I can't sell my body! I've never done anything like that! I'm not just a product you can sell!" She howled at him, stamping her foot in frustration.

" You have to!" he barked, standing up and rushing toward her. " I'll make it easy for you, let's practice right now."