30 drabbles about everyone's favourite shipwright and sharpshooter! For Stormsoul22's 30 Pieces contest.

Title: Cutty Flam
Franky/Usopp (nakamaship)
Word count: 233
Warning: None, really... no spoilers past Water 7/Enies Lobby.
These characters belong to Oda!

Franky leaned over the worktable, reaching over Usopp's shoulder to make another note on the blueprint of their latest project. The heavy gold chain that hung around the cyborg's neck banged the back of Usopp's head.

"Hey! Ouch," Usopp complained, reaching back to shove Franky aside.

His hand landed just below Franky's right shoulder, on the letters carved into his cyborg skin.

"Hey, what is this?" Usopp asked, the bump on his head momentarily forgotten. He pulled back the sleeve of Franky's shirt a bit.

"BF," Usopp read. "What's that, your initials?"

Franky grinned.

"BF? Nah, that stands for Battle Franky!"

Although his voice was as loud and boisterous as ever, Usopp noticed the slight darkening in the cyborg's eyes. Something told him Franky didn't want to elaborate.

"So what are your initials?" he asked instead.

"CF," Franky replied, his eyes brightening almost instantly.


"Cutty Flam."

"Cutty Flam? Your real name is Cutty Flam?" Usopp snickered.

"Shut up," Franky grumbled, but he was still grinning. "You sound like Bakaburg."

Usopp's snickers turned into guffaws.

"Oh, you think my name's funny, do you?" Franky taunted.

He grabbed his crewmate by the waist and pinned him to the workshop floor, viciously tickling Usopp's sides with his oversized hands.

"Pffft… bwahahaha, stop!" Usopp gasped.

"You think my name's so funny? What're your initials, then?"

But both pirates were laughing too hard for Usopp to answer.