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Chapter 7 Love's Suffering and Time Chamber Rights

SPOV (Severus)

I look over at Harry and Bella as they tell the goblins of what has pasted. I continue to gaze at them finding relief in their presence with me. Thanks to the closing of my links to Dumbles and Voldemort and to remove of all bonds and charms I can breathe again. No longer am I stuck with the weight of anger and resentment, the overwhelm guilt at Lily's and Carina's death or the torment of fighting against the power of two master. I am free. I am forgiven by my godson and nephew, Harry and accepted by my godmum's granddaughter, Bella. I am going be just fine.

…We have waited ages to see this bond come to pass. The Bond of Passio Amoris, the Bond of Love's Suffering." I hear Rangott says turning my attention back to the conversation.

"Does that mean, Rangott? Why is this important to you goblins and what must we do?" Bella asks him.

"It's mean that you and Harry are the ones we have been waiting for. It means that you are the rulers of Magical Great Britain and the chosen of Magic and will be blessed as her children when the bond is complete and you magic unrestrained. The poem was written by a goblin priestess after hearing of the prophecy foretold by a centaur seer. Centaur seers are the most powerful seers in the world. Centaurs have a greater connection than most magical beings, for they are the diviners of magic. All magical beings and creatures have a purpose and once lived in harmony together. The Magi lived with us and ruled as wise men and counselors. Then the rift happen and the Magi meet the muggle or what we call ayakacza, the unworthy, and begin to shared their magic with them. But the unworthy feared us, we beings and creatures and brought those views to the Magi. Few Magi changed the unworthy views of us but some followed the unworthy views. Magic punished them and took their connection to her away; leaving the once powerful Magi with nothing but power equivalent of the weak warlocks. To retaliate they attacked and hunted us destroying our home and kills our families and exalted themselves the law over us. The remaining Magi took many of us the different realm to protect us. But others stayed to fight, this is how the Eldar became house elves, how the centaurs are recluses in the forest, and how the unicorn once proud and powerful equines now skittish horses run at the site of wizards. The Goblins are the guardians and protectors of magic, we once guarded her knowledge and assist the Magi now we are forced to be bankers. Goblins have a long memory and we still remember the times of old where the old ways were used and we could walk free."

Rangott become silent and I watch as all of the goblins become lost in their thoughts thinking of days of old.

"What is the Passio Amoris Bond?" I ask after giving the goblins a moment to their thoughts.

"The Passio Amoris Bond is a bond between two people with twin souls who yearn for love, accept death and have had their hearts shattered. The bond uses their desire for love to find their match and to fulfill their desire for love and acceptance the bond shows them their match's lives what has pasted when they sleep. Once the dreams move closer to the present the yearning happens and the two are driven to meet each other and complete their bond. To complete the bond a blood exchange is require based on the relationship held by the pair. The bond is very flexible in the relationship between the two. The bond can be a mate, parental, sibling or a friendship bond. Harry and Bella have a sibling bond, this bond just as powerful as a mate bond. The PA (Passio Amoris) Bond is a dominate and submissive bond, this does not make one more powerful over the other; it does means that your magic will have an affinity for certain magic. The dominate role is the warrior the protector who will watch over their partner and keep them safe. The submissive role is that of a guardian and a healer who will support their partner and ensure their partner survival. One will favor fight and battle arts, while the other favors the healing and protection arts. Who is the dominate one? Who is the older sibling in your bond?" Rangott directs the question the Bella and Harry.

"Sa is dominate I can feel my magic seeking comfort from her. I feel safe with her." Harry whispers in the quiet room as he leans against Bella even more.

"Ra is submissive I feel the desire to comfort him and watch over him preventing and stopping anyone or anything that cause him pain." Bella says running her fingers through Harry's hair with a smile.

Rangott smiles at them in delight and nods to them.

"Now the empathy/ telepathy bond you share is another sign of the bond that you have. The PA Bond is said to have a way of let the pair always have an awareness of their partner. Hence the telepathy/empathy bond the reason why in your dreams you had the others gift is to deepen you bond and to share the other gift as you witness their lives."

"Rangott two weeks ago Ra received a trunk from his mother as soon as he touched it our connection broke I could sense his presence but I could no longer see his live or hear his thoughts. Why did this happen?"

"The trunk was protected by family magic. Only someone related to Lily with access to magic could be in the trunk. You have an incomplete bond with Harry and once the blood exchange is finished you should be able to enter his trunk and the bond will never be severed by it."

"I must bring a few things to your attention, before I move on our next discussion. The Previous Black Lords, Both Orion Black and Sirius Orion Black both left specific instructions of what is to happen upon their untimely death. Lord Orion Black stated that if he passed away and his heir passed as the Lordship of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black will be entitled to Carina Black. If she has passed on then it will be entitled to her descendants. If no descendants are found or alive then it will be left to the Branch Family of the House of Black. Now Lord Sirius Orion Black left everything to his heir and godson Harry James Potter. Both Lords require blood adoptions for their heirs to claim their rights. If either of you are disinclined to meet the requirements the Black Lordship will fall in the hands of Draco Malfoy the only eligible claim."

"How can we both claim the Lordship my Gran was kicked out of her family to take away her rights to claim the title?" Bella asks surprise in her voice.

"There is a way for Lord and Lady of Kin in one House. There is a ritual that will change the family magic to allow these changes to happen. The Ritual will turn House into a Matriarch and Patriarch House. Both will share the Title and rule the family all the Heads of the Main Brach of Black. The female will seek guidance from the Matriarch and the males the Patriarch. If either should marry their spouse will be title either Earl or Countess of the House of Black. Only your descendant can take you sit upon your death. Also this ritual and blood adoption should complete the PA bond."

"We will do it then claim the lordships and do the ritual." Harry states determination bright in his eyes.

"Very well, the ritual and blood adoption will take place as a part of your awakening rite for the Black Family. Now the YRTC or the Youth Reversal/ Time Chamber, before I go into details you must do something this is a goblin nation secret and will stay a secret. The only way for you to know of it is to be a part of the goblin nation. If you are against it then we will move on and knowledge of the YRTC will be removed from your mind once you leave this room. If you decide to become a part of the goblin nation a clan will claim you as their kin and you will be trained as a goblin. Our magic and knowledge will be available to you. Your clan will also be in charge of your accounts and they will be raised in status as well. You, Harry, Bella and Severus must decide Elvira and Dublin are bound to you House and will follow your decision."

"Could with pick which clan we are in?" Bella asks him sincerely. The whole room freezes and stares at Bella in amazement. She knows the goblin clan names!

"I don't know the names of the clans but Harry and I know of two goblins we wish to have as clan members. Harry met Griphook on his first time in the wizarding world and Griphook help Harry in many ways. Gran trusted Blodgriff I will do the same."

I look at them is awe. These two are different they see the person as they are not as blind by their appearance. I have much to learn from them. I turn and notice the healer who did my test is still in the home and that she answer all of my questions about the potions and the purpose and use of blood with a patience and truthfully. She was excited to share her knowledge with me and during the testing. Maybe I can start now.

"Rangott I would like to pick Eriewar. She helped me as well."

I hear a gasp from the end of the table turn and see that all of the goblins are looking at me in shock and disbelieve.

"I have now problem with these clan and will talk to the Head of the Bloodhook, the Griffinheart, and the Wartorn about the adoption. If do not wish for the adoption I will take you into my clan."

We nod to him in agreement.

"Now moving on, Youth Reversal is a procedure that will de-age the body to a certain age. What make this different from all the de-age potions is that this change is permanent. The procedure can only be use once. When the procedure is done your body will be that of what it once was at a certain age. If Severus decides to go through we this procedure and he can choose to be de-age to a year before receiving the dark mark he will not have one. The reversal will to restore your body to its prior state of whatever age you choose. But there are restrictions to this procedure, the age you pick is selective but is limited to certain years. The ages are 3, 7, 13, 17, 21, and 27. Each of these years is a milestone of your magical development. At age 3 you magical starts grow and develop, at 7 it stabilizes, at 13 the first power boost occurs and the core becomes stronger, at 17 the core matures revealing gifts unlocks creature and family inheritance, at 21 the second power boost happens and 27 the core expands allowing more magic to be drawn into your core. After these ages there is a power boost every thirty years and the core expands one last time when you reach age 100. However due to the fact that you all are under the age of 50 you can only pick one of these ages."

"Rangott, why do we need this procedure done? What are the other restrictions to this process?" I ask him.

"Severus, you and Harry both have horribly damage bodies and impaired magic, as well as a numerous magical blocks attached to your core by magical signatures that aren't your own for many years. If you just went through the cleansing ritual and restoration regime the blocks will be removed your body will be healed, but you magical links will still be there and your core will still be damaged. If left this way you core will not be able to handle the strain and you will either lose you magic or your core will implode killing you. Bella doesn't need this process but it will help release her blocks easier and when Harry and Bella do the blood adoption the magic will settle easier in a younger core and the connection they have will be stronger in they choose to be the same age. The magic of the blood adoption will make them twins if they are the same age. The magic will form a twin bond which is likely to complete the PA bond and make the tie to magic even greater."

"The restrictions of this procedure are you can't use active magic for three physical years afterwards and no magic at all for one whole year. This means that no wand, thought, wish, wandless, nonverbal magic can be used for three years. This restriction is the magic in your core will build up and become more active especially after we release the blocks and heal your body. The magic will need to be drain softly and eased into your channel slowly. With active magic the drain is forceful and fast your core will be able to be refilled until the magic in you bodies are settled. So the build is drain over the course of three years through the use of passive magic: mind magic, potion making, healing magic, rune magic, time magic, etc. After the buildup of magic is gone you need to not use any magic for a year to help the magic settle naturally; meaning no passive or active magic for one year. After this you can go through your awakening which should enable the creature and family magic to inhabit your body and core easier."

"Now the last thing we need to discuss is the Time Chamber. The time chamber is powered by goblin magic once you have a clan you will be adopted be magic into your clan and become a member ensure your use of goblin magic. Once this happens you will be able to use the time chamber. The time chamber allows us to stop time, a max of one year in real time being equal to five year in the chamber, and go to the past. For goblins time isn't linear and we aren't affected by its passing like others are. This is what our connection with magic has gifted us with. You will only be able to go to the past once and your will stay there you are not a goblin in body but you will be in magic, due to this you are able to use the time chamber without any effects and go to the past once."

"Before we can decide on the day in the past to seen you we must have your age picked in the youth reversal decided. The time chamber can only send you a year before your age our after. Because Harry and Bella weren't born when you were a child whatever age Harry decides will determine the amount of years you are sent to the past."

I nod to them in understanding.

"I will be deaged to age 7, I have no desire to be a child once more but that is the age my body was most healthy and had the least damage." I tell them ignoring the tension in the room at me words.

"Age 3 will be the age for me and Bella my reason is the same as Severus."

"Very well, before we can being the healing process you must go through a name change ritual. When you go to the past if you don't change your name there will be two Severus Snapes, two Harry Potters, and two Isabella Swans. You must not affect things that have come to past and having your same name could do that. When you are in the past you can make subtle changes but not lager and known changes if some has died in now you can't save them in the past. If an event has happened that make a major impact on someone's life you can't stop it. Only subtle changes are allowed."

I listen to Rangott and a name comes into my mind as soon hear it.

"Silverus Prionsa Evans DuLac. A variation of my name, Prionsa means prince in Irish. If I tried to claim the name Dumbledore become curious and try and find out who I am. The DuLac name is old and vaguely remembered but it is old enough that others will respect it."

I watch Bella and Harry hold silent communication.

"We shall me known as Harald Aschere Noire Peverell and Isabel Aludra Noire Peverell, a cognate of our first names, Aschere is a another name for the dog-star and Aludra is a star in the Canis Major, Noire is French for Black, and Peverell is a oldest of our heritage and not as well-known as the others." Bella tells us.

Rangott nods stays something in gobbledygook to presents goblins. I watch them quickly leave of the room till only Harry, Bella, Elvira, Dublin and me remain each one of us looking at Rangott.

"I am having rooms set up for you to spend the night and the ritual room prepared. We will start in the afternoon tomorrow. First we will go through the youth reversal ritual at your determined ages, and then you will have a cleansing ritual and restoration regime. Later you will go through the clan adoption, name change ritual, and time chamber. In the morning tomorrow you will have time to tie up any affairs you have buy anything you wish to take with you. Let me show you where you will be sleeping." Rangott tells us as he stands up and leads us out of the room.

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