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Chapter 1: Meeting Your Hero

Amelia Dupree had been working for N.E.S.T since the organization had been established. But she was not an operative, only a office worker who filed paper work and classified documents. A sort of secret military Librarian if you will. Amelia sighed deeply at remembering this and sat on her desk, putting new paper work in their designated pile.

What she wouldn't give to meet them...She pulled out a picture on her laptop of the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. She had read enough on the alien robot, that she could figure indefinitely that he was the sexiest thing on the planet. She smiled and closed her eyes, day dreaming silently.

"Hey! Amelia!" Lennox called.

Amelia jumped and quickly tried to exit out of the photo, only to pop up more of the leaders photos. She groaned and gave up on it quickly.

"Yeah, Will?" she asked, standing and turning to the Colonel.

Lennox opened his mouth to say something, turning his eyes to the laptop as he did so. He raised an eyebrow, then smiled.

"Do you have a thing for giant alien robots or something, Amy?"

She folded her arms "So what if I do?"

Lennox chuckled and shook his head "Nothing. You have that file from General Morshower?"

"Yup, right here." she said sliding over a fat, overly stuffed folder.

Lennox sighed "Oh joy...reading."

"Want me to save you the boring, zombification process of reading ranting of info and what all?" she asked with a smirk.

"Please do..."

She went to say something but stopped as an idea popped into her head which made her grin.

"Oh boy...what do you want? Please don't make me get on my knees and you need me to kick another ex's ass?"

"No!" she growled, turning around and placing the rest of the files away and placed them in their categorized slot.

"Then what?" he folded his arms.

Amelia put on her Jacket and took Lennox's arm "Take me to your leader." she quoted with a gesture to the photo on her laptop as she closed it.

Lennox sighed and put on his hat "Alright...but don't tell anyone," he said "My superior Ms. Mearing would slice off my nuts and shove 'em up my ass"

Amelia snickered at the thought and nodded, making a 'zipped lips' gesture. Lennox smiled and ruffled her auburn hair playfully before leading her out of the building.

Amelia couldn't help but squeal with delight when they drove through the gates to the Department of Health and Human Services. She immediately controlled herself with a deep breath and fiddled with her hair, making sure she looked presentable.

Lennox opened the door and threw a black blanket over her and swung the woman over his shoulder.

"Hey! What the hell, Will!" Amelia roared, kicking at Lennox as best she could.

"I have to sneak you in. Sorry." she apologized.

Amelia huffed angrily before staying still, hating that she had to be snuck in this way. Lennox put her down and there was a moment of silence until the blanket was pulled from her. She looked to the Colonel and glared, fixing her hair yet again.

"Thanks, Will" she hissed.

"You're welcome" he stuck his tongue out, returning the sarcasm.

She turned around going to find a bathroom to freshen up and nearly ran into a large metal wall. Amelia skidded to a stop and jerked her head upward to see what was in her way. She felt her jaw drop as she stared in awe at the sight, the hands messing with her hair falling to her sides.

There before her was the Autobot leader that she had been secretly drooling over since she worked for N.E.S.T. His mighty 20 some odd foot structure stood and loomed over her like a human to a dove. But that didn't scare her any.

Amelia cleared her throat "Good evening, sir." she bowed "It is a great honor to finally have the privilege of meeting you."

She watched as the Autobot kneeled before her and leaned down to eye level.

"The honor is mine, Ms. Dupree" he said, simply.

She shivered. His low voice made the floor vibrate up and into her body, making her heart flutter frantically and her stomach twist.

"I told him all about you." Lennox winked and nudged her "And don't worry, I'll keep everyone busy." he snickered before walking off towards another bot.

Amelia snarled, swearing she'd get back at him for embarrassing her like that. She then turned her attention back to Optimus and blushed.

"I..." she started, but couldn't think of a thing to say at the moment.

Optimus stood up, his gears whirring with strain "Would you like me to show you around?"

Amelia smiled, glade he had said something first and with such a great suggestion "That's sounds wonderful"

As the two walked around, Amelia dodged behind Optimus' great ped to hide from the other operatives. The Prime noticed this and scooped her up with a stride and set her on his shoulder.

"Wow...It would be so cool to be this tall..." she grinned.

"It's hard not to step on things, however." he said as he nearly tripped over a Janitor, the old man shaking his fist at the bot "My bad." he apologized.

Amelia couldn't help but laugh before going quiet, biting her lip rather nervously "So..." she began, giving a cough " the Chicago file..." her head dipped to show how badly she felt "I am sorry for your loss."

"As am I of all the humans that were lost when caught in our wars cross-fire." he said, turning to look at her.

Amelia looked into the deep vibrant blue of the fibers within his optics. They were gorgeous and alluring, yet so full of burden and wisdom. She didn't want to look away but she forced herself to do so.

"So what will you do now that Megatron and Sentinel Prime have been defeated?" she asked curiously.

Optimus shook his head "I am not certain. We can not go back to Cybertron as you may know. So we have no other choice but to stay upon Earth and call it our home and keep you all from destroying yourselves with war."

Amelia heard the tone in his voice as he said the last bit and nodded "I think we could use the assistance."

Optimus looked to her without moving his head before staring back forward. Amelia stayed silent, feeling that the air had gotten a little thick and that it needed a bit of time to clear as the Autobot leader walked through the base.

Optimus had returned back to the hub and watched as Colonel Lennox ran up to him.

"Where's Amelia?"

Optimus turned his head to look at his shoulder. Amelia peeked her head over the massive pauldron and waved with a smile.

"Alright, fun's over." he said and thumbed towards the Silver Corvette Stingray "Time for you to go home."

Amelia pouted but sighed "Fine..." she said and stood, trying to figure out a way down.

Optimus raised his servo up and grabbed Amelia carefully. He squatted and put the servo out to Lennox who caught Amelia and swung her, setting her on to her feet. She looked to the Stingray and then to Lennox.

"I'm going home in that? Little conspicuous don't you think?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Hey. Don't worry. Sideswipe will make sure nothing happens to you." Lennox smiled.

Amelia brightened some and looked to the Stingray again "Sideswipe?"

The Corvette transformed and turned into a smaller mech than Optimus "Whats up, Amy?" he smiled.

Amelia gasped and waved "Hi!"

"Well off you go..." Lennox said and seeing a glimpse of Mearing on the platforms, pushed Amelia towards Sideswipe who quickly transformed "In, in, in. Go, go go!" he urged, shoving her into the car and shutting the door.

"Lennox! You're going to pay for that!" Amelia growled and beat at the window as the car sped away.

"Hey, easy on the glass, hun" he tried to soothe.

Amelia shot the dash a nasty look and growled "Don't call me hun! I will rip out your core processor!" she threatened.

"Woah...feisty human femme." Sideswipe said, showing his surrender in his tone "Remind me never to piss you off." he chuckled.

Amelia slowly calmed down and leaned back in the seat, closing her eyes "I'm sorry. I just get angry about certain things."

"I can tell." Sideswipe retorted with a snort which came out as air conditioning from the vents "But don't worry about it. Heck you even remind me a lot of Ironhide..." there was a pause, then next words coming more carefully "he would have liked you."

Amelia heard the pain in Sideswipes voice and placed a hand on the dash "I'm sorry" she whispered.

"Don't worry about it...So where do you live?" he asked, changing the subject.

"Not far" she pointed, directing him through each turn until they stopped in front of a clump of brick buildings.

"Here we are." she gestured and slid from her seat and out the door before shutting it "I'm this one." she pointed to the farthest side of the building closest to the alleyway "My vertical apartment. It's not much but it makes due. Though one day I hope to have a nice big house out in the country with lots of trees"

Sideswipe chuckled "Sounds nice enough."

Amelia sighed "Maybe in a few years or so." she shook her head "Librarians of even government standings aren't paid very much."

"A Librarian?" Sideswipe asked.

"Sort of...Anyways..." she got out of the car and turned to look at Sideswipe, giving him a smile and running a hand over the metal "Thanks for driving me home." she looked up at the sky "Looks like it's going to start raining...better get somewhere dry before you rust." she kidded and bumped her hip into the door before running off to her apartment and quickly receding inside.

Sideswipe stuck around for a little while longer before darting back onto the street and revving his engine as he went. Amelia looked out from the window and smiled, pulling back to squeal with joy.

"I can't believe this! I met THE Optimus Prime!" she opened her laptop and hugged it "And he's even more gorgeous in person!"

She ran over to her bed and plopped down on it, sighing contently "Best. Day. Ever." she grinned, staring up at her ceiling.

Amelia heard her phone ring and looked over at it, sitting up quickly to look at the caller I.D.


"Oh, Will, not right now. I'm in too much of a good mood" she snorted, hitting the ignore button.

Cuddling up to a large fluffy pillow she buried her face into it, slipping off into the fantasies of her dreams.