Kingdom Hearts II: Rebirth

Chapter Eight: Port Royale

By: Karma's Slave

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts in anyway; The Kingdom Hearts franchise is the sole properties of Square-Enix and Disney.

Yes, I am alive

After Sora and I returned to throne room of Disney Castle, the portal immediately disappeared upon our return. There had been many questions as to where the portal had taken Sora and me to.

I didn't answer any of their questioned in fact; I couldn't say anything at all. It was all a bit too much for my mind to take in and process. Master Erauqs and Ven weren't saying anything to me; not that I would have responded.

Ven was probably taking it hard like myself but for Master Erauqs it was different as he had once been a part of Terra's heart already knew of the lingering sentiment. The master even tried telling me back when this whole mess began on Destiny Island.

Aqua zoning back from her thoughts as her ears tuned into Sora explaining the battle he had with Terra's armor. The bluenette saw the others becoming engrossed with Sora's regalement of what happened that Aqua just turned her back to the group and walked out of the throne room and made her way back to the Gummi ship.

Once she made it back to the Gummi Ship Aqua headed towards the bunks, plopping down on one of them as sleep had begun to already take her. it was just too emotionally heavy for Aqua to deal with and she simply wasn't ready deal with it now...but the real question was would she every be ready to deal?

It was awhile before Sora, Donald and Goofy realized that Aqua had left them.

Roxas and Xion looked at each other before looking back to Ventus who had grown silent as they had seen Sora's confrontation with the suit of armor. Ventus was sitting Indian style on the stain glass floor as he put some distance away from Xion and Roxas.

"He's taking hard just as Aqua is" Xion whispered to Roxas as the dark haired girl remembered Ven telling her all about Terra and now with the realizations of what has become of his lost friend.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" Roxas asking Xion

"I hope so" she answered as she began to walk towards Ventus and sat next to him putting an arm around his shoulders in support though she didn't offer any comforting words. Roxas then doing the same as Xion.

"Why did this have to happen to Terra? He didn't do anything wrong he just wanted to be a keyblade master" Ven asked, his tone was sad. Xion and Roxas could tell Ven was ready to cry for his friends but he didn't. "Aqua doesn't deserve the burden of dealing this by herself as proud as she is of Sora helping Riku overcome the darkness; she'll never say it out loud but she's jealous of how Sora got to Riku. Because they succeed where she and Terra failed." Ventus confessed to Xion and Roxas.

"and its worse because I'm stuck in this form of limbo and I can't do anything but watch as they crumble into even more pieces. I hate it!" Ventus admitted that .

Roxas and Xion didn't know what to say to Ventus but it did leave the two with a mutual thought of Axel and realizing this is how he must of felt when dealing with them.

Once the others had finally returned to their Gummi Ship; Sora is piloting the Gummi Ship through Floating Island to a port town in the Caribbean.

As the foursome was disembarking the Gummi ship as they head further into this new world that was certainly unfamiliar to all of them.

Aqua being the first to step off into the unfamiliar world, her natural senses adjusting to the atmosphere of this new world. The strong smell of salt water was almost overwhelming to her nose; it certainly wasn't what she'd been used to living on Destiny Island for the last decade.

"Wow!" she heard Donald muttered as he followed her as Sora and Goofy were behind Donald.

"This place is..." Sora tried to say but he stopped himself as his was captivated by the dark area.

"Kind of different." Supplied Goofy as the group walked around taking in the sights.

They continue to explore through the Rampart and hear screams coming from the town. Aqua picked up her head as they all hear the amount of screaming consisting of men, women and children.

"What do you suppose is happening Master Aqua?" Sora questioned his mentor.

"I'm not sure what it is but I can already tell you, it's certainly not good" the keyblade master answering Sora's question.

Sora then asked "is it Organization XIII? Or is it the Heartless?"

Aqua raising her hand to summon the keyblade that once belong to Aqua's own mentor "Only one way to find out, Sora" she said to him as light surrounded her hand; the keyblade appearing into her hand.

Meanwhile in another area of this new unfamiliar world; Pete is talking to several pirates

"Aztec treasure, eh?" said Pete as he was just being informed about the current scheme of the dreaded and feared Captain Barbossa.

"Aye! And thanks to the curse put on it, we are neither among the living' nor the dead." Pete skeptically looking at Captain Barbossa, "Really? 'Cause ya look like regular pirates to me."

Barbossa narrowing his eyes at the oversized cat creature "Ah, but in the moonlight..."

The moon comes out from behind a cloud. The pirates change into their cursed skeletal forms. The sudden change in the pirates' appearance takes Pete by surprise

"Whoa! Now I get what you were saying..." he started off but then trailed off as he lost his words as he gazed at the cursed pirates.

Now regaining his speech "Well, if you see two doofuses and a brat and woman holding' a Keyblade, steer clear. They got a kind of magic that don't belong in this world, see? And nobody knows what it'd do to ya. Especially when the moon's showing whatcha really are." He explained to the pirate captain.

The clouds are once again moving causing the cursed men to lose their skeletal forms as the moon disappears behind the dark grey clouds.

"A match for Barbossa, you say?" the old pirate says as a despicable smirk appears on his face.

Aqua, Sora, Donald, and Goofy run into the Harbor and immediately notice Malficent's second hand, Pete.

"Hey!" Sora called out to him.

Pete letting out an irritated groan "See there? I knew it! Those are the punks I was telling' ya about." Pete said to Captain Barbossa.

Sora hearing the comment and quickly took offense to it. "Who are you calling punks? It's Sora, Donald, Goofy and Master Aqua to you! And don't you forget it!" Sora extending his right arm out as he said this to Pete.

Aqua's attention went to the human standing near Pete

Barbossa mockingly smiled at the group of heroes "That we won't. And we'll engrave it on your tombstone, to be sure." Cleary threatening them

"Whoa! I like your style." Pete complimented Captain Barbossa. Simply ignoring Pete from that point on, Barbossa gave his crew their orders "Men half of you stay here and indulge these cullies. The rest of you bring me that medallion!" he commanded.

"Aye!" the pirates said mutually before they split in different directions, some staying behind to fight off the foursome.

Aqua couldn't explain it but something about these human men wasn't right. The bluenette mentally noted that they weren't on the verge of becoming Heartless or even nobodies. But as a magic user Aqua could tell something was at work.

"Aw, we only get to stomp on a few of you?" Sora mocking them, Barbossa laughs. They try to fight, but their attacks aren't hurting the pirates

"Well this officially confirms it, there's nothing normal about these men" she said in her mind. Aqua getting an eyeful of her new found enemies "great looks like their leader took off while we were distracted" but Aqua knew it wouldn't be that last time they'd meet.

Sora was stunned that their attacks were having little to no affect "It's no use! We can't beat them!"

"Aye, Whaddaya expect?" said the pirate named Bo'sun

The clouds once again move and the moonlight transforms the pirates again

the Bo'sun looking at the group "You'd best be saying' your prayers!"

Pete the getting worried as he knew the pirates were now in their vulnerable state "Hey, watch out! They can see ya! Stay away from their magic!"

Aqua quirking an eyebrow as Pete gave away the pirates secret. As the pirates lost their focus and turned their attention to Pete.

"What for?" questioned Bo'sun as he didn't care for the cat like creature.

"Weren't you listening' to me before?"

"Hey Pete, thanks for the tip!" Sora said with a smile as Aqua taking the first move as she extended her arm with keyblade in hand and used a fire spell against them.

This time the tables had turned in favor of the heroes as they defeat the pirates and before they could confront Pete "Hey! This ain't over!"Pete cries out as he leaves the area.

Aqua shaking her head in disbelief, "This better not become habit of his" she said aloud dismissing the keyblade. Sora turning to his master "Pete's here, we definitely have lots work to do." He commented to her. Not even bothering to meet her pupil's eyes "Of course we do Sora" she replied to him

"Yep." Agreed Goofy "And that pirate captain looked pretty mean, too." He said in addition.

Sora turned to Goofy "Man, I'd hate to see him turn into a Heartless."

Donald gave the two a look before speaking "Well, we ARE here..." the mage putting a heavy emphasis into the phrasing.

Aqua ignoring the others as she was visually studying the area until a one comment had broken her thoughts

"Hey, maybe we can take a pirate ship out for a spin!" Sora said with the hidden excitement in his voice. Donald and Goofy look surprised at Sora.

Aqua took deep sharp breathe in as response to Sora's comment as she gave the boy a facial expression he knew all too well. The island boy caught the stare his master was giving him, Sora having released a nervous laugh "I'm only kidding, master Aqua!" Sora quickly said to the bluenette "Weren't those guys headed into town?" he then said in addition to quickly change the topic of conversation.

"Sora, we are here to save a world, not looking for joyrides" she told her pupil as she shook her head. Logically she knew that she could write it off as Sora being…Sora but with how things were going for the group of heroes there really wasn't room for that type of behavior nor was Aqua in the mood for it.

"Yeah. I think they were looking for treasure." Commented Goofy

Aqua was agreeing with the knight, "That is likely possible but there's something else going on around here because that encounter with the pirates was not normal even for us" she said to them "Come on, we should get moving" Aqua then said in addition.

They run into Town.

The governor's daughter is being carried off by a pirate. She angrily beats on his back to be let go

"Where are you taking me!? Let me go!" she angry cried out as she continued to beat on the pirate's back.

A blacksmith sees the young woman being taken away against her will; he recognizes her as Ms Swan, his longtime friend ever since she spotted him drifting on a makeshift raft in the ocean and then saving his life while they had been children.

"Elizabeth!" the blacksmith cries out the young woman's name but it seems Elizabeth is not within hearing distance as she failed to notice the young blacksmith trying to rescue her.

"Stop" he yells at the pirate as he runs after them but Will is stopped by a group of heartless.

"What are these creatures?" he asked to no one in particular as the young blacksmith was overcome with surprise and worry.

"Watch out! It's the heartless" A nasal voice calls out to the blacksmith, Will looks to see a group of four running towards the odd creatures.

Aqua, Sora, Donald, and Goofy quickly summoning their weapons to fight off the heartless.

Aqua turns to the young man "We'll deal with them! Go! Take cover!" Taking the bluenette's advice as Will now running ahead to save Elizabeth while Aqua and company fight the Heartless.

After the heartless were defeated, Will returns to the group of heroes.

"Well done! My own fencing skills are not to be ashamed of...but I've never faced foes such as that before." Commending the foursome

"You really think we're that good?" Sora asked the young man. Aqua rolling her eyes at her pupil's question.

"Did you find your friend?" Goofy asked the blacksmith.

Will letting out a sigh of frustration "I was too late. But I must rescue her! Would you help me?" he pleaded with the foursome.

"Of course, we'll help you!" Sora promptly answering Will "I'm Sora and this is Master Aqua, Donald, and Goofy" The island boy then introducing everyone to the young blacksmith.

"And who are you?" Aqua asked him while she didn't feel any bad vibes from the young man; Aqua could sense that fate has something in stored for this man "And I'm William Turner, but call me Will" telling the foursome his name.

"Then let's not waste anymore time, let's go help your friend" Aqua said; Will nodding his head to the blue haired woman "Right. We've got to get to the docks!" he said to the heroes.

They run to the harbor in hopes of being able to save Will's friend in time but the Black Pearl has already left Port Royal.

"We're too late!" Will said in disbelief as he tried to keep what composure he had in front of his new found allies. Though she had only met this young man a few moments ago, she completely sympathized with him. She knew more than anyone what it was like to have friends in trouble.

"Those pirates kidnapped Miss Swann and took her to their ship. Now they've sailed, and I'll never be able to find her!" the blacksmith continued to speak.

"Then she's long gone. The Black Pearl is nigh uncatchable. Best find yourself another girl, mate." An unfamiliar voice speaking out to them; they see a man dressed in ragged clothing even in the dark Aqua could make out his features long dark dreadlocked hair as well as dark brown eyes and his skin tone was hard to make out but Aqua could see that this man spent majority of it in the sun, climbing aboard the Interceptor

Aqua noticed Will glaring towards the man "You..." he started to say "What are you doing aboard the Interceptor? She's off limits to civilians." He told him.

The unnamed man looked to Will giving a not impressed facial expression "Ah, fortunate that I'm going to commandeer her, then. She'll make a fine pirate ship." He said as his lips press together before they formed into a devilish smile while running his clothed warped hand over the wood of the ship.

"A pirate!" Sora spoke out Aqua could not only hear the excitement in Sora's tone of voice but she could his eyes lighting up.

Jack appears on the deck narrowing his dark eyes at Sora "Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please." He told them

Will not easily giving up "Take me with you. Help me hunt down the Black Pearl and save Miss Swann. I got you out of that jail cell, Sparrow. Do this and your debt's repaid." He offered the pirate

Jack Sparrow sighed and raising an uninterested brow "You'll have to win fair lady's heart alone, mate. I see no profit in it for me." he said to the black smith.

"C'mon, Captain!" Sora practically begging captain Jack Sparrow.

Aqua keeping her eyes on the pirate, an idea began to form in her mind and if Jack was the type of man she thought him to be then it should be all right.

Before Will could say another word Aqua then decided to speak up "Are you sure you can sail her, all on your own?" Aqua questioned him, he didn't answer her. This encouraged Aqua to go on "After all it is a big ship and a captain shouldn't be bothered with all that needless work." The keyblade master then said in addition.

Jack was now contemplates his plan; Aqua knew she gotten to him "You've a point there."

Aqua, Sora, Will, Donald, and Goofy climb aboard the Interceptor as Jack descends the ramp

Will looking to the pirate captain "Thanks, Sparrow."

"CAPTAIN Sparrow." Exclaimed Jack, you could pick up the frustration in his voice. Something told Aqua that happened more to the pirate then it should be.

"I'm Sora. This is Donald, Goofy and this is Master Aqua" the keyblade apprentice taking moment to introduce the visiting heroes.

"I'm Will Turner." The blacksmith introducing himself to the pirate, the name definitely caught the full attention of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow's dark eyes narrowing in on the blacksmith as the pirates mind was already setting up for a plan of action against his former crew. "That would be short for William, I imagine. No doubt named for your father, eh?" he asked the young man.

Will was certainly caught off guard by Sparrow's question, "Yes." He answered. Aqua could hear the confusion in his tone of voice.

Aqua then moved her attention on to Jack, there was something about his body language that did suggest he was up to something while on the other hand, it was too early for the keyblade master to make judgment call like that. "Well, then, Mr. Turner. You get us ready to make way. I've some effects to liberate." She heard Jack say.

"Aqua, I think he's more good then he wants to let on" she heard Ventus comment, "at least give him a chance to prove himself besides if he is really vile, it's not like you can't stop him" Ventus then said in addition. The point was made across but either way she'll keep an eye on him.

"Aye-aye! But hurry" Will said to the pirate as he wanted to save his unrequited love, Elizabeth Swan from Captain Barbossa and his crew.

Jack Sparrow rolling his eyes at the whelp "Naturally." As he walked past Turner and the trio that consisted of Sora, Donald and Goofy.

"Sora!" the mage pulling the keyblade apprentice off to the side,

"Do you really want to be a pirate?" Goofy asked the island boy

Sora's face had a light tint of pink in his cheeks "Of course not!" He lied horribly.

Jack made his way over to Aqua, "What do you make of this Will?"

She looked to him "We've just met him ourselves but from what I can tell, he's alright" the keyblade master answered.

A cunning smirk appeared on Jack Sparrow's face "Hmm... I think my luck's about to change." He said to himself but Aqua certainly heard it.

After Jack took care of what he needed to do, it wasn't long unit they casted off.

Barbossa offers to have dinner with Elizabeth

"You can release me. You have your trinket; I'm of no further value to you." Spoke Elizabeth

Barbossa holds up the gold medallion between his fingers "This is no trinket, missy. This is cursed Aztec gold. One of eight hundred and eighty-two identical pieces they delivered in a stone chest to Cortez himself."

Elizabeth making a skeptical face at the pirate "I hardly believe in ghost stories anymore, Captain Barbossa."

Barbossa grinned darkly at the girl. "That's exactly what I thought. Buried on an Island of Dead what cannot be found 'cept for those who know where it is. Find it, we did. There be the chest. Inside be the gold. And we took 'em all! We spent 'em and traded 'em and frittered 'em away on drink and food and pleasurable company."

Barbossa stands up "The more we gave 'em away, the more we came to realize... the drink would not satisfy, and food turned to ash in our mouths. We are cursed men, Miss Turner. Compelled by greed, we were, but now... we are consumed by it"

"How very sad for you" said Elizabeth as she still wasn't believing her captor.

"There is one way we can end our curse. All the scattered pieces of the Aztec gold must be gathered and restored to the stone chest. And the blood of every soul who touched a piece o' the treasure must be repaid."

He walks to the window and looks out at the waves "Miss Turner! For ten years we've searched every league of these waters, every town and village; preying on sailors and settlers alike! Eight hundred and eighty-one pieces we found, but despaired of ever finding the last.

All those years, you been safe in your bed, reading' your pirate stories, dreaming' of adventure on the high seas; we've endured torments worse than death itself!"

He turns around to face her "But now, thanks to ye, we have the final piece. at last. When this medallion is restored to the chest, we'll be free to roam the seas as men. No longer will we be ghosts!"

This is when Elizabeth realized just as to why she was still here "And the blood that's to be repaid?" she asked

"That's why there's no sense to be killing' ye...yet."

Elizabeth gasps and runs out of the room, slamming the doors open. The undead pirates are waiting for her on deck

"Ye see, the moonlight shows us for what we really are."

Barbossa approaches Elizabeth, and enters the moonlight, turning skeletal before her eyes "We are not among the living', and so we cannot die. But neither are we dead. I've suffered too long! You'd best start believing' in ghost stories, Miss Turner. For, you see, tonight-you're in one!" He laughs and opens a bottle of wine, tossing the cork to the floor. He takes a long swig, the drink pouring down between his bones.

Captain Jack Sparrow setting the course for the Black Pearl as the odd pirate captain was fixated his compass during this attempt to not only save Elizabeth Swan but ensure revenge on his mutinous former crew.

"Why are you so fixated on that compass?" Will asks Jack

"It'll be she that leads us to the Isla de Muerta; where Barbossa's headed. Savvy?" He answered

Sora overhearing the conversation "How do you know?"

Jack closes the compass and puts it away "Ah, lad... He and I once had our eyes on a treasure, Aztec gold. 'Twas hidden on the Isla de Muerta. But he turned traitor and stole my ship." He told them

"So there is an ulterior motive for Sparrow" thought Aqua as she listened intently.

"So he's after that treasure, then." Sora questioned out loud.

Jack shook his head at Sora "Treasure's already his. So's the curse upon it. I've no desire for such treacherous spoils. But I will have back what's mine, the Black Pearl." He said to the young island boy.

Thanks to the use of Jack's unique compass, The Interceptor approaches its destination, Isla De Muerta. After docking as best they could, trying not to draw attention to themselves which was a proving to be quite a task it's self as Captain Jack was more than a simpler show boater but that was the least of the make shift crews problem.

Sparrow turning to the foursome, "You lads and Lady wait here. Young Turner and I will rescue the lady." He ordered

Aqua's eyes grew big at the order given to her, "He did not just..Unbelievable." thought to herself.

"Hey! What about us?" Sora called out to Jack.

"You're to guard the ship, o' course. It's a task given only to the bravest of pirates." Answered Jack.

"All right..." Sora replied with a little uncertainty

"Again, unbelievable" Aqua silently fumed. The Keyblade master really was resisting the urge to smack this pirate.

"Guard her well!" says Jack as he and Will get off the Interceptor and then head off into the direction of the cave where they will find Elizabeth and Captain Barbossa.

As Jack Sparrow and Will Tuner had reached the cave "Shall we?" the odd pirate said to the blacksmith. Both men each with a different task in mind enter the cave with as much caution as they really couldn't not afford alert the pirates already inside the cave.

Jack was certainly more than ready to have the Black Pearl under his touch again as he held the key to end Barbossa's curse.

While Aqua, Sora, Donald, and Goofy were waiting for Jack and Will to return with Will's friend, Elizabeth.

"I think he was just trying to fast-talk us..." Sora said to Donald and Goofy

"And you fell for it." replied the mage duck.

"What's keeping those two?" Sora now shifting the topic of discussion.

"They sure are taking their time..." Goofy added.

"I suppose their trying to be discreet in there rescuing of the girl but I have feeling that's not all on Jack's mind. He's made it clear as day he has unfinished business with these particular pirates." Spoke Aqua.

Sora looking to his master, " and since we know Pete's hanging around, there must be Heartless here, too. And Jack and Will aren't used to fighting Heartless... which is why we should be with them" he said to Aqua.

"I agree" Aqua replied as she then stood up and went to get off the ship. It wasn't long before the they followed Aqua.

Jack and Will sneak into the Moonlight Nook and see Barbossa and the other pirates upon mountains of treasure.

Elizabeth stands frightened behind a large chest.

Barbossa holds up the medallion. "Every last piece that went astray we have returned, save for this! And now, the blood will be repaid to free us from this curse forever!" he tells his crew.

Once we entered the cave, it hadn't been long before we literally ran into Will and his female companion Elizabeth Swan.

Will and Elizabeth running out of another part of the cave as they meet up with the foursome of heroes. "Quick, they're after us!" says Will

Pirates come running through the cave

"We'll hold them off! Give us a sign when the ship's ready to sail!" Aqua said to them as she and the others summoned their weapons ready to fend off the pirates.

"Right! We'll light the signal flare!" replied Will as he and Elizabeth run to the Interceptor.

Aqua, Sora, Donald, and Goofy fight off the pirates for one minute before the signal flare shoots up into the sky from the ship.

"Aqua the signal!"

They run out of the cave back to the Interceptor

"Wait where's Jack?" Sora questioned Will.

"Well..." as the young blacksmith begun to explain to the others

In the Moonlight Nook, Barbossa turns to Elizabeth, who's standing behind the chest

"And now, the blood will be repaid to free us from this curse forever!" Barbossa said to his crew.

Will is anxious to save Elizabeth and looks for a way to secretly get her out of there

Jack is trying to get will to cooperate "No! Not yet. We wait for the opportune moment."

"When it's of greatest profit to you?" Will verbally shot at Sparrow.

"May I ask you something?" Jack asks Will. Jack stands very close to the blacksmith, "Have I ever given you reason not to trust me? Stay here...and try not to do anything stupid."

Jack walks off, but is hit in the back of the head by an oar. He slumps to the ground. Will tosses the oar to the ground.

Barbossa grabs Elizabeth's hand and slices a fair cut on her palm. He presses the pirate medallion to her skin, staining it with her blood

"Begun by blood undone." The gold piece drops into the chest with the other medallions. Barbossa waits with his arms outstretched for any sign of change. Nothing happens and he forcefully grabs Elizabeth's arm

"You! Maid! Your father. Was your father William Turner!?" Barbossa demanded.

Elizabeth looks at defiantly at Captain Barbossa "No." she tells him.

As this certainly did not please Barbossa; he knocks Elizabeth over the pile of treasure, dropping the medallion

"I don't understand!" One crew member called out "What's going on?" he then added.

"Who brought this wench to us?" Barbossa angrily asked his crew.

"She said her name was Turner!" said the Pirate who captured her

"Come on!" another cried out.

"Why isn't it working?" said the one pirate from earlier

"Get on with it!" another called out as they were all getting frustrated.

Elizabeth grabs the medallion and Will finds her. Elizabeth is feeling overjoyed at the sight of Will

"Hurry!" he whispers to her.

They run out of the Moonlight Nook behind the pirates however Captain Barbossa sees Will carrying the medallion "You there! The medallion! After them, you ingrates!" Barbossa commanded his crew.

Back on the Interceptor, Will finishes telling them what had been happening in the cave.

Elizabeth was inside of the ship, trying to regain her composure in all what was going on around her.

Aqua started at the young black smith with bafflement written all over her face. " mean to tell me that in midst of saving your friend here, you basically betrayed the one person who knows how to travel through these waters back to Port Royal" Aqua said to Will. Now the keyblade master wanted to smack Will more than she did Jack.

Will trying to defend what he done to Sparrow. "I had to. Jack's no fairy-tale pirate. The real ones aren't to be trusted."

"That doesn't change the fact we still needed him to get back, I mean after all we're still being hunted by other murderous pirates." Aqua said

As the others were readying the ship in order to leave Isla De Muerta, Sora stopped to watch as Aqua was more or less scolding another adult; Sora was glad it wasn't him on the other side of this conversation for once.

After Aqua finishes talking to Will; He heads to the hold where Elizabeth is

"Is it true? You gave Barbossa my name instead of yours. Why choose my name?"

"I don't know."

Will sees the medallion in Elizabeth's hand

"Elizabeth...where did you get that?"

"It's yours. From that day we found you; drifting at sea."

After all this time... I thought I'd lost it. It was a gift from my father...he sent it to me.

"I'm sorry." She hands him back the medallion

"Why did you take it?"

"Because I was afraid that you were a pirate. That would have been awful."

Will paces away from her "Of course... Don't you see? It wasn't your blood they needed... it was my father's blood- My blood. The blood...of a pirate."

On the Black Pearl, Jack is tied up between Barbossa and the pirates

Barbossa having his eyes locked on Sparrow "How the blazes did you get off that island, Jack?" he questions the odd pirate, his arms crossed over his chest.

Jack looking his mutinous former first mate in the eyes "When you sailed away in my ship and marooned me on that godforsaken spit of land, with naught but a pistol and a single shot, you forgot one very important thing, mate. I'm Captain Jack Sparrow." He told Barbossa.

The older captain was simply not impressed by this "I won't be making' that mistake again." Said Barbossa.

Sparrow gave Barbossa that smirk which held nothing but trouble for others (when not back firing himself, that is.) "Then what say you to putting' the past behind us, untying these ropes, and letting me negotiate the return of your medallion, eh? What say you to that?" he responded.

Barbossa still not impressed nor concerned with Jack's sudden optimism " Seeing' as how the Black Pearl's mine now, Jack, letting' you go doesn't seem to fall within my interest." Barbossa simply told the younger captain.

Jack narrowing his dark eyes on the older pirate "Odd, I'm not actually concerned with YOUR INTEREST. Give me back the Pearl!" Jack demanded.

All Barbossa could do was laugh at Jack "All right! Lock him in the brig!"

Then Bo'sun pushes Jack, who doesn't move. He keeps pushing him, and Jack just glares at him

"We're coming' up on the Interceptor." Barbossa tells his crew

"What do we do, Captain?"

"Whaddya think, you idiot?"

Aboard the Interceptor, the wind blows through Elizabeth's hair and she notices something in the distance "Will, look!" Elizabeth calls out

Will, Aqua, Sora, and Goofy rush over to see what she's pointing at. It's the Black Pearl"

"What now?" questions Donald

"I wonder what Jack would do?" Sora then added.

Will: I'm not sure. I suppose...he'd run for it.

"Be great if we could ask him, but some one thought it was a good idea to hit him in the head with oar and leave him with a bunch murderous pirates" sassed Aqua.

"Well to be fair Master Aqua, we didn't exactly go get him either." Sora pointed out.

A cannon is shot from the Black Pearl and is right in the path of the Interceptor.

"Running sounds good to me, right now" Sora then added.

The Interceptor is hit by the cannon and everyone loses their balance. Will falls backwards over the edge of the ship. He grabs hold of a small ledge, but loses his grip and falls into the water.

Elizabeth runs to the edge of the ship "Will!"

They hear another cannon shot "Everyone hit the deck!"

The cannon hits the Interceptor again and everyone falls over. Sora sees the pirate medallion and picks it up

"We're just gonna have to fight them!"

They have then Interceptor turn around and runs alongside the Black Pearl. Several pirates jump aboard. Sora clenches the medallion as he and Master Aqua simultaneously fights the pirates and returns fire with the cannons. Afterward, the Black Pearl is left in a smoky haze

"Hooray!" Donald and Goofy cheered.

Aqua, after dismissing her keyblade. something wasn't feeling right to her about this fight. None of the fights with the pirates had been this easily. Something was definitely wrong with this picture.

"We beat the pirates!" Sora then said.

"Well, did you now, laddie?" Barbossa's voice calls out from behind the heroes.

The foursome turns around and sees Barbossa, Elizabeth, Jack, the bo'sun, and a few pirates but Aqua does notice that Will is not among them.

"Jack!" Sora calling out to the captain. Jack chuckles nervously. More pirates arrive.

"Now then, I'll be having back that medallion. Unless it's more important than their lives?"

"Barbossa!" Will aims a pistol at the pirate captain "She goes free!"

"Go ahead boy; shoot! We can't die" Barbossa egging Will on.

"You can't... But I can!"Will points the gun at his own head "My name is Will Turner! My father was Bootstrap Bill Turner! His blood runs in my veins!" Barbossa is surprised "On my word, do as I say, or I'll pull this trigger and be lost to Davy Jones' Locker."

"Name your terms...Mr. Turner."

"Release Elizabeth...and Aqua, Sora, and Donald, and Goofy, too!" ordered Will

"Anything' else?" says Barbossa

Jack tries to get Will's attention to set him free

"Leave now!" he then orders them.

Barbossa bows "Agreed. Leave we shall...but the Heartless stay!"

Pete laughs as he comes out from his hiding spot and Sora sees that he has taken hold of Will, knocking him out with an oar. more than Several Air Pirate Heartless appear not only causing an ambush for the foursome but as well overpowering them with the amount of heartless. Pete, with Will in hand, runs off.

"No fair!"

Aqua, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Elizabeth, and Jack are confined in the Ship's Hold; Donald and Goofy were tied up together as Aqua and Elizabeth were Jack and Sora were the only ones not tied to another being.

"Good work, Barbossa! Who knew it'd be this easy?" Pete says to the pirate captain.

"Barbossa, you coward!" Elizabeth shouts at him.

"That's the last time I trust a pirate!" Sora said aloud but more or less to himself.

A nameless Pirate comes over to Barbossa "The powder kegs are ready, Captain!" he tells him.

"Then I bid ye farewell!" as Barbossa and Pete leave the Interceptor

"What are we gonna do!?" Donald asked Aqua

"I'm working on it," replied the keyblade Master as she struggled against the ropes having a little difficulty summoning her keyblade. As they made sure to but shackles both on Aqua and Sora wrists to keep them from summoning their keyblades.

"We'll be blown to smithereens!" Goofy then cried out.

"Why struggle, mate? A pirate knows when to surrender." Spoke Jack as he surprised everyone with that comment.

Aqua hadn't known the out of ordinary pirate; so she really couldn't judge but Aqua had to admit there was something in Jack's very character that made him the type that would certainly not give up so easily.

"Are you serious?" Aqua then questioned the pirate. with the way everyone had been tied up, there was no way she could see Jack. So she couldn't read his facial expressions.

An awkward silence had filled the room until it had been broken by Jack "Your average pirate, anyway." He told them. Jack cuts his ropes with his knife and stands up.

Once again the others were surprised at how serious Jack was behaving considering how his normal behavior was "First, we've got to see to the gunpowder. I'm not about to lose another ship to that mutinous dog!" exclaimed Captain Jack Sparrow.

Aqua then decided to retry summoning her keyblade as before it was difficult because her hands were shackled behind her back and not to mention she and Elizabeth were tied together. the keyblade master certainly didn't want to accidently harm Elizabeth. But then Aqua had a new idea. She was going to do magic without the keyblade; all Aqua needed to accomplish this was a lot of concentration.

"I still don't plan to trust pirates again." Commented Sora as the rest of them were still tied up.

"Wise policy, lad." Replied Jack as he took his knife to untie them.

After being untied by Jack. The rope around Aqua loosened; She made some space for herself. her hands still handcuffed behind her back. Having her fingertips grazing the metal chain. Managing to hit the chain and causing it to separate; allowing the keyblade master to have her arms at her sides.

Sora watched what his master had done "wow" he said while Sora, still had his shackles on. Aqua then could summon Master's Keeper. She took care of Sora's shackles before getting the rest of her's off.

Afterword they race to the deck, where there are five kegs of gunpowder close to explosion. Sora and Aqua quickly knocks each one into the water

"All clear, Jack!" Sora calling out to the pirate.

Jack runs to the helm "That's the second time I've had to watch that man sail away with my ship. But I'll be having' her back soon enough."

They make their return to Isla de Muerta,

"You'll stay with the ship, lass!" Jack told Elizabeth

Elizabeth scoffed at the pirate "I'll do no such thing!" she instantly retorted "Will could die in there." She then added.

Turning to face Elizabeth "Dear William is fine. Trust me."

"I am not a fool, Jack." Spoke Elizabeth as she glared at the pirate.

Sora whom had been unintentionally listening in on their conversation "Then trust us instead!" as the keyblade apprentice gestured to himself and the others.

Elizabeth looked at the island boy with a little uncertainty but then decided to just have a little faith in her new found friends, "Aqua, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Please bring Will back safely!" she said to them.

And with that being said, they took their leave off of the Interceptor to end this once and for all.

In the Treasure Heap of the cave, Barbossa and the other pirates stand around the chest

"Now, let's be trying' this again! The last of the Aztec treasure has been returned." Said the old pirate captain as he points a knife at Will "And now, the blood will be repaid to free us from this curse forever! This time for sure!"

The pirates cheering their devious captain on as he grabbed will at the back of his head leaning him forward into the chest were all the gold laid in. then ready the knife at Will's neck.

Aqua, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Jack make it just in time

"Ahoy! Treasure, mateys!" he says. Sora purposely saying this to distract captain Barbossa from slitting Will's neck.

"Not possible." Said the stunned pirate.

"Not probable! We're alive and we're pirates!" sassed Donald.

"Captain Jack Sparrow!"


"Donald Duck!"

"Goofy, too."

"Was the supposed to be intimidating or even mildly threatening? Because that wasn't" thought the remained silent as she stood there with her keyblade out and ready. "No...just no!" she thought to herself.

Barbossa stepping away from Will as gestures towards the remaining members of his crew to go after foursome and Jack. "So you want to play pirate? Best save the playacting for the nursery. After them!" making his order loud and understood.

Aqua, Sora, Donald, and Goofy fight off the pirates, while Jack takes care of his own business with Barbossa.

Jack goes near the chest and gets Will away from there as he goes to strike Captain Barbossa down with his sword.

"No more playacting now!" said Sora as the last of the pirates were defeated.

"Thank you, everyone" As Will thanked them for his rescue.

"Uh, where's Jack?" pondered Goofy.

They hear the clanging of swords and see that Jack and Barbossa have been fighting with one another.

"Jack! Get him!" Sora cheering for Captain Sparrow.

"Huh?" As he's distracted, Barbossa plunges his sword into him.

Sora gasps "Jack!"

Aqua's eyes growing as big as they could "oh-no" she said softly.

Barbossa smirking at the younger captain "You're a fool, Jack Sparrow."

Jack stumbles back into a patch of moonlight and his cursed skeletal form is revealed. Jack holds his hand up and looks at it. His other hand contains a pirate medallion, which he rolls on his knuckles "Couldn't resist, mate" he said to Barbossa with smirk of his own.

"That was...cleaver" Aqua surprising herself with that comment.

"Jack..." Will not sure what to say.

Barbossa not pleased with this. "Show yourself, Pete! The tide has changed." He called out for Maleficent's henchman.

Pete appears from where he was hiding "See? I told ya you'd be needing' old' Pete!" he then whistles and an Illuminator Heartless crawls down on the walls, its eyes glowing and its tongue lolling about. It hops from rock to rock and moves behind Barbossa on the rock wall.

The creature itself gave Barbossa an advantage by using its abilities to change the lights and shadows within the cave. Seeing how Barbossa was still under the Aztec curse. It made him nearly invincible.

Now having to join in on Jack's fight with Barbossa, Aqua told Sora to stick with Jack as she went after the heartless creature as they fight the evil pirate captain. Pete looks now worried as Aqua defeats Illuminator.

Pete making an angered expression "This ain't over!" he shouted to the keyblade master and then in typical Pete fashion, he ran away to save himself.

"Right! Care to surrender, Barbossa?" said Jack as he was ready for this fight to come to an end.

Barbossa's sword is drawn

"Well, enough of this, then..." said Jack as he drops his sword and takes out his pistol "What say you we call it, a draw?" He then asked.

Barbossa sighing at Sparrow "Jack, how many times do I have to tell ya..." Jack tosses the medallion and shoots Barbossa with the only bullet left in his pistol.

Barbossa laughs at Jack thinking that the younger captain has wasted his shot.

"Laugh while you can, Barbossa!" shouted Will. Barbossa looks to see Will, holding the knife, drops the two medallions he has in his hand, stained with blood, onto the large pile in the chest.

Barbossa then realizes what Jack had done, He lifted the curse off of him. And not to mention Jack's shot was not wasted. "I feel...cold." he said aloud. The pirate falls to the ground dead.

Later, they all leave the cave as they walk back to the ships.

"What now, Jack?" The blacksmith asked

"Whatever I want, now that the Pearl is mine again." Answered Jack.

"That she is... and Thank you, Jack." Will holds out a hand to shake Jack's hand, but Jack flinches with his arms over his head "I didn't want ye hitting' me again, mate." Replied Jack

"Hey, Jack, good luck." Sora told him as he took his regular stance with his arms behind his head.

"And remember to be good!" Donald added on.

"That's said easier then it is done for this one" Aqua commented.

"I'm off." Jack backs away, then looks in her direction as Elizabeth runs toward them; Jack opens his arms but "Will!"she runs right past him and hugs Will.

Aqua remained silent as she too watched the newly formed couple, as it stirred up some private memories for the keyblade master, that she rather have buried.

"Good for them." said the island boy as he watched the two for a moment and got a little lost in his thoughts to the point that Sora's face was a light red.

Goofy see's this "Uh-huh! Hey, Sora how come your face is all red?"Goofy points out.

Sora covers his face "What? It is not red!" trying to deny it.

"Aw, I know who you're thinking about." Donald now teasing the boy.

Goofy and Donald laughing at Sora.

Jack takes out his compass and it glows brightly as he opens it. It floats into the air, and Sora opens another gateway with his Keyblade.

After opening another gateway, "You know...for a minute there...I was afraid we were gonna lose Donald to the curse of the treasure!" Sora then getting to change the topic.

"Yup. Me, too." Said Goofy

"What!?" cried out Donald.

End Chapter.

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