Terms of Life, Terms of Death
An Oni Fic by: Shamgi
Chapter 15: The End
*Words here*- Thoughts
+Words Here+ - electronics (Radio, T.V., etc.)
# # # - Flashback
* * * - Scene Change
* # * - Character change(same scene, different character)
)Words here( - Spooky voice(Spirit, telepathic comm., etc)
*Authors Note- Buttagiri was a character I enjoyed writing, but his end was set almost since I introduced him. I liked Buttagiri greatly, so I was actually sad as I wrote his death. But everyone dies, only a lucky few get to choose how they go. Buttagiri was one of those, and he was content with his choice. This is the end, where we learn what happens to all these characters, where this story reaches its end. I can only hope that its end is worth the rest of the story, that the story's end will be as good as the rest of it. I can only hope.

Konoko cried silently, wishing she could just wake up, so she could escape this reality, this nightmare she was sure was a dream, but knew was not.

"Konoko. C'mon, we have to fight. Grieve later, or you won't be able to." Muro placed his hand on Konoko's shoulder, gently urging her up.

"How can we fight? We can't win!" Konoko gestured to the robot, which now had all the remaining TCTF troops surrounding it and preparing to fire. None had fired however, none could bring themselves to, they didn't see how the single girl crying over a corpse held any threat to them.

"With these." Muro pushed a hypo into Konoko's hand, which Konoko dimly noticed was red.

"Take it. Just take it."

Konoko, to sad to wonder why it would help, did so. The medicine flowed through her blood stream, exciting her cells and giving off energy, creating her aura.

It didn't stop there.

Again and again it excited her cells, forcing more and more energy to the surface. Konoko's aura was pure white, and still flowed with energy, making her stronger and faster, tougher and more agile. When the special hypo finally stopped, Konoko knew she had more energy under her control that a nuclear bomb, enough to wipe the entire city off the face of the planet, and every person in it.

*No, worry about now. The city doesn't deserve to be destroyed, only the robot.* Konoko looked over at the gathered police and robot, and smiled an evil smile. For all her hate of death, she would enjoy this.

* * * * *

Shinatama watched what the result of her killing of the man called Buttagiri, wishing she could be anywhere but here. Shinatama's electronic "brain" had survived the blast, and Griffin had thought it was a great idea to have her be the programming that ran the robot whose only objective was to kill Konoko. She had resisted as much as possible, but Griffin had made sure she couldn't stop the robot, and would be forced to watch. Shinatama would be unable to stop herself if Konoko or Muro attacked, no matter how much she tried. She would be forced to kill her only friend, the only person that thought of her more than just a piece of code.

Then she saw the aura. She knew Konoko would attack.

* * * * *

Konoko gave few of the officers a chance, rushing forward at almost the speed of sound. Her hands were her only weapon, she could tear steel like it was putty, and human flesh and bone didn't stand a chance. She punched one unlucky man straight through the face, feeling his brains fry on her energy gorged skin. In seconds, most of the guards had fallen to Konoko alone, Muro stayed back, reserving himself for later.

The robot looked down at Konoko, and opened fire. Konoko continued to smile as the ammunition came at her, bullets bounced off her body like paper, missiles exploded around her with no effect, Konoko didn't even feel the heat as she watched. Finally the barrage ended, and Konoko stood, like an angel of death in the center of a battlefield. She ran at the robot, calm, almost like it was just sport, letting the robot keep track of her.

The robot brought its defense laser to bear, firing at Konoko. The laser hit, and reflected off, like it would a mirror. Konoko smiled right at the camera, then attacked, tearing the legs of the machine apart like putty, bringing the robot to the ground, defeated. It sparked and burned as the gas tanks began to ignite, and Konoko heard something that sickened her to the bone.

"Thank you." The voice was Shinatama's, and it came from the robot. Then it exploded, destroying her digital friend, erasing her from existence.

"No..." Konoko dropped to her knees, spent. The aura wore off, the battle was done. Konoko had lost two dear friends that night, and her mind was on the brink. Insanity was a single step away, and Konoko's foot was raised. Then she saw, through the tears, the one who caused all this.


Konoko stood, then rushed forward, grabbing the man. He had come to see what had happened, and had just got more than he bargained for.

"You." Konoko and Griffin looked each other eye to eye, attempting to read the other's thoughts.

Griffin smiled, then stated.

"At least I got one of you."

Konoko let out an inhuman growl, and threw Griffin forward. Running forward, she grabbed him by the neck, cutting off his air.

"This is for my father." Konoko brutally punched Griffin in the stomach, knocking the breath from him.

"This is for my uncle." Another punch, and Griffin threw up.

"This is for Shinatama." Konoko's fist came back bloody, Griffin bleeding from his mouth as well.

"This is for Buttagiri." The punch actually brought Griffin slightly into the air, and the only reason he stayed standing was for Konoko.

"And this is for me." Konoko didn't throw a punch, her hand went outstretched. She impacted Griffins chest, and went through it, feeling around. She found what she was looking for, and yanked.

Griffin's heart burst from his chest, Konoko's fingers wrapped around it. For several seconds Griffin watched his own heart beat, then he died, without a word.

Konoko dropped Griffins body and heart, then fell to the ground herself, all energy gone. She dimly noticed Muro pick her up, and began to walk, the children following behind him. She saw where he was headed, and wasn't afraid. He was heading for the wasteland, a place only they could go. Konoko was finally glad it was over, and she fell into a sleep, content.

The End.

End Chapter 15
Authors Notes- Well, this is the end of the story. I've finally finished it, at 15 chapters flat. There will be no sequel, or at least none that I plan, but who knows, it might happen.