Ok, I know I should be uploading for my other works, but after being busy with the moving and stuff to my boarding school in Canada, I sometimes find myself bored and, as a very proud and random R27 (FTW) fan, this came out. XD Hope you guys like it! Oh ... and it is finished already, but a bit rushed ... so hope you guys don't mind.

Summary: First loves don't always have a good ending like every fairytale, but love doesn't only happen once, even after great loss or great misunderstanding with two very different people.

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn is not mine and never will be.

Warnings: OOC-ness ... TOTAL Rush, not much plot, but more like ... just how Reborn handles with his situation.

"Giotto, Byakuran, it's time for lunch!" Tsuna, a 18 years old brunette shouted throughout the aparment.

Upon his call, two 13 years old boys came running into the kitchen. One had blond hair while the other had white, but both of them had unruly, gravity defying hair.

"Did you wash your hands?" Tsuna asked as he set the dishes on the table.

"Yes!" both of them said.

"Then, ittadakimasu." Tsuna said as he sat down and they began eating.

Tsuna became a teacher at a kindergarten just last week and adopted the twins, Giotto and Byakuran, whom were his neighbors in his old apartment with abusive parents 9 months ago.

"So, what do you want to do today?" Tsuna asked with a smile.

"Rule the world!" Byakuran shouted.

"Become boss of the greatest mafia ever!" Giotto shouted at the same time.

Tsuna ignored their everyday sentence and started thinking himself.

"How about we go to the zoo?" he asked and the twins forgot about their ideas.

"Yeah!" they cheered.

Tsuna giggled at their silliness; just as he was laughing, he heard the door open and stood up to get a mug while the boys kept eating and talking about the animals they wanted to see.

"Was there traffic, Reborn?" Tsuna asked as he started pouring coffee into the mug.

Reborn, a man in his mid-20s in a black suit with a matching fedora came through the kitchen door and took a seat besides Tsuna's.

"No, the damn meeting with other companies just took longer than expected." the raven said as he took off his hat and drank the espresso Tsuna gave him.

"Is that so." Tsuna said, sounding the least excited about the raven's issues.

Reborn was Tsuna's guardian and current head of the Vongola Corps. That position was previously Tsuna's dad, which meant that Tsuna would've been the next in line for the position, but the brunette rejected it and suggested Reborn, who had more experience since he was his dad's closest friend. Since then, Reborn had made it a habit of coming over every weekends for lunch and stay for the rest of the afternoon, unless there was an urgent call.

Tsuna didn't mind at all, but he couldn't say the same about his sons. The first time they met was before Tsuna had adopted them.

The raven had come by to visit like he usually did for the pasts years. Once he opened the door, he saw Tsuna walking into the living room with a first aid kit and two glasses of water, although it didn't seem like Tsuna had noticed him.

He walked in and saw two pale boys with slight injuries and Tsuna treating one of them.

The brunette only noticed Reborn when he turned around to get more bandages.

"Ah, Reborn, good thing you are here. Could you help Byakuran with his injuries?" Tsuna asked. Normally the raven would've tease with the boy, but the smaller one didn't seem to be in the mood, so he did as told.

Reborn started to apply the disinfectant; the kid would flinch and started glaring at him.

"So, where did you find them?" Reborn asked.

"They are my neighbors, Reborn." Tsuna said as he applied the last bandage on Giotto.

"Hm." Reborn said like he could careless.

"Nee, Reborn ... Could you help me find a lawyer?" Tsuna asked as he carried Giotto towards one of the guest rooms followed by Reborn with a sleeping Byakuran in his hands.

"For these kids?" Reborn said as Tsuna put Giotto down carefully.

"Yeah, I want to report child abuse." Tsuna said with a glint of sadness in his big brown eyes.

"Ok, but what are you going to do with them after you've succeeded the case?" Reborn started walking out of the room after he put Byakuran down.

"I ... I've been thinking of ... Maybe ... Maybe I could adopt-"

"No." Reborn said interrupting Tsuna before he could finish his sentene. They stood in the hallway with an eerie silence between them before Tsuna spoke up.

"What do you mean by 'no'? I can't just leave them in an orphanage." Tsuna said a little bit too loudly that he woke up the twins.

"Tsuna," Reborn started, but didn't finish.

"No, Reborn. I'm already 18, I can handle myself."

"I know you can handle yourself, but not two kids, Dame-Tsuna."

"Of cour-"

"No you can't. I know your mom was kind and always said that helping people is important, but you can't help anyone, Dame-Tsuna."

"Shut up! What do you know! After becoming the president of Vongola, you don't even bother in coming here; only coming on saturdays for lunch and then leaving right after since there is always a call! You don't even bother with picking up my phone calls!" Tsuna yelled, but right after his shouting and composing himself, a bitter smile came upon his milky white face. "But what am I saying; of course Mr. President doesn't have time for a peasant like me if he has lines of women waiting for you to fuck them."

Before any of them knew it, Reborn had punched Tsuna to the ground. Both of them stood still in shock since Reborn had never raised a hand agaisnt Tsuna.


"Don't hurt Tsu-chan!" Giotto and Byakuran ran out of the room once they heard a loud thud and stood protectively in front of the brunette. The kids glared at Reborn, daring the adult to make a move.

Reborn snapped out of his trance when he saw Tsuna more to hug the boys.

"Shh, it's ok. There's nothing to be scared of." Tsuna said as he soothed the trembling boys. Giotto and Byakuran started to cry on Tsuna's shoulder while hugging the brunette tightly.

Reborn knew that he had just made the biggest mistake in his life, specially after he noticed that Tsuna, too, was trembling lightly. Even if he couldn't see those alluring brown eyes, he knew that they showed nothing more than fear.

Before the raven turned to walk out of the house, he said one last thing.

"I'll have the lawyer by tomorrow."

Reborn had never been used to the word 'sorry'; he had never said it, didn't say it and he wouldn't have start using it at that time.

Back at the current time, Giotto and Byakuran were glaring at Reborn.

The trio would always be in some kind of argument. Tsuna had gotten tired of this long ago that he already mastered the art of being able to ignore their conversations.

"Ok, go get dressed." Tsuna said after he noticed that the boys had finished their breakfast in the mid of their 'talk' with Reborn.

"Where are you going?" Reborn said as he looked at the news paper.

"The zoo. Mind if you could give us a ride?" Tsuna started washing the dishes.

After the incident, Reborn still kept coming on Saturdays and Tsuna had apologized for saying what he shouldn't have. It was very obvious that ever since that time, both of them had grown further apart.

Tsuna had stopped asking Reborn if the raven had time to spent with him and all their conversations were always short.

"Hm." was Reborn's only response as he turned the page of the newspaper. Without another word Tsuna dried his hands and went to his room.

With a sigh, Reborn put the newspaper down and spared a glance at the corridor.

'Shit, lost my chance again.' Reborn thought.

The raven had been planning to set things straight with Tsuna ever since the incident, but his pride always got in his way and the fact that his workers were a bunch of useless crap didn't help either. And speaking about the devil, Reborn's phone rang.

"What?" the raven said annoyingly.

"Ah, Reborn! Good thing you picked up! You see ... the allied companies along with Bianchi and 8 other women are requesting for your presence here at the main building."

"Luce, how many times do I have to tell you, get rid of the women and tell the others that I already have an appointment."

"I already did Reborn! They said that they are pregnant! They even have the medical papers here! And the allied companies insisted that they wanted a surprise tea party with you and Tsu-chan, too! If not, they would break ties with us!"

"Tch. Fine, tell them I'll be right there in 10 minutes." Reborn said and hung up.

Every month, without fail, the allied companies always wanted to see Tsuna. Everyone knew of Tsuna, the cute son of Iemitsu in which the dad always bragged about. Every body in the company loved the cute boy who always had a smile no matter what.

But all that changed after his 16th B-day. Tsuna had stopped visiting the building and even his cheerful dad had stopped with all his jokes.

"We are ready, Reborn." Tsuna said.

"Good." Reborn said as he stood up and they left the house.

Reborn dropped off the trio and went back to the company by himself. He needed to beat some sense into the guys, fortify the security and teach his secretary, Luce, that those medical papers are all false since those women could get a certain perverted doctor into signning those papers for them.