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"Gabriel is staying under the radar," Castiel growled from the back seat, earning a startled jump from both boys.

"What have I said about that shit Cas?" Dean whined, shooting the angel a death glare. "Give a guy a warning…damn!"

"My apologies…but back to the point. I've searched everywhere and it's pretty clear that he doesn't want to be found. I haven't found one clue as to his whereabouts. I can't even figure out why he decided to do any of this….I mean, he's been hiding out for so long without so much as a whisper and now he's suddenly hunted you two down just to disrupt your lives?" Cas shouted, his voice cracking a bit in frustration. "I just don't understand…" he trailed off, raking a hand through his dark hair.

"I think he just gets off on screwing with us Cas. I think that is his reason," sighed Dean as he rubbed a hand across the back of his neck. A hushed chuckle slipped from Castiel's mouth as his face twisted into a grin before quickly dissipating, his usual seriousness returning. "So, what are our options if we can't find the feathery fuck?" asked Dean.

"Well, from what I've found out, the only way to lift the curse is by reading an incantation and drinking a special mixture…but one of the ingredients is a drop of blood from the one who cursed you," sighed the angel.

"So, either we find Gabriel or Dean is stuck like this forever?" Sam huffed, already knowing the answer. Dean's lip curled up and quivered, his eyes turned red and welled up with tears and he turned his face to hide it. Sam didn't notice, his focus switching between the road and the rearview mirror as he waited to for the inevitable answer to his almost rhetorical question.

"Yes," the angel finally sputtered. With that one word Dean broke and the tears flowed freely. He curled into himself and openly sobbed against the passenger side door, breaking down for the second time in front of Castiel. Sam quickly pulled over, throwing the car into park and scrambling over the seat to his brother to comfort him.

"Don't worry Dean, we'll find him and get you back to normal. I promise," Sam soothed, shushing the small boy and rocking him in his arms. Castiel leaned over the front seat and reached a gentle hand towards Dean's head, hesitating momentarily before finally carding willowy fingers through the boy's soft locks. He nearly jumped out of his skin, azure eyes growing wide with shock when he felt the small boy lean into his touch and accept the comfort the angelic hands brought. Dean calmed, the tears and sniffles came to an end and he hurriedly pulled away from their grasps, straightening up and taking his place in the passenger seat…too ashamed to look anyone in the face as he wiped his tears on his sleeve.

"I have a feeling that he's somewhere close," stated the angel after clearing his throat. "We'll find him…it'll just take a little more time. I want to stick with you until we find him. You've seen through his ruse before Sam…during the Tuesday incident and with three of us keeping an eye out he'll have a harder time hiding." Sam nodded and pulled out onto the highway and Dean gave a grunt of approval, staring coldly out the window at the blur of green and brown that passed.

"So, you boys still ain't got a clue?" sighed Bobby. "Balls!" he scoffed as he took off his ratty old hat and scratched his head. "Let me ask you something Cas…what exactly is gonna happen to Dean if we don't fix this mess soon? I mean, he's already been this way for a good six weeks and I don't know of many curses that don't end bad eventually." Bobby flipped the switch on the coffee pot and turned around, crossing his arms and leaning against the counter top.

"Physically….nothing," answered Cas, lips pursed tightly.

"But?" pried Bobby.

"But? There is no but. He'll be like this until we find Gabriel and fix him. Nothing will change," the angel explained. "I don't think my brother was out to hurt anybody when he did this...it was purely for his amusement. I'm almost certain."

"Angel's are dicks!" squeaked Dean from his seat. Castiel grinned at the remark before taking a seat at the rickety table.

"So what's the plan?" asked Sam. He poured a cup of coffee and handed it to Cas before filling another for himself.

"Do you have any sugar?" the angel asked. Sam reached for the sugar dish and grabbed a spoon from a drawer before placing both on the table in front of Castiel. "Thank you. I don't really have much of a plan. I thought we would just stay together and keep our eyes out for anything that seems out of the ordinary." He spoke without looking up, spooning sugar into the steaming cup.

"Maybe he'll get bored…make himself known," suggested Bobby with a shrug.

"That could take a while," chimed Sam. "Do you know how many Tuesdays I went through before he got tired of his little 'game'?"

"I don't have that kind of time!" shrieked Dean, his tiny fist slamming down on the table top with a thump. The coffee didn't even spill. "It's horrible being like this. I can't have sex…I can't drink more than a beer without 'Mommy' over there getting on my case…" he motioned to Sam and scowled. "I can't even fire my sawed off without taking a fucking beating! And, I haven't had alone time with my baby in weeks…haven't so much as turned the key!" He was ranting, his arms and hands flying this way and that to emphasize any and all points he needed to make. "Do you know how humiliating this shit is? Women pinch my fucking cheeks…and I'm talking about the ones on my face!" Bobby couldn't help but chuckle at that one, doubling over with laughter and slapping his knee. "It's not funny!" Dean screamed, the vein in his neck bulging out from the rage, hands balling up into fists.

"I'm sorry, boy…but you should see yourself," Bobby choked out, still unable to get his laughter in check. Dean saw red. Between the frustration, disappointment, sadness, helplessness, anger, worry, embarrassment and any other shitty emotion on the spectrum that he had been through in the last few weeks, he lost it. His rant quickly turned into another violent outburst as he jutted out of his seat, knocking the chair over with a loud crack as he lunged towards Bobby. Before anyone in the room could blink he was in front of the old man swinging and kicking. He damn near got Bobby in the jewels before the hunter brought a knee up defensively. He grabbed the boy by both wrists and lifted him off the ground, his feet steadily kicking, head thrashing back and forth while he shrieked and spouted obscenities. "Boy, you better knock that shit off right now before I get a good crack at ya'!" Bobby warned with a stern glare. His mouth and legs didn't stop and he got a good, hard kick in to the old man's stomach.

"I've got this Bobby," hissed Sam as he grabbed Dean and threw him over his massive shoulder like a rag-doll, still kicking.

"Done this before has he?" asked Bobby.

"Yeah, but not quite this bad," shouted Sam over the wails. "I know what'll make him stop but I hate to do it…" The old man's eyes grew wide and he crossed his arms over his chest again as he watched Sam walk off to the living room with the boy.