The story is about a girl who also cuts herself and it is transitioned into the novel. It involves the same characters and it takes place at the end of the book. Enjoy.

I ran outside of school so frustrated that I knew what I had to do. I ran to my "spot" right behind the restaurant where I knew I could be alone. I arrived there quickly considering the fact that I ran there. I took out my razor blade in which I bought yesterday. I placed the blade to my forearm and started to cut away. As I was cutting I kept thinking about what happened to me at school.

Speaking aloud to myself I said "that's for teasing me, that's for holding me down and beating me up"

Tears began to stream down my face and I completely broke down. I had tears running down my face and blood running down my arm. I placed my razor blade back in my backpack and just there and stared at my arm and watched how my own blood could take pain away.

I diverted my eyes away from my arm and looked up to notice a couple staring at me from afar. I saw them on my way ,but I figured they were busy getting lost in each others eyes that they wouldn't take notice of me. I think they might have seen me cut myself. As soon as that thought hit me I took of running .

All of a sudden I hear footsteps running behind gaining pace , I turn my head to see who was following me when BAM a guy and girl pushes me down to the ground. I get up as quickly as possible ,but I don't know what to do. I am frozen in my own tracks as if there were two pieces of gum holding down my shoes.

I looked up at them and I realized they weren't staring at me ,but at my arm in which there was blood dripping down to the floor. They were staring at it as if they have just seen me naked.

All I knew was that they caught me and that I had to get out of there.

I will be updating this story every week..