Lucius Malfoy was strolling happily down Diagon Alley. Scratch that. A Malfoy didn't 'stroll', it was more accurate to say he was 'strutting' or 'swaggering'. That sounded better. Lucius Malfoy was strutting down Diagon Alley, not particularly looking for anything, but he just felt like seeing what there was to see. He was passing a certain little road-side stand when something caught his eye.

The silver snake head with ruby eyes gleamed on the end of the long, ebony black cane. Lucius picked it up and examined it. It was perfect. For what, he wasn't sure, but all he knew was, he liked it. The owner popped up from behind the stand, "Oi! No touching the merchandise!" The grubby little man exclaimed, until he saw who it was that was touching the merchandise, "Oh, sorry Mr. Malfoy. Do you like that? It's real rubies and the silver and wood are reinforced with enchantments to keep from scratching or breaking. And watch," the owner took the cane back, pulled the snake head off, and indicating to the hole inside the head, he said, "you can put you wand inside for safe keeping and easy access."

The owner of the pitiful stand handed the cane back to Lucius, who considered it again, before placing the appropriate amount of Galleons on the stand and walking away, without so much as a thank-you. He was quite pleased with his purchase and he tested it out during the rest of his walk down the Alley. It felt good in his hands and it made him feel more powerful and influential by the moment. Taking out his wand, he slipped it into its compartment and tested it out. Whispering 'Whimgardium Leviosa', and flicking the wand, a near-by stand shot into the air. Lucius let it drop with a smash, then he smiled happily and Apparated home.

Draco Malfoy was awaiting his father's return home anxiously. After-all, what's a 5 year-old got to do all day but wait for his father to come home and play with him. When Lucius Apparated into the front lawn, Draco ran out to him, squealing in delight. When Lucius saw his son, his typical Malfoy demeanor melted and he smiled as he swung his pride and joy up into the air, "How are you today, Draco? Did you keep Mommy safe while Daddy was away?"

Draco giggled uncontrollably while his father tickled him, "Yes, yes! I kept Mommy safe!" He said through gasps of air and shrieks of laughter.

"That's my boy." Lucius smiled as he set his son down on the ground. They both went inside and Draco went skittering up to his room to get one of his favorite toys for his dad and him to play with, while Lucius went to find his beautiful wife, Narcissa, in the den.

Narcissa Malfoy was sitting near the fireplace, when Lucius walked in to show her his new purchase. He held the cane up and let the silver sparkle in the firelight. He explained all about the enchantments and pulled the head off to reveal his wand. Narcissa looked at the cane for a few seconds after her husband was done talking about it. Then she rolled her eyes and said, "Dear… That looks like a Pimp-cane."