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"Powers." Only years of rigorous self discipline kept Derek Powers from jumping a foot in the air. He turned quickly, but there was no one behind him. "You threatened people in my city. You tried to extort business owners and CEOs."

"You can't prove a thing." Powers was confident of that – he was careful, years of training ensuring that he would never leave evidence behind.

"I don't need any – but you're right, I can't prove it." A long ominous pause. "Which is why I'm giving you until noon tomorrow to vacate my city."

"I'm not about to be chased away by some freak in –" Powers gave a squeak of fright as he was suddenly pressed against the railing so far he was nearly falling over it. The man – monster, he corrected himself – looming over him looked as though he was carved from granite.

"Noon. Don't make me come here a second time." Powers was thrown to the balcony floor in a pile of limbs. By the time he had made it to his feet, Batman had gone, nothing left behind to show he had ever been present. Powers gave his collar a nervous pull and retreated back into the illusionary safety of his room. He had a lot to prepare for.

"Mr. Wayne?" Victoria, the latest in a long line of secretaries, paged him just before lunch. Bruce answered in the affirmative and she continued, "Mr. Powers called to cancel his appointment –he said something urgent had come up with his main plant and he needed to make it back as soon as possible. He sends his apologies and hopes that he can talk to you at a later date."

"Thank you Victoria." Bruce switched off the speaker and leaned back, a grim smile appearing on his features. "I hope we can talk at a later date too. I fact, I guarantee we will."


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