Gibbs had a hunch. And his hunch was correct. He returned to the Navy Yard long after hours. The building was empty. All the lights were off. Well, almost all of them. When Gibbs walked into the Bull Pen, he was surprised to find the young member of his team working hard at his desk.

"McGee?" Gibbs asked.

The young agent's face shot up above the screen of his computer. His eyes were wide and illuminated by the light coming from the screen.

"McGee, what on earth are you doing here?" His tone wasn't exactly harsh, it was more strict.

McGee stared at him for a minute. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. The Boss would never approve of this. "Um… I was just… just finishing some paperwork," McGee stuttered.

Gibbs narrowed his eyes. He could tell the young Probie was lying. He walked around McGee's desk and observed the file that was portrayed on the monitor. The name at the top read: "James Diez".


"Look, Boss, before you start yelling at me, let me explain," McGee interrupted. Gibbs gave a curt nod of approval. The young agent sighed inwardly. "I know, we've been working for eleven days straight, but this girl, Cameron… Her life's been pulled apart at the seams, and I feel like I'm partly responsible! I know it's not true, but I can't help but feel that way! Child services are coming by tomorrow afternoon, and it's my last chance to make it right!" McGee looked desperately at Gibbs. The Boss's face was masked and emotionless, triggering the young agent's panic. "Look! Boss, I've been here for eleven days! One more day won't matter!" Gibbs raised an eyebrow. "I have to, Boss! I… I-" Gibbs put a hand on McGee's shoulder.

"McGee. I understand. You have my permission," Gibbs nodded. He felt a pang in his heart for the young agent and this girl. There was a connection between them. The same kind of connection that he and Kelly had. Like father-daughter.

McGee sat down at his desk and began typing again. Gibbs picked up his cell-phone and dialed a number. "DiNozzo. Day's not over. Get Ziva and come back to the Navy Yard," And then he hung up.

In little less than half an hour a very tired Tony and Ziva sat at their desks, typing furiously.

"Boss, what is it that we're looking for?" Tony asked yawning.

"Ask McGee," Gibbs responded simply.

All eyes were on McGee who felt hot under the pressure. "Um… I actually don't know…" He said quietly.

"Way to be helpful McUnhelpful," Tony said flatly.

There was silence, and for a long time the only sound was fingers skating across the keys. Then the silence was broken. "Uh, Boss? You'd better have a look at this," McGee said.


Cameron Diez had spent the night with Abby. In morning, she brought Cameron back to the Navy Yard. Cameron spent the day in the conference room. She noticed that none of Gibbs team was there all day. It was five in the afternoon before it seemed the Gibbs team got back. Agent McGee walked into the conference room to take Cameron away to child services and have her life torn apart again. She couldn't help but feel hatred towards McGee. He was taking her away. But she didn't want to hate him. So she stayed silent.

She was lead out of the conference room. She trudged slowly in front of the Bull Pen, with her head down. Suddenly, McGee stopped. There was the ding of the elevator. Cameron slowly looked up and her eyes looked into a face, so familiar, with short dark brown hair and dark eyes. She stood there, completely still. Her breathing deepened. Tears threatened to fall.

"Cameron…" The man said quietly.

"Daddy!" She said. She leaped into her father's open arms and buried her face into his shoulder. "They told me you were dead! They said… they said…"

James Diez slowly stroked his daughter's hair. "They told me you and Carson had died. I moved here because your mother always wanted to live in D.C. But that doesn't matter! All that matters is that you're here. And Carson is waiting for us at the airport! We can go home now,"

James took Cameron's hand and they started to leave, but Cameron broke free and tackled McGee in a hug. "Aurora," She said, looking up at him.

"What?" McGee asked, confused.

"You asked me who my favorite Disney princess was. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty," She said. She kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you for everything," She said, and ran back to her father. They stepped into the elevator.

"And they lived happily ever after," McGee whispered as the elevator doors closed.