((Before this tale begins, first I feel a bit of an introduction is in order.

While I'm new to FFN as an author (been a lurker/reader FOEREVER), I'm not new to Voltron fan fiction and have penned a few stories before. As child in the 80s I grew up on the cartoon so that has become my frame of reference for my writing, though I may nab bits from here and there at times as well. (I'm mean really, those old flight suits have got to go.)

Disclaimer: I am a rabid K and A mush maker so if you hate mushy go ahead and move on now. Alright, so its more mush with an edge most of the times, but it's still romanticized drivel!

This fic has been in my head a loooong time so its probably going to end up being a loooooong one, Ill try and keep posting in small bites as regularly as I can so long as life doesn't get in the way.

And the standard don't own it, didn't invent it, just having fun adding twists, turns, and a heavy seasoning of spice to it.



"You are a misguided fool!" The witch growled out from the tome she was reading as her nail drug along the archaic symbols describing the ingredients of the spell.

"You are not here for your opinion on its merits, Old Witch. Just tell me if the spell can be done?" The Prince of doom stood tall, fists tightening and licking his lips at the possibilities.

The witch's angry eyes rose up to lock with his overly ambitious ones. "Yes."

The tip of Lotor's tongue paused on a fang as a smile grew across his lips. "Then stop wasting my time and make it happen!"

"Yes, your Highness." The witch snarled. "But I again must warn you, this spell will work but it may not have the expected outcome that you…"

"Shut up, old Witch, and do my bidding!" He flung his cape back over his shoulders and strode towards her, his long legs closing the distance quickly. Standing across the narrow table where the tome laid he loomed over her shorter form and glowered down into her eyes. "You will do my bidding, Witch, and just as I ask. I will not have you meddle with my plans like my father has." He forcefully jabbed his finger to the open page of the book. "This is brilliant and you don't want to admit it…" He crooked his head shifting to a predatory gaze. "or is it that you do not wish me to succeed?"

Haggar's jaw clenched. "You want this spell?"

He pulled back slightly grinning. "Yes."

"Just as it is?"

"Yessssss." He hissed out.

She pulled out a sheet of parchment and made some scribbling, folded it and passed it to the Prince. "Then get me these things!"

He took a step back, unfolding the paper to read. "Hmmm, difficult, but not impossible. You will have your ingredients, Old Witch!" Tucking the paper away he spun on his heal and stormed out of the witch's layer.

A quiet fell over the room, just the sounds of various pots gurgling filling the void. The witch again looked down into the tome and skimmed the ancient and powerful spell. "Misguided Fool!" A mirthful smile slowly grew and she begin to cackle gleefully, her chilling laughter echoing off the walls.