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Chapter 14 - Well I Guess This Is What They Call 'The End'

I didn't speak to Blaine for two weeks.

I deleted every guy from my phonebook, Alex, Zachary, everyone. I didn't want to be in contact with them – I knew I couldn't because I only wanted one person. The one number I did keep though became unused, forgotten.

We didn't hang out in the same areas so there was no chance of crossing paths. I went back to the bars I used to frequent (except for that one), started shopping at my normal stores. I wanted to contact him, I really did. But I knew what I had said was out of order. He wasn't ready like I was – wasn't able to step out of his persona and just be himself. The old Kurt returned easily and settled in as if nothing had happened. It was like he never even existed.

"Kurt?" Cassandra and Ashley were harder to change. Ever since that day they tiptoed around me like someone had died. I'd been able to cope for a while but now it was just annoying.

"Yes?" My response was tired. Cassandra smiled and Ashley rubbed her hand over mine comfortingly.


"It's been two weeks guys – I'm over it."

"Are you?" My friends stirred their coffee, looking for all the world like therapists. Pretty soon this garden chair was going to turn into a couch.

"Yeah. I am. I've forgotten…him." Damn. My inability to say his name had given me away. Both girls sighed again and I slumped down into my chair, letting my own drink go cold.

Stepping into my apartment got lonelier every time I did it. Blaine had never really spent much time in there but somehow his aura had stayed, even when his person hadn't. Having it gone just left me with a vast emptiness, not helped by the realisation that this was now the scene of two failed relationships. The bedroom was even worse. The first week I'd resorted to sleeping on the couch, which had brought back even more memories that had lead me to transfer to the floor. Eventually though my back had given in and I'd gone back to the scene of the crime – washing the sheets three times before daring to get inside and chucking out anything that might vaguely smell of my old friend. I needed a new wardrobe anyway.

This day I trudged inside and dropped my bags on the floor, bending down to pick up my post that was scattered beside it. As I wandered towards the kitchen ready to make myself a very strong coffee I flicked through it, stopping when I saw a sending address I recognised. Walking over to the counter I leant against it as my finger sawed the letter open, pulling it out and opening it up slowly.

Dear Mr Hummel,

Thank you for sending us the demo of Blaine Anderson. After listening to it we have decided we would like to meet and discuss the possibility of working with him in the near future. If you could pass this information along to him or his agent we would be very grateful.

Yours sincerely

Epic Records

My eyebrows rose. I could barely even remember sending off the demo. I must have done it at least a month ago. An ironic smile spread across my face as I realised how amazing this news could have been in different circumstances, possibly with more than one person opening the letter and celebrating. Oh well. I guess I could pass it onto him. Suddenly I was annoyed at tearing the envelope so vigorously and therefore rendering it useless to just seal up and post again.

Placing it on the side and moving over to the coffee machine I heard the pitter patter of rain on the window and saw a storm brewing outside. Pretty much pathetic fallacy. I set the machine running and walked over to the window, just standing there and watching the precipitation fall. It was kind of beautiful in a strange way. The sound of the drops hitting the roofs, the flow of it as it travelled through pipes and drains, the patterns made in the growing puddles with random bits of oil. As long as you were inside, rain was pretty awesome. If you weren't though, it was cold wet and horrible. I'd been caught out way too many times and I'd hated every one of them.

Hearing the click of the machine I poured my drink and then sat down on my couch, still looking outside at the rain but switching the TV on so I could have some background noise too. It was some auction show and I thought about watching it, but decided the host had too much fake tan on and was wearing the most horrendous jacket. Resting my head back and staring at the ceiling I thought about when my life had become so boring and groaned.

Knock knock.

I sat up with a start. Well that hadn't happened for a while. For a second I wondered if I'd ordered takeout and forgotten, but remembered the chilli I had planned for dinner.

Knock knock

Cassandra and Ashley never bothered to knock. Or if they did they had a special one that I could recognise. Alejandro?


Ok, the person was getting impatient now. Standing up I walked towards the door grumbling to myself.

"Ok, ok, I'm coming chill out…" I unhooked the chain and pulled open the door, ready to give hell to the person that had interrupted my self-loathing.

I froze.

"Kurt." Blaine was soaked. Completely and utterly soaked to the skin. It almost looked like someone had painted his clothes on, and I would have thought so if his hair wasn't also dripping wet. There was a pool of water collecting round his feet and in his hands sat a very battered and also soaked bunch of flowers.

"Blaine?" It was hard to disguise the shock in my voice. I couldn't tell if it was due to how soaked he was or just because he was there. "What are you doing here?"

"Well I tried to get a taxi here but I didn't have enough money for the whole fare so I had to walk the rest." Blaine replied, shaking his head lightly so a shower of drops cascaded down. "It's raining."

"I know." A small chuckle escaped from my lips and he looked up, almost surprised by the sound. "You're soaking. I'll get you a towel." It was funny – despite all we'd been through, all the shit that had happened and the current tension between us – my first thought was still for his welfare. I went to turn back towards my apartment, but Blaine grabbed hold of my arm, sending another sprinkling of water everywhere.

"Wait." He said. "I need to say something first. And I've kinda been preparing it this whole way here." Stopping immediately I spun back round and let both our hands drop back down to our sides. Blaine ran his hand through his hair one more time before taking a deep breath and continuing.

"I've been an ass." For once it was hard to disagree. "Like seriously – I have been the biggest douche on the planet. A super douche." He looked apologetic and I felt my heart beginning to melt, all the bars I had erected around it slowly falling down. "I didn't…I didn't realise what I had with you until it was gone. And it sucked. Like I have been moping round my apartment this whole time. And I haven't had sex once." Wow that was certainly something. I raised my eyebrow and Blaine laughed nervously. "And then I realised that I never really told you this. That you mean that much to me. So it took me a while, but me coming here in the rain and standing in front of you soaking wet with an incredibly cheap and tacky bunch of ruined flowers is my way of saying that I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, and that…I love you." The sharp intake of breath echoed around the hallway. Blaine looked even more nervous, his eyes searching mine for a reaction, for a response. I paused, thinking about my answer and then realising I didn't want to think about it at all.

"You're an ass Blaine." I replied, making his expression falter, but I continued. "A huge ginormous ass. And I've been feeling like shit recently. But I'm so glad you're here." Pushing the flowers out of his hands I leant forward to wrap arms around him, drawing him close and pressing my body hard against him. Blaine exhaled, moving his own arms to wrap around me too and I felt his nose press against my shoulder, taking in deep breaths. He smelt like rain mixed with something else. To my delight I realised the smell was just Blaine.

"So do you forgive me then?" He murmured into my shoulder after a few seconds. I looked up slightly.

"For what? Being an ass?"

"Yes, that." Bringing both our heads up to face each other I smiled, before replying.

"I do." Blaine smiled and suddenly his lips were on mine. Immediately I closed my eyes and just revelled in the feeling, the feeling I'd been deprived of for so long. Blaine ran his fingers through my hair, just like he had all those weeks ago in his room and I immediately pulled him into the apartment. Once we were inside I increased the passion, kissing him deeper and digging my hands into his sides. Man this felt amazing. So amazing.

"Oh God, Kurt." Filled with immense happiness I eventually pulled away, letting the sound of our breathing mix with the rain outside. Blaine stared back with love in his eyes and it filled my heart with joy.

"That was fun."

"It was indeed."

"Mmmn." We both grinned and my friend leant forward to press another soft kiss to my lips. He went to deepen it but I suddenly remembered the letter next to the coffee machine. "Hey guess what?" Blaine whined at our loss of contact but I persisted, wanting to continue. "I got a letter from Epic Records. They want an interview with you."

"What?" Shock was written across my friend's face. "How..? How did they even get my demo?"

"I sent it to them. A while ago. And didn't tell you." My reply was sheepish and he responded happily, pulling me in for another kiss.

"So I have an interview?"


"A real interview?"

"Uh huh."

"Holy shit! That's amazing! Thank you so much!"

"No problem. But don't screw this up!" My finger prodded his arm and Blaine shook his head.

"I won't I won't. I swear." He looked so happy and adorable that I pulled him in again, unable to resist. I just couldn't believe he was here, that we were together again. Finally.

"You are really wet." I said after a while, letting my words ghost over his lips as we parted for a millisecond.

"Yeah I know, I'm sorry."

"You know the best way to dry off would be to just get rid of these clothes…" Running my finger coyly down Blaine's chest I tilted my head to the side, giving him a knowing look. "And you said you hadn't had sex in a while. Maybe we could rectify that…" A smile spread across my face, making him grin back, before he pulled me in close so out noses were touching.

"That sounds beyond amazing, but I want to do something else first."

"Oh, and what's that?"



I woke up with a blissful smile on my face. Sunlight was streaming through the open window and there was a faint breeze blowing in from outside – refreshing but not cold. I stared up at the ceiling for a couple of seconds before rolling over and instantly frowning. The bed was empty.

"Blaine?" Sitting up I slipped on some boxers and walked groggily out of the bedroom and into the main room. My eyes were still getting used to the light and I felt around the doorframe until I could focus and look towards the kitchen. There was a figure standing in front of the hob – also dressed in just his boxers, but with an apron draped over his front for what seemed like safety. Wait – he was wearing an apron.

"Blaine?" I repeated the name again and this time got a response. My boyfriend turned round and fixed me with a wide smile, one that was hard not to reciprocate.

"Hi there." It was then that I smelt it. Burning.

"Oh my God, what are you doing?" Suddenly panicked I rushed over, pushing Blaine out of the way and observing the scene on the hob.

"What's wrong?"

"It's burning! Can't you smell that?"

"Isn't that what it's supposed to smell like?" I almost laughed, grabbing hold of frying pan and removing it from the heat.

"Eggs Blaine. You burnt eggs."

"They're not burnt!"

"You see those black bits there? That's burnt!" Suddenly his face fell and I realised I'd taken my criticism a little too far.

"I was just trying to make breakfast. You know, be romantic." My boyfriend ran his finger along the side of the hob, which was already dotted with little spots of oil and half cooked egg. His eyes looked downwards and his expression was completely forlorn. Oh man.

"Hey…" Letting go of the pan I reached out a hand to run it through his hair, causing him to look up and see my sympathetic gaze. "I'm sorry. We can still salvage this."

"Not sure I want to now…"

"No. Come on. Pass me the butter." Signalling to the pot over to our left Blaine reached out and handed it to me. I tipped the burnt eggs onto a plate and placed a knob of butter in the now empty frying pan, picking up two eggs and cracking them into it. As we watched them cook I let my free hand slip round Blaine's waist and tugged him in closer.

"Did you seriously not eat eggs before you met me or something?"

"No. I'm just a bad cook." Smiling I let my nose rest in the crook of his neck and breathed in his smell again. If we weren't careful our scents were going to begin to mingle, the amount of time we spent together.

A minute or so later there were two perfectly cooked eggs sitting next to the burnt ones. We took one of each and accompanied them with some toast. Once you cut the black bits off Blaine's they actually didn't taste all that bad.

"So…" I said, cocking my head to the side and gazing at my boyfriend lazily. "What do you have planned for today?"

"On this Saturday? Well I have preparations for that gig."

"The Roxy one?"


"Mmmn." I'd been meaning to liaise with Jonathan on that front. Not that I wouldn't be able to get tickets off Blaine. And a backstage pass.

"I need to go down to the venue. And Jonathan will probably wanna see my set list."

"Can't you just text it to him?" I was shot a look across the table.

"Kurt. He's my manager. I think he deserves a face to face meeting."

"Ok." I left my answer hanging, hoping that it would prompt an inquest. Unfortunately my boyfriend was being slow today.

"What about you? What are your plans?"

"Absolutely nothing." I leant back in my chair, slipping the last piece of egg off my fork and into my mouth. My arms stretched upwards, arching my back, and I shot Blaine a look that told him everything he needed to know.

"Oh." The look on his face was priceless. Half surprise, half undeniable lust.

"Yes. Oh."

"Is that why you-?"


"And you-?"


"Hmm…" He seemed to pause, pondering something, and for a second I got worried he'd missed the point of our conversation completely. Then suddenly he stood up from his chair, walked over towards me and planted himself in my lap.

A tongue was down my throat before I had any time to respond. Blaine groaned, digging his hands into my hair and I responded eagerly. Still after all this time I'd never got used to the effect his taste had on me – just feeling it all inside my mouth drove me crazy. As we deepened the kiss further my boyfriend moved further up onto me and his leg accidentally slipped, sending it crashing between mine so I shouted out.

"OH FUCK!" We were both rock hard already.

"Kurt." Blaine moaned, breaking away momentarily to mutter the word over and over again, in between the sloppy kisses he attached to my face. "Kurt oh Kurt…"

"Do you want to go to the venue now?" I asked teasingly, my voice also cracking with desperate need.

"No. Definitely not."

"And Jonathan?"

"Text! A text." Satisfied that I had my boyfriend sufficiently aroused I pulled him in for another final kiss, before speaking the immortal words.


We made the journey in less than five seconds.

My back fell against the bed with a loud thunk, and Blaine was on top of me in a heartbeat, his knee pressing down on my crotch so I screamed.

"BLAINE!" Happy with the response my boyfriend moved his leg down so he could grind onto me – I screamed out again and he attached his lips to my collarbone, sucking hard. Je-sus Christ.

"Oh Kurt," he whispered in between breaths, "you're so hot…so hot…" I yanked his head up to mine so I could crash our lips together and my other hand reached down towards his boxers. Due to the fact that we were barely wearing anything to begin with, it didn't take us long to get naked. Once our underwear was discarded on the floor I ground up against Blaine one final time and broke away.


"Yes?" With his response, and the look in his eyes, I knew that he would pretty much do whatever I asked.

"Make love to me."

With that my mouth was cut off again. Blaine kissed me with so much passion and need I felt like I was going to explode. I felt him bring his other hand up from my side to his face and he broke away momentarily to lick at it ferociously, sending me wild. Once it was lubricated enough he shifted me into position, circling my entrance lightly before slipping two fingers inside.

The loud hiss that spilled from my mouth echoed round the room. Blaine immediately reached forward to silence me, attempting to kiss away the burning, and I tried to focus on that and the way his fingers were twisting around inside me instead of the pain. One finger brushed against my cluster of nerves and my whole body jerked upwards, screaming into Blaine's mouth and grabbing hold of the bed covers roughly.

"Oh God more MORE!" He obliged, adding in another finger, and I writhed beneath him, caught between immense pleasure and searing, burning pain.

"Kurt baby, Kurt…" Blaine seemed concerned but I pushed myself down, fucking his fingers and he groaned, kissing me again.

Pretty soon there were five fingers inside me, stretching and scissoring like crazy, until finally we broke away, already panting and sweaty from the exertion. As Blaine removed his fingers I mewed at the emptiness and he fell apart, licking his hand furiously and then pumping his aching cock. I wanted to help out but knew we would never get round to what I really wanted if I did.

"Blaine…" I said softly, reaching out my fingers to paw lightly at his skin, want in my eyes and my mouth open slightly. My boyfriend shut his eyes and pumped harder, lubing himself up until finally he let go, grabbing hold of my legs and wrenching them onto his shoulders.

"Oh God God GOD!" He said, keeping his eyes screwed shut, almost as if he was trying not to come there and then. I stroked his arms, whispering his name over and over again to calm him down and slowly they opened again.

"Make love to me." I repeated, wanting nothing more there and then, and without another word he pushed himself inside.


Just fuck.

Both of us groaned simultaneously, titling out heads back and arching our backs. Blaine dug his fingers into my sides, pricking me with his fingernails, and I scratched at them with my own. Slowly, almost too slowly for me to stand, my boyfriend pulled out and then slipped back in. Oh God it was torturous.

"Blaine, fuck Blaine…" I breathed, already panting like crazy. He leant forward to kiss me again, pushing himself in deeper and I wrapped my arm around his neck, pulling him in as close as I possibly could.

"Kurt…I can't…" Blaine's eyes were dark with lust and I could tell all he wanted to do was fuck me senseless – I wanted that too, but somehow this was even better. This was…perfect.

"I love you." The words sent another shiver running between the two of us – my boyfriend's breath caught and he pushed himself in again.

"I love you too, oh God I love you too." We began to rock together, both of us repeating the same phrase over and over again, our voices barely heard over the sound of our heavy breathing. I felt the coiling in my stomach build slowly and beautifully, Blaine's sweat mingling with mine, until what seemed like hours later I came, whispering his name under my breath. He followed seconds later and our orgasms stretched out and intertwined – almost having their own intercourse.

Once we'd both come down from the haze Blaine slipped out of me, turning us both on our sides and cuddling up next to me. I brought my hand up to stroke at his face, marvelling at how shaky I was and he brought his own up to steady it.

"That was…" He began, staring at me with love in his eyes.

"…Perfect." I took in every part of his face, from the dark curls on his head to the faint stubble on his chin. It was all mine. Blaine was mine.

"I love you so much." A smile spread across my face, my fingers moving to trace the lips that had just said possibly the best words I had ever heard in my life.

"I love…I love you…" I wasn't even able to express a response. Our lips met in a searing kiss, one that filled me up with joy right from my toes to the tips of my hair.



The End

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