I thought I couldn't love. That the emotion was reserved for those who were truly good. I certainly didn't feel like I even deserved it, but perhaps the light he possessed was so great that it washed away everything bad I had ever done. That gentle radiance always seemed to shimmer against my shadows; drawing me to him like a moth to flame. Even when I lost myself so completely to the darkness that the ebony thorns in my heart threatened to break it, he remained…always there to save me.

I don't know when I felt the need for his light shift like it did. It was frightening to think he might not feel the same way, but I still wanted to capture that smile. I still wanted to wipe away the tears he cried for me. I still wanted to drown in his light if it meant that I would forever be a part of him. When we sat on the edge of everything, watching…waiting, I thought I might be able to love him. That the emotion might not seem so terrible if he was the one I could share it with.

It's my secret : I love you…Sora.

AN/ Lol another story that I have to slave over like a crazy person! Luckily, this set of themes by FFNet author Wishing-Fire is only ten strong so I should be done with this pretty fast...I hope. The 200 words thing was fun to do as well. It was neat to try and compress everything I wanted to say and I think I did okay. Let me know what you think about it 8D