Every night I found myself staring at the stars, despite my emotionless state of mind. I felt some sense of soothing numbness as I constantly glanced accidentally-on purpose upon the star of Radiant Garden.

'Try not to think about it.'

I heaved a soft sigh, allowing another stream of tears to start. The flow began as I realized that some kind of light actually blinked erratically across the night sky. It seemed to be for me, racing against the sky before sputtering out and crashing onto the soft sand in front of me. And there stood Sora, shaking from the roughness of his travel here.

"You were right." Sora gripped my collar, hesitating for a long moment while his breath burned against my face. Then the distance vanished in a shy tasting of my lips.

"I had everything I wanted…but not what I needed."

"What?" I reeled from that contact and only barely heard Sora.

"I need you. I can't do anything without you." I felt a smile creep across my face.

"That sounds about right." Sora blushed, openly flustered.

"You're lucky." His heated pout was adorable.

"Why is that?"

"Because…I love you."

How very true.

AN/ Duck yeah! I finished it! The end seems a little off to me, but that might just be me...as usual XD I actually thought that the ending would not be a happy one, but after 9 chapters of emotional hell, even I wanted there to be some kind of silver lining. I didn't get time to add it, but Kairi totally understood...everybody wins! Other than that, I hope you all enjoyed my story. Maybe in the future, I'll try for another one or something o.O
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