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Chapter 7


Buttercup woke up the next day and got dressed in black baggy jeans and a dark green wife-beater, pulled on her heavy combat boots, did her make up, and left for school. On the way there, she was fidgeting with every single thing she can in order to keep her mind off of what Butch would say about yesterday. When she was in first period, she feared the bell, not wanting to face her friend.

The bell rang, and she avoided second period for as long as she could. Going to the bathroom and just staring in the mirror and walking as slowly as possible helped, up until the next bell rang. She walked into class and looked by her seat and there he was, just like everyday, waiting for her in his baggy blue jeans and his green sweatshirt. But he didn't have his hat on. For the first time since they'd known each other, she had never seen his hair. It was all black except for his bangs. They were bleached. His hair went down to his nose and was shaved on the sides so it was only on the top of his head and all combed back.

Buttercup walked over to her friend and sat down, saying nothing. Butch looked over at her and smiled. She turned her head and Butch quickly turned his back to the front of the class. Buttercup smirked and turned her head toward the front as well. Butch turned his head to look at her again. Buttercup quickly snapped her head around and caught a glimpse of his green eyes before he snapped his head back to the front.

"HA! I got you!" Buttercup said to him.

"What? What are you talking about?" He replied sarcastically.

"Oh come on. Don't play dumb Oh wait. I forgot. You have no choice." She shot at him.

"Oooh. That one hurt, Buttercup. That one hurt real bad." He said, pretending to cry.

"Sure, buddy, sure." She said, giving him a play punch in the arm. She looked at him for a while before she realized that she was going to ask him a question. "Oh yeah I wanted to ask you About yesterday, is she ok?" She asked nervously. He looked at her and shrugged.

"I went to see her yesterday. She was picked up early from school so I went to go talk to her. Well, she has a black eye and a really big bump on her head, but besides that, she seems fine." Butch answered. He let out a small laugh.

"What's so funny?" Buttercup asked.

"Nothing, actually. I went to go see how she was and all I got was a grip of yelling and screaming and stuff getting thrown at me. I mean to the untrained eye, that may not seem too funny, but after all the shit I've been through, it was pretty hilarious." He said, chuckling.

"Why do you put up with all of that? I mean, do you enjoy being whipped?" Buttercup asked, confused.

"Well, I guess I don't have to put up with it anymore. The last words to come out of her mouth before I got the lamp thrown at me were 'Get the hell out of my house! I don't ever want to see you again! It's over!' so I have no objection to that. Screw her. She was a bitch anyway. Plus she can't even fight." He laughed. Buttercup couldn't help but laugh as well.

"So, you're not mad at me for beating her up?" She asked timidly.

"Me? Mad? At you?! Yeah right." Butch said smiling. "She deserved it. Anyone who throws a cheap shot deserves to get their ass beat Isn't that right, Sprout?" He said, as he grabbed her, placed her in a head lock and gave her a big noogie.

"Hey!" Buttercup yelled as she tried to get herself out of his grasp, but failed. "Come on! Your gonna mess up my hair!" She screamed.

"Oh, all you have to do is run your fingers through it and your ok." He said finally stopping.

"What about you, Mister?" She asked as she stuck her hand on his head and tussled it all up.

"Oh, you wanna see something cool?" Butch asked, smiling. "Have you ever seen Dragon Ball Z?

"Oh yeah! I love that show!" Buttercup exclaimed.

"Ok, ready?" Butch asked, bearing a chesire cat grin. He flipped his head upside down and ran his fingers through his hair and flipped his head back up really fast, making it all stick up. "Look! I'm Super Sayan Trunks!" Buttercup laughed at her dorky friend.

"Actually, it just looks like the top of you head exploded." She giggled. Butch frowned but quickly burst into laughter when he saw how much Buttercup was laughing.

"I guess I was just thinking to hard, huh?" Butch remarked. They both started laughing even harder. The teacher grew very annoyed with the behavior of the two emeralds and made them separate. That didn't stop them. They just passed notes saying things like 'Geez, Sprout. I can't see the board Move your fathead.' And 'Stop trying to think of good insults, Tree Your head might explode again'

After the bell rang to leave, the two green kids went to their next class, best friends again. At lunch, all was good. Ryan being his usual weirdo self, and Buttercup and Butch having more fun then they normally do during lunch, since Butch didn't have Myra holding him back now. Today the whole group talked about things they normally wouldn't like: 'Why does Myra have such a big butt?' 'Did you like Myra's big butt?' And 'Why did you go out with Myra if you never liked her big butt?'

Since she was out of school for the time being, no one had to worry about saying things about Myra, so they all took advantage of the situation. This went on for the rest of the week and the news about Buttercup spread all around the school. Everyone she had befriended in the school came up to her and told her not to go and that they would miss her. She would only smile sadly and say she had to go and she would miss them as well.

Friday morning

"Buttercup Buttercup" Buttercup heard a sweet sounding voice calling her name. She moaned and turned over. "Buttercup. Buttercup BUTTERCUP!!!" Buttercup jumped out her sheets and sat up trying to catch her breath, looking at the source of what woke her up Bubbles. "It's Friday. Guess who's going to dress you up for school today." She said while grabbing Buttercup's arm and dragging her to the closet.

After what seemed an endless struggle, Bubbles managed to put Buttercup in her choice of clothes for her green sister. Since Buttercup wouldn't go for anything blue to wear, she decided to use one of Buttercups green shirts and since she had no skirts or short shorts or dresses, she decided to throw in one of her short black skirts.

"Well, let's be happy that you at least shave your legs." Bubbles snapped at Buttercup. Bubbles was quick enough to dodge the punch that her green sister threw at her arm. After Bubbles slipped the tight shirt on Buttercup's body, she wrestled the skirt around her legs and took a step back. She eyed the green puff up and down for a few moments and then gave a satisfied smile to Buttercup. After a moment, Bubbles' smile faded into a frown as soon as her eyes rested on Buttercup's feet.

"Shoes." Bubbles said, still looking at her sisters bare feet.

"Shit." Buttercup said, thinking it couldn't be anyworse. After Bubbles picked a pair of black knee high boots with a three inch heal (which was good considering that Buttercup wouldn't be able to walk in anything higher) Buttercup looked in the mirror. She had to admit that she liked what she saw. For the first time in years she actually looked feminine and for the first time in her life she actually looked sexy.

"Ok. Thanks Bubbles. I really like what you did." Buttercup said to her sister.

"Wait! What about make up and hair?!" Bubbles whined.

"I'll do it myself!" Buttercup screamed as she ran down the stairs.

Later at school

Who really thought Buttercup was going to get away from Bubbles with out her hair and make up done? Yeah Right

Buttercup stepped out of the car nervously, afraid of being seen. Her hair was pulled back into a short ponytail with little barrettes holding the hair that managed to get out of the tail, down onto her head with two loose strands framing her face. Her eyes were covered in a soft, shimmering lime shadow and dark eyeliner and mascara. She was fine with that up until Bubbles started sprinkling glitter all over her sisters face. Buttercup started screaming in the bathroom when she saw the glitter. Her lips were a glossy pinkish peach that 'Made her skin color stand out and glow' according to her blue sister.

Buttercup ran out of the car and up the stairs that led to her school making sure she didn't trip in the boots she wasn't at all used to. Through out first period, she got stares from everyone, including her teacher. When the first bell rang, she walked to her second period, not expecting anything. To her surprise, all the guys were giving her wolf whistles and catcalls. She walked to the bathroom to see what the big deal was. As she was looking in the mirror, her friend Amber came in to check her make up.

"Hey Amber." Buttercup greeted. She looked over at her friend who only glimpsed at her, then snapped her head back around, as if she had seen a ghost.

"Oh my God!" Amber gaped. "I didn't even recognize you. Holy shit! You look great! I never knew you had curves or even an ass with all that baggy stuff you wear!" Buttercup couldn't help but blush. It may have been a crude way of saying she looked good, but even in crude form she didn't get it much.

The second bell rang and the two girls bade each other good bye. Buttercup nervously opened the door to her second period class and slowly walked in. she looked over to where she usually sat with Butch and found him there, waiting for her. She walked over and sat down.

Butch looked at Buttercup and his jaw dropped. He had never seen her in a skirt or with her hair up or anything and was she wearing glitter? He couldn't believe his eyes.

"Wow That's all I can say Wow" He was at a loss for words. She looked over at him and gave him a shy look.

"You like it?" She asked.

"God yes! Oh my God. How long did it take you to do all that?" Butch asked, surprised to see her so girly.

"Well, Bubbles attacked me around 6:30 and was done around 7:45 so it took a while." She said smiling. He chuckled.

"All I can say is that you look really good." He told her. "Good job." Buttercup laughed. They went on with the day as if nothing happened, even thought every guy was looking in Buttercup's direction.

By lunch, Buttercup felt like she was on display at a museum. Everyone knew they couldn't touch her, so they all looked at her as much as they possibly could. She went and got her lunch and went over to her group. She wanted to sit on the floor like she did everyday because it was too cold to stand, but thought twice since she wasn't in her normal attire.

She was standing and eating her lunch when she heard footsteps coming up behind her.

"Show us your boobs." She heard a voice whisper in her ear. She spun around and saw a grinning Ryan staring back at her. She smiled and pushed his face away.

"Your such a dork." She laughed. Just then she felt a strong embrace come up from behind her.

"Hey Sprout." She heard Butch's voice say. She turned around and sunk into his strong hug. The only difference was that this hug didn't end. Since Bubbles stole her sweatshirt from her, and it was a cold day, he kept her shivering body warm. Ryan looked over to where the two emeralds were standing.

"Hey Buttercup, are you cold or something?" He asked jokingly. Buttercup turned her head to face Ryan in order to answer him but instead was caught by her lips touching Butch's. The kiss lasted longer then their first forgotten one, but still had no tongue and meant much more then any bystander would have thought. Just then, Buttercup pulled away.

"That wasn't the first time that's happened, huh?" She asked him. "We've done that before." Butch only looked in her dark green eyes.

"I'm sorry." Butch told her. "I didn't want to tell you because I was afraid you would be mad or you wouldn't want to be my friend. We were drunk. You forgot it happened but I remembered." Butch looked down and then back to her eyes. "I don't want you to think that I only did it because of the way you look today. I've always loved you. Even before I saw you on your first day here. I always knew we would meet again after that day we were first created and I've always been meaning to tell you the next time we met, but Myra was in the way." He took a step back from her to see what her reaction would be.

Buttercup didn't know what to feel. First anger took over because of the fact that he had kept the kiss at the party a secret from her, then she felt total love after the speech he had just said. She could tell he was afraid of what she would do to him, so she decided to play along with it. Buttercup walked up to him and raised her knee as if she was going to kick him in a certain spot. He winced and tried to guard himself. He was surprised to feel no contact whatsoever but instead an embrace and a kiss on the cheek.

"I've liked you for the longest time, Butch. Now that Myra's not in the way, I can say it. I love you." Buttercup whispered.

"Awww. I think I'm gonna cry." She heard Ryan say.

"I love you too, Buttercup." He told her back. Just then, he felt a knee come up again and strike him in the place he feared most. He winced in pain and fell to the floor on his knees, grabbing where he was just hit.

"Just don't ever keep anything from me again, Ok sweetie? I'll see you after school." She said as she kissed the top of his head and went off to fifth period.

"Oooh. Now I'm really gonna cry." Ryan said as he walked off to class. Butch got up slowly and walked to class, still hurting. At the end of the day, everyone bade Buttercup a final farewell. Butch gave Buttercup a long hug and a kiss goodbye and talked everyday and spent every weekend together. And that's how your grandpa and grandma started going out.

"So are you saying it's ok for us to kick some guy in the nuts if they lie to us, mom?" A little blond girl with long hair asked.

"No, but I'm sure if grandma Buttercup was hear she would tell you 'yes'." The mother with long black hair said. "Now everyone, go to bed. Story time's over." A little boy with black hair got up from the floor and help his sister with red pigtails up off the floor as well.

"Good night, mom." All three kids said as they walked up the stairs.

"Goodnight, kids." The mother called. "Maybe tomorrow, I'll tell you a story about Mojo Jojo." She said as she, too, went to bed.

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