Oh well, I've been stalking around this site for awhile, and after learning some basic ropes and reading random fanfictions, I decided to write one of my own.

Don't kill me if you see mistakes or something lame – this is my very first fanfic. Bear with me will you? I do try my best, but still…

I decided to make a Pokémon-based story, BW based to be exact. Because, well, I find it much easier than to go AU. It's much easier to have a guideline in making story (at least for me).

This is going to be a (hopefully) short Chesshipping (Hilda x Hilbert) fanfic. I don't hate Ferriswheel, but I didn't find much Chess around. And I had this random idea for awhile.

Disclaimer : I don't own Pokémon. Only the Driftveil Trio and my laptop.

~ Subway Trouble ~
Prologue : Way to Nimbasa

A brunette raised her hands in front of her face, trying to cover her eyes from the sandstorms. They're extremely common in Route 4, which is some common knowledge she did not possess.

Said brunette was wearing a white shirt under a black vest, a short (very short, one might add) blue pants, and black boots with pink shoelaces. She also wears a white cap with pink Pokéball symbol and beak, X-Transciever in her left arm, black classy belt which has Pokéballs hanging from it, and a pink slingbag. Her blue eyes squinted and her ponytail is flailing here and there because of the sandstorms.

"I should've brought a goggles with me…" she muttered. This sandstorm is literally killing her. Now she understands why there's a goggles vendor just outside Castelia.

"Yo, lassie! 'Kay over there?"

The brunette looked up ahead. A man is running towards her. He had a black hair, wearing a white shirt, beige jeans down to his knees and a pair of slippers. He was carrying a big backpack with three Pokéballs hanging from it. Oh, and he wears a black goggles.

"Are you talking to me?" she questioned, pointing her index finger against her chest.

"Well, don't see any other person 'round here. S'posse it's you!" he answered as he come closer, now only a meter from each other. He rubbed the back of his neck while Hilda fidgeted with her cap.

"What'cha thinkin', going through Route 4 without goggles on?" he asked.

"Umm, I heard Route 4 is quite the desert, but I don't expect the storm to be THIS hard" she answered, rubbing her eyes.

"Ya kiddin' me? You'll end up with a red eye! Thought Route 4 is famous from the harsh sandstorm" he said, eyebrows raised.

"Umm, I'm not from around here…" she gingerly said, embarrassed. She sort of took on the route, despite her childhood friends Bianca's advice of goggles and Cheren's warning about sandstorms.

"Aye, that explains! Hold the Blitzle, think I had an extra google. The name's Jerome of Mistralton, by the way" he said as he put his backpack into the pile of sands, starting to rummage the contents.

"Really? Oh, excuse me. My name is Hilda, and I'm from Nuvema Town," she responded, a smile flashened on her face.

"Nuvema? Quite far away that is!" he commented as he continued to search his bags. "Ah, here's the treasure!" he said as he pulled another black goggles from his bags, and extended his arms to Hilda. "Put this on, missy."

She stared at the goggles for a few seconds. While she was extremely grateful, she had always having a hard time accepting help from others. She hates being a burden. "Umm…"

"Ye? Something's buggin'? Or you don't like the design? Yes it's too simple for a young lass—"

"No, no! The goggles is fine!" she stuttered, cheeks turning into a shade of red.

"Oh please lassie, don't feel bad. Helping others is man's honor" he said assuring Hilda as he stood up.

She thought of it for a few seconds, then, deciding not to dissapoint the man, decided to took the goggles from Jerome's hands.

"Thank you sir!" she exclaimed, bowing gratefully as she put the goggles on. 'Darn, it does help! I'm getting a couple of these next time I got past this Route!' she thought.

"Jerome's fine as any day, lass!"

"Oh, ok Jerome. But I still feel bad about taking one of your goggles. Can I pay you instead?" she asked as she fidgeted the corner of her cap, other hands reaching the pockets on her vest.

"Ah, no need! Glad to be of any help, rewarding enough!" he reassured her, slipping his backpack over his shoulders.

"But still – "

"Well if ya insist. Say, you're trainer no?" he asked suddenly.

"Yes, I am. Is there something the matter?" she asked back, curiosity over her face.

"We can just have a good Pokémon battle as my payment instead! Whaddya say, lass?" he suggested, his right hand reacing for a Pokéball on his backpack.

Her eyes brightened below the goggles upon hearing the word "battle". She loved Pokémon battle, because she felt even more connected to her Pokémons when she battle. Not to mention the excitement it brings upon her spine.

"Yes! I would love to!" she beamed, a bright smile on her face.

"Settled! Let's have one no-switch Single battle, shall we?" he offered, already expanded one of his Pokéballs.

"I'm cool!" she answered excitedly, reaching for a Pokéball from her belt, expanding it.

"Right, we'll send out our Pokémons in three, two, one…"

Both Jerome and Hilda threw their Pokéballs at the same time. Jerome's Pokéball revealed a Pidove, the Tiny Pigeon chirped excitedly as it puffs its chest.

Hilda's revealed a Panpour. The water-type monkey jumped around, and when it notices the Pidove, it jumped in front of Hilda, assuming battle stance.

Jerome took a coin from his pocket. "Heads or tails?" he asked.

She put her hands on her chin. "Tails, I guess."

He nodded as he tossed the coin with his fingers. It flipped a few times before it fell down on the sandy ground. He squinted to see the outcome. It was heads.

"It's head, so that means…"

"You get the first move, Jerome." She didn't really care. She simply can't wait to start, to get to feel the excitement and thrill.

"Allright lass. Pidove, dove and get 'm with Quick Attack!" His Pidove responded by lunging with such speed towards Panpour, who's still glaring at the pigeon.

"Intercept with Water Gun!" Hilda cried. The blue monkey immediately shot water from its mouth, colliding with Pidove. The Little Pigeon Pokémon hold still for a few moments before it was thrown back from the Water Gun.

Hilda's blue eyes quickly scanned the area, finding a medium-sized rock near Panpour's right feet. She pointed at the rock. "Fling that thing, Panpour!" Said Panpour quickly grabbed the rock, and swung it towards Pidove.

"Use Gust and give it all y' got!" Jerome countered. The Pidove flapped its wing – hard, creating a mini sandstorm, also stopping the flinged rock that was flying towards the pigeon. Meanwhile, the Spray Pokémon was having a hard time enduring the sandstorm.

"Oh, great. Hang in there, Panpour!"

"Straight at 'm with Aerial Ace!" Jerome ordered. Pidove went straight towards Panpour, backflipped before being enfulged with white light, striking Panpour inside the sandstorm.

"Bullseye!" Jerome cried smugly.

Hilda maintained a calm expression. Honestly, she was worried. She can tell that Jerome's Pidove was greatly trained in Physical attack. But she also believes in her Panpour – it won't go down without a fight. To prove both of her points, the blue monkey was crouching from the hit, but started to stand on its two feet, glaring at the pigeon.

"Get Pidove with Scald!"

"Move away Pidove!"

Panpour shot a boiled water towards Pidove. The pigeon tried to fly away, but since it was too close to Panpour after the Aerial Ace, it was hit square in the head.

"Bullseye!" Hilda grinned with excitement.

"Give em Quick Attack!" Jerome ordered. The Pidove immediately slammed it's body against Panpour, but this time the water-type doesn't looked to be fazed.

Jerome gritted his teeth. "Burns… didn't expect that one coming," he muttered. Now physical attack isn't a good choice, so he decided to change the plan, and snapped his fingers.

"Quick Attack again!" he yelled again.

"Bite it when it comes closer, Panpour!" Hilda ordered.

Pidove lunged at the Panpour. Panpour opened its mouth, ready to perform a Bite, when the Little Pigeon Pokémon unexpectedly did a backflip, making a distance between it and the Spray Pokémon.

Hilda rolled her eyes in amazement. "I don't saw THAT one coming."

"Doubt any will," he grinned. "Air Cutter!"

Pidove flapped its wings, creating a supposedly invisible air blades. But the mini-sandstorm from before backfired – it showed the blade's exact location. Noticing this, Hilda smirked, and pointed at her Panpour.

"Focus and use Acrobatics!" she cried.

The Panpour stood still for a second, and when the blades was near, Panpour jumped and spun midair quickly, and dodging the attack flawlessly, but it continued to spun, coming closer to Pidove.

"Let another Air Cutter loose Pidove!" Jerome ordered.

"Stay in Acrobatics and use Scald!" Hilda exclaimed.

Pidove let another barrage of air blades went at Panpour while the water-type is still spinning, but started to shot boiled water at the same time. Most blades collided with the water, as in a few second, Pidove was hit by the randomly aimed Scald.

"Now, Scratch!" Hilda ordered, as the Spray Pokémon lunged closer at the fazed Pidove and scratched the pigeon with its sharp claws. Pidove was sent flying backwards, landing on the sandy ground, its eyes turned into a pair of X.

Both trainers stood in a few seconds of silence, until Jerome broke it.

"Allright, my Pidove is unable to continue. Congratulations lass!" he exclaimed.

Hilda broke into the widest grin. She won! She immediately ran towards her Panpour, bent down and picked it from the ground and start patting its head.

"You're awesome Panpour, thanks a lot!" she praised. The Panpour blushed – its cheek turned into a shade of red that was visible through the sandstorm, though a proud grin was displayed in its face. Hilda then dugged through her bag, pulled a spray bottle colored in red and orange. She looked at her Panpour's bruised abdomen and sprayed the medicine on the wound. Panpour started to relax as the pain slowly subsiding. Hilda took out Panpour's Pokéball and warmly smiled at the water-type.

"Wanna take a rest?" she asked. Her Panpour nodded happily, and in a flash of light, Panpour returned to its Pokéball.

Hilda then quickly walked towards Jerome, who is tending his fainted Pidove. "Are your Pidove allright?" she asked with concern.

"It's cool. Potion's workin', now all she needs is a good rest" he answered, assuring her that his Pokémon will be allright. He then stood up and faced Hilda.

"That battle's exciting! Better than any battle I've did nowadays! You're one amazing trainer lass!" he praised Hilda, who immediately blushed.

"Umm… thanks for the compliment."

"I mean it lass. Say, you're aiming for the top?"

"Huh?" she asked in confusion.

"Gonna face the Champ one day?" he asked casually.

Her face was blank for a while until she got what Jerome's talking about. She slowly shook her head.

"Oh, no. I do challenge Gym, but just for the fun of it. I don't really plan being the Champion or such…" she explained, her left hand again fidgeting the beak of her cap.

"That's a shame lass. You're one real deal trainer! You're really great with yer Pokémon!"

She smiled. "Thanks. I did give it a thought, and decided not to. Even if I did win against the Champion, the thought of staying in one cramped place waiting for challanger doesn't sound too appealing to me!"

Jerome bursted out laughing. "That's true lass. You're the type who can't sit still, that I can tell!"

"Damn straight!" she laughed. 'And if I said I aim to challenge the Pokémon League, I can't imagine what will be Cheren's reaction anyway…' she thought to herself. 'Maybe snap my head in half with a barrage of complain – I mean scolding.'

Jerome walked closer to Hilda, grabbed her palm and filled it with a handful of money. "Your prize, lass" he grinned.

She froze for a few second before blurted out, offering his money back. "No! You gave me a goggles already, you don't have to pay for the loss!"

"Easy lass. The battle's worth more than the goggles and the money combined! Just take it!" he reasoned, raising his hands up to his shoulders, refusing the money.

After a few minutes of arguing, Jerome won the mouth battle, leaving reculant Hilda to accept the money. She hates being burden, or being a… "golddigger slut" or whatever they say.

"Oh well, gotta run along lass. I have business to attend back in Castelia," he said, preparing to leave.

Hilda nodded, but her hands fidgeted her caps again. "Uum, Jerome?"

"What's the problem lass?" he asked with a warm tone, his hands on his pockets.

"Do you happen to come from Nimbasa City?" she asked, her hands still fidgeting her cap.

"I do, lass. Need some direction?"


"Well," he pointed to the way he came from before. "Just straight that way. You'll eventually be in a paved road. The left one leads to the Desert Ruins, so don't go over there. Long story short, go straight for Nimbasa City in probably a day. There's plenty resting shack around, so don't worry about searching some place to rest."

She looked over the direction he pointed before nodding. "Thanks Jerome!" she bowed.

"Back at ya. Have fun, lass!" he waved, before running down the path to the Castelia. She was left in her thought. 'I wonder if he remember that my name is HILDA, not LASS.' But she shrugged it off, happy that she met another friendly trainer.

Now with her eyes protected against the sands, she's all ready to go. She'll just hope she won't get lost in this heavy sandstorm…

After a long hours getting past the desert, Hilda found herself in front of a resting shack. It had quite the height, but she was sure it's only first floor. She looked over her pink X-Transceiver.

'Eight past thirty? Time sure flies!' she thought. She figured it's a good time to rest, so she can wake up early and arrive at Nimbasa in the noon. She yawned as she headed inside the shack.

The shack wasn't grand, but it does offers a roof from the sandstorms and a few bathrooms, which is quite clean. With the exception of the bathroom, the ground was nothing but pavements.

There was a few trainers sitting inside. They gave her a small wave and smiled, which she returned. After settling her bag and preparing a sleeping bag, she approached the group of trainers.

They were sitting in front of a campfire, and there's three of them. A girl and two boys. The girl has a wavy black hair past her shoulders with a pair of green eyes and wears a pink T-shirt with a white jacket, a black skirt, and black shoes. She wore a white headband with Audino motifs all over it.

The boys are a twin, both with blonde spiky hair and black eyes – Hilda wouldn't be able to tell them apart if it weren't for the different color scheme of their clothes. They both had black caps, white T-shirt covered with sleeveless jacket. One deep blue, one moss green. They wear blue jeans that went down to their knees, and converse. Deep blue and moss green, again.

The girl perked up when she saw Hilda approaching them. "Hey there! Come here, sit with us!" she called, frantically waving her hands. Hilda nodded as she come closer and sit next to the girl.

"It's nice to have another girl around, I'm sick traveling with boys!" she commened, as the twin glared at her. Hilda sweatdropped inside.

"So, you guys travel together?" Hilda asked in uncertainity.

"I guess you could say that" the blue twin shrugged.

"But in actuality, we're literally being dragged around with this girl" the green twin gave the black haired girl the look, and she pouted. Then she looked at the brunette.

"Say, lets start the introduction! I'm Leena. L-e-e-n-a, not Lina!" she said with a pout directed towards the twin. "The blue guy is Ceano, and the green guy is Oreste. Weird name huh?" she said with a giggle.

Oreste rolled his eyes and looked at Leena with annoyance. "It's because you keep making fun of our names we kept calling you Lina." Ceano just gave her an indifferent look before he turned his attention back to the fire.

"Well, whatever!" Leena then turned her green eyes to Hilda, waiting her to introduce herself.

Hilda took a deep breath. "Nice to meet you guys. I'm Hilda, and I'm from Nuvema Town."

"Nuvema?" they all chorused, all staring at her. Hilda was dumbfounded. Is there something wrong with Nuvema? Or is it because of the countryside thing?

"Umm… Yeah… So where do you guys live?" Hilda asked, suddenly overwhelmed by the odd respond. Not that she didn't like it, she's just surprised that they were all over her because she's from Nuvema.

"Oh, we're just shocked! We've been traveling for awhile, but we have yet to meet someone from Nuvema since it was faaar away!"Leena answered, with the twin gave her a nod.

"Umm… So, where do you guys came from?"

"We're from Driftveil City!" Leena responded. "We're the…" she paused for a few seconds, "Driftveil Trio!" she exclaimed, pumping her fist into the air. Oreste immediately joined her, while Ceano couldn't care less. 'What a twin', Hilda thought.

"Do you challenge gym, Hilda?" Ceano suddenly asked, receiving a shocked look from both Leena and Oreste. Hilda had a question mark in her head, but shrugged it off.

"I do. I find it exciting. Oh, I don't plan going to the Pokémon League if you want to know." Ceano gave her a quick nod.

"Badges?" he continued.

"I have three at the moment" she answered truthfully. Leena and Oreste immediately jerked their heads, facing Hilda.

"Let me see! Let me see!" Leena pleaded with her puppy eyes on. Oreste was… drooling? Well, he was frozen, staring at Hilda for a few seconds before Ceano gave him an elbow at his side.

Hilda nodded, and took a black rectangle case from her bag. She opened it, revealing eight spots; three already filled with badges.

Hilda pointed at the badge with red, blue, and green color at the far left. "That's Trio Badge from Striaton," she moved her fingers to the right, pointing at a rectangle purple badge "Basic Badge from Nacrene," then pointed to the insect-like green badge "and Insect Badge from Castelia."

"Awesome! Three badges! You have a very strong Pokémon right? Archeops? Carracosta?" Leena asked with spark in her eyes.

Hilda shook her head. "No, I just had the common ones" she answered with a grin as she nibbled with her cap.

"Why don't you show it to us?" Oreste suggested. "I'm not really bragging, but I'm quite good at reading Pokémon's expression. Lina," he said as the girl gave him a death glare,"Is just plain interested at you, and Ceano, you'll know later!"

Hilda gave it a thought for a moment. It won't hurt. Giving them time outside the Pokéball is always a good idea. She nodded as she reached four Pokéballs in her belt.

"Come out guys!" she cried. Immediately the four balls opened, revealing four Pokémon.

The first one out is Panpour. The blue and yellow water-type primate looked around, then saluted. The second one is a Tranquill. The gray colored Wild Pigeon Pokémon immediately snuggled at Hilda. Third one is Musharna. The pink tapir Psychic type, after realizing they're not alone, hid behind Hilda's back. Lastly came out Servine. The Grass Snake Pokémon yawned, before curled in the ground, wanting to rest.

"Aaaw! They're all cute!" Leena exclaimed, looking at all of them. "Can't believe this little guys actually beat Gym Leaders!" She then runs around and gives each of them a hug.

Hilda laughed. "Now that I think about it, it IS kinda weird."

Oreste examined Panpour, then the snuggling Tranquil, then the hiding Musharna (Hilda had to make sure the Pokémon didn't ran away), then finally the sleeping Servine.

Then he put his hands on his chin, before he started rambling. "That Panpour of yours thinks that you're such an admirable trainer, never showing any doubt towards it. Your Tranquill loves you, but that's obvious. But it loves you because you always care about all of your Pokémons. Your Musharna… is afraid of strangers. Something to do with its bad past with humans, but of course Musharna still believes and adores you. And your Servine, always looked up to you, admiring your courage and kindness" he ended.

Hilda's jaw dropped, with Leena gave Oreste a round of applause, praising Oreste for his deduction skill, and Ceano let out a chuckle after seeing Hilda's response.

"How do you know all of that? Especially Musharna's bad past!" she asked, though it was more of a statement.

"It's a gift. I'm good with emotions, and our parents have a truckloads books around that part, and I find myself always reading it" Oreste laughed.

Hilda raised her eyebrow. She didn't doubt him, because no one would have guessed about Musharna's bad memories when it was still a Munna, being kicked around by Team Plasma. But she had another thought.

"Can you tell my Pokémon's gender?" she asked. Oreste shook his head before scratching his head.

"I can't. That's Ceano's forte…" he simply answered, the turned to his twin brother. "Why don't you do it?"

"Yeah, show off your observation skill Ceano!" Leena chirped, nudging Ceano's side in process. He groaned.

"That isn't exactly something to show off," he said before turned his black orbs towards the brunette trainer, who's fidgeting with her cap again. "Hilda?"

"Umm, if you don't mind, can you tell me anything about my Pokémon?" she asked politely. She wanted to know more about her Pokémons. He stared at her for a few seconds before nodding.

He pointed at her Panpour. "Jolly. Male. Quick tempered. Was given to you instead of being captured. Knows Water Gun, Scald, Lick, Scratch, Acrobatics, Fury Swipes, Fling, and Bite."

Hilda was about to respond when Ceano hold his hand up.

He pointed at her Tranquill now. "Naïve. Female. Alert to sounds. Caught in the wild – on her own free will. Evolved recently. Quick Attack, Air Cutter, Gust, Growl, Leer, Air Slash, Return, Aerial Ace."

Then he pointed at her Musharna. "Timid. Female. Often lost in thought. Caught in the wild – you didn't plan to. It was the situation. Psybeam, Hypnosis, Moonlight, Future Sight, Dream Eater, Telekinesis, Lucky Chant."

Hilda's jaw dropped again, but Ceano isn't finished. He pointed at her Servine.

"Gentle. Female. Highly persistent. Given to you – probably by Professor Juniper. Tackle, Leer, Vine Whip, Leaf Tornado, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Leaf Blade."

Hilda's mouth hung open. Ceano shrugged. "I could tell you more but it'll take hours."

"Sharp at always Ceano!" Leena complimented as she clapped her hands. Oreste instead pouted.

"I kinda envy you. You suck brother"

"Oh, and I love you too" Ceano responded sarcastically.

"Arceus… You both are… Darn, I don't know what to say. I don't even know my Pokémon THAT detailed…" Hilda finally said. She kinda felt that she failed though. She's been with them for months, but she hardly know their genders. And these twins, whom she just met, can probably wrote an essay about her Pokémon, more than she could write.

Ceano looked at her, and as if he's reading her mind, talked. "But you know their hearts better, that's what matters."

She looked at him with surprise. "What?"

"Oh! Ceano's good in observing. You'll have a hard time lying to him!" Leena explained.

"Yeah, I should know…" Oreste muttered.

Curiousity won over Hilda. Is Ceano that good? She decides to ask. "Ceano, anything you can tell from my behavior?"

Ceano blankly stared into Hilda, from her head down into her toes, back up into her head. Then he smirked as he grabbed Hilda, making distance with Leena and Oreste and giving them the 'eavesdrop and you die' look. Both of the flinched before pouting.

After making a good distance, Ceano started. "You're usually calm and polite especially to older person, though you'll tend to be rash if you're already feel close to someone at your age. You're easy to anger when they tease you about your hair. And when you're pissed off, you went into sarcasm mode. You thought Team Plasma is a bit of psychos, and I can't agree more. You can't handle large crowds. You hate being a burden, and it has something to do with your family…" he stopped for awhile. "And whenever you feel uncomfortable, you fidget with the beak of your cap."

Hilda's jaw dropped again for the nth time. Especially about fidgeting her cap, something she was doing when he blurted out many of her habits, and all of them are right. But she can't help it – she fidgeted again.

"Are you guys done? Come over here!" Leena called out.

Hilda nodded and quickly rushed back to the campfire, with Ceano slowly followed. Well, that was awkward. Lucky Leena called for her, or she'll be standing there for hours.

"You guys are trainers right? Mind… if you guys show your Pokémon?"

"Yes, yes of course!" Leena immediately took out a pair of Heal Balls from her pockets, sending them flying in the air, and revealing a pair of Audinos. The Hearing Pokémon immediately chatted with each other.

"My turn then!" Oreste called. He send out three Nest Balls. First one out is Boldore, which immediately fell asleep. Next was Herdier. The Loyal Dog Pokémon was about to growl, but stopped when it saw Leena's Audinos. And the last one was Blitzle. The black and white Zebra immediately dashed around Oreste, making everyone sweatdropped.

"Hey Ceano, your turn! And don't give me the 'its-not-important' shits!" Oreste called his twin brother, who shrugged.

Ceano reached his belt and took out two Pokéballs, and send them into the air. It revealed a Sigilyph and a Scolipede, both looked tired as the looked at the other Pokémon.

When Hilda just finished looking through his Pokémon, Ceano suddenly retrieved his Pokémon back to their balls, then slipping his hands on his pockets. "Sorry, they're tired from the wild Pokémon battle, since Oreste and Leena isn't much of a help."

That caused Leena to pout and Oreste muttered something about hungry Krokoroks.

Deciding to change the conversation, Hilda looked at her X-Transceiver. "Almost 10 PM? Darn time sure flies when you're having fun!"

"Well, let's call it a day then! I feel like sleeping too…" Leena said, yawning.

Then they put off the fire, and snuggled to their sleeping bags. Leena's was pink, Oreste's moss green and Ceano's deep blue. Hilda dragged her white sleeping bag near Leena's as they started to get inside the sleeping bags.

"Good night guys!" Leena said before closing her eyes.

"Get a good dream!" Oreste responded before grabbing his Oshawott plushie.

"Night", was Ceano's quick response.

"Good night." Hilda said.

And just like that, they slowly fell into a peaceful slumber. Except Ceano who was extremely annoyed with Oreste's occasional snores.

Jerome is a Backpacker at the Route 4, and yes he had a Pidove.

Not much of a plot eh? This chapter's purpose is actually to describe Hilda. Her personality, point of views(the Team Plasma is a psycho), and her Pokémons. But I guess I got carried away with the Driftveil Trio?

I do consider this story to hone my writing skills and English. Did I mention English is not my first language? No? Well now you know. So don't slaughter me if I made novice mistakes.