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~ Subway Trouble ~
Chapter 11 : Personal Conflict?

"Is she still sleeping?"

"I wouldn't get too close if I were you. She has this annoying tendency to punch people out in her sleep."


"She didn't do it all the time! Well, she did gave you a nasty bruise once..."

"You do too, Bianca. You know what? I think I'm going to leave for a bit."

"We can't just leave her alone! I'm staying here!"

"I'd imagine she'll throw quite a tantrum, too."

"She won't be up until like three hours if she goes undisturbed. Let's go outside during that time."

"Oh? Okay then."

A loud 'bam' roused Hilda from her deep slumber, and the first thing the brunette saw wasn't pretty. It was Bianca, flat on the floor for whatever reason. She most likely tripped over the mattress nearby, but what was that doing there? Wait, why is Bianca in her room? And why is she fully dressed?

As Bianca reached for her head with a pained moan, Hilda raised her head to inspect her surroundings. She's not sleeping on a bed, even though she recognized the room as one of the Pokémon Center's suite. The nearby mattress has two pillows and blankets folded and arranged neatly on the top.

Aah, right! Four of us shared a room! But that means...

"What time is it?" Hilda muttered her first sentence that morning with a raspy voice, gaining Bianca's attention. The blonde didn't have to give an answer though since Hilda's eyes already rolled dreadfully towards the wall clock nearby. The eyes widened in realization.

"Oh cr - "

"Good morning!" Bianca saved her from cursing unconsciously with a chirp. And soon after, she performed a deadly tackle towards her childhood friend, who unfortunately hadn't gathered her wits enough to react accordingly -


"Oh, come on! This is really getting old!"

Hilda refrained herself from complaining at her childhood friend who never seemed to learn not to tackle her randomly - scratch that, not to tackle her, period. Of course her being silent doesn't equal Bianca joining her for a quiet morning. She answered every of the blonde's conversation with a curt nod or a short answer until a shower revitalized her body and mind.

"So, where are the boys?" Hilda asked, eyeing the two lone bags by the corner with their owner nowhere in sight. The two Nuvema trainers were sitting on their mattress while Hilda folds her night-gown and her blanket, which Bianca assisted her with.

"Well, Cheren decided that you wouldn't wake up soon, so he took off with Hilbert like hours ago until you're awake." Bianca dusted the smooth cloth before continuing. "They came back for a while, but decided to leave again for a bit."

"Aah, right. He never gave me a break," Hilda grumbled as she placed her nightgown respectfully inside her bag, fighting the urge to just throw it in. "Did they tell you where're they going?"

"Umm," Bianca bit her lower lip, settling the neatly folded blanket aside, "I think not. Cheren said to call his Xtransceiver when you're done..."

"Baah, whatever. Don't call him yet." Hilda rolled her eyes before her thought came to a realization. "Wait, you were waiting for me to wake up? Had your breakfast yet?"

"They brought some snacks for me! And I don't mind waiting, really," Bianca already knew where the conversation will go from the tone Hilda was using. They've been friends since practically forever, and the girl's habit can get really annoying sometimes.

"...okay." She rubbed her stomach. "Ugh, speaking of food. S'bout time I get some myself."

They locked their room (Hilbert left a spare key for them) and made their way towards the lobby. Bianca had to do something with the PC Storage System, so the girls went separate ways with Hilda going to a breakfast pastries stand - even though it's past breakfast time - to fill her tummy. Bianca made sure to take her time with her business, knowing the brunette's unrivalled appetite... okay, maybe not 'unrivalled' now, but you get the point.

But what surprised Bianca as she made her way back to her childhood friend is the sight of Hilda, opening a rather large brown paper bag and stuffed an impressive amount of leftover pastries inside -

H-hold the Zebstrikas! Hilda and leftovers have yet to be uttered in a same sentence! Save for eating someone else's leftovers. With that in thought, she fastened her pace to catch up with her friend, almost tripping yet again but she managed to go to Hilda's table safely. "Hilda! You're finished with your breakfast?" The blonde was unable to hide a bewildered tone in her voice.

"Yeah, sorry I took awhile." The brown haired girl paid no mind to Bianca's weird tone, still looking at her surplus amount of food with a dull gaze. "I think I bought a bit too many..." Her fingers nudged the paper bag repeatedly before pulling out a glazed donut and offering it to the blonde. "Hey, you want some? It's jelly filled, your favorite."

"Oh, thanks!" Bianca beamed in surprise, accepting the treat happily. Hilda gave her a small grin in return, folding the brown bag close and stuffed it inside a small bag she bought some time ago. The blonde munched it, enjoying the sweet flavor absently before something clicked on her mind. She did a double take at the food in her hand.

This is Hilda's. Hilda gave this to me. Hilda... didn't finish her meal?

"Whaat!" Bianca screeched comically, almost dropping the pastry between her fingers. Hilda jumped in her seat and looked at her friend odd. Before she could question Bianca about it, she received a barrage of question. "You didn't finish your food? How come! Are you feeling sick? Are you on a diet? Or - "

"Sheesh, turn the volume knob down," Hilda chided her friend, fully aware of glances from the passerby. "I went overboard when I bought my meal. But what's the big deal?"

"It is - hey, that rhymed!" Hilda rolled her eyes at this. "Uhh... so how many bags did you bought. Ten?"

"That's way over the top, don't you think? I bought like three or five, don't remember."

"Exactly!" Bianca pulled a vacant chair closer to Hilda's side with a serious expression over her face. "You always bought five at the very least, that I know! And you'll get some more after all that! How come you couldn't finish them now?"

Hilda gave her an unimpressed look, crossing her arms. "Well. Can you?"

Bianca shook her head furiously. "No, not me!"

"Right, so what's your problem...?"

"This is big! You always finishes your meal, and your plate is always clean from leftovers! This is like... the first time since I knew you!"

Hilda glared at her friend's green orbs unblinking. "...really." She replied with a dull tone before clicking her tongue. "Okay, so now that I think about it, so it might be my first time. But it's not worth getting all hyped up about." She glanced at her bag, a bit stuffed from the food she kept. "I just don't feel like eating too much, I guess. I mean, I did stuff myself from yesterday's dinner."

"That never stopped you before! Are you sure you're okay?" Bianca's surprise and awe tone quickly turns into that of a worried one. She glanced at the brunette's face, which shows a foreign vacant stare, devoid of her usual upbeat smile with a slight hint of exasperation that she usually wore.

Hilda turned her gaze away from Bianca for a while, until said expression eventually settled back to her face - if not a bit forced. "Easy there, I'm fine! I mean, the guy gave me extra for each bag since it's almost lunch time and all..."

Bianca nodded in response, though she's still rather uncertain about this odd event. "You sure? Nothing in your mind?"

The brunette tapped her fingers against the table. "Well, I guess there's something. I'd rather not to think about it though," she looked back at her friend. "What were you doing back then?"

Bianca blinked. "What was I... oh! I just finished a trade with someone! I got a new Pokémon!"

"Really?" Pokémon-related stuff can easily pique Hilda's interest, and she's quickly cheered up. "What did you get?"

"A Litwick! I traded it for my Cubchoo I caught earlier!" Bianca pulled out a Poke Ball out of her bag, showing it to her friend with a wide grin. "I mean, Cubchoo was cute, but well... I kinda need a fire type."

Hilda had a brief mental image of Bianca sneezing together with a Cubchoo. She smiled at the thought, but it was quickly changed to a vision of Bianca standing next to an angry Beartic, almost twice her height, looking as if it was ready to wreak havoc. She winced. "Hey, Litwick is cute too! I think it suits you," she commented, looking at the capsule Bianca practically shoved in her face. "You know what? Just recently, I had a new addition for my team, too."

"Really?" Bianca leaned in to her childhood friend a tad too close (fortunately Hilda had grown used to it along ago). "Ooh, what did you get?"

"A Mienfoo. Actually, I hatched it from an egg just a few days ago, so..."

"Then let's have a battle!"

Hilda was mildly surprised from the blonde's sudden suggestion. Bianca usually equals shopping, and Cheren equals battling. What got them all mixed up now? "...that was surprising, coming from you. What gives?" She questioned her friend.

"The guy said that the Litwick he traded me just hatched recently, and what could be better than battling to get to know them?" Bianca left her seat, gesturing Hilda to do the same. "C'mon, let's do it! Go, Litwick!"

Bianca threw the Poke Ball before Hilda could add anything else. In a flash of light, a Pokémon shaped like a white candle with a purple flame burning on its top appeared. The melted wax around the flame covered one of the Pokémon's yellow eyes. It quickly recognizes its new trainer and jumped happily. A squeal left Bianca's mouth as she crouched down to lift her new Pokémon and gave it an almighty glomp. To Hilda's surprise, Bianca's new Litwick doesn't seem to be bothered by the powerful hug, and decides that the two of them will be a great match to each other.

Well, good for them, she thought absently, watching Bianca celebrate with her new adorable team member and making a lot of noise. Hilda could just feel people's withering glances directed at her friend, and she attempted to ignore it. Eventually Bianca snapped back to attention, and told her Litwick to put on its battle stance.

"Alright! Let's do it, Hilda!"

"Time out, time out!" The brown-haired girl held out her hand. "I don't want to risk a repeat of my bedroom, so let's go outside if you really want to battle."

Both her Mienfoo and Bianca's Litwick are both inexperienced in battling, but Mienfoo is in a disadvantage type-wise. It didn't know Foresight or something similar either, and that puts a strain on Mienfoo's available moves. Well, I already taught all TM moves it can learn, so we'll go with that, Hilda thought to herself. "You go first, Bianca!"

"Litwick, Confuse Ray!" Bianca cried out. The Candle Pokémon summoned a yellow orb and sent it towards its unsuspecting opponent. The orb circled around Mienfoo, who looked back and forth in slight panic, before disappearing. The confusion strikes and Mienfoo tripped on its foot.

"Shook it off with Calm Mind!" Hilda ordered. The fighting type nodded and closed its eyes, trying to regain its focus - it didn't take long to do just that.

"Use Ember!"

"Dig away!"

The Candle Pokémon summoned a small stream of fire directed at Mienfoo. Fortunately for the latter, Litwick isn't exactly the fastest Pokémon. Mienfoo managed to dig the grassy ground and dodged the fire type attack. Litwick looked around the battlefield uneasy, attempting to spot where its opponent could be.

"Uuh, Litwick! Calm down, use Minimize!" Bianca ordered again.

Litwick's body turned slightly transparent and compressed itself, making itself looked smaller. The ground beneath Litwick cracked and Mienfoo sent the ghost/fire type flying, though the ground type attack did not connect completely thanks to Minimize.

"Wah! Litwick! Use Will-O-Wisp!" Bianca sounded almost frantic, but she quickly cooled off.

"Block that with Rock Tomb!"

Mienfoo creates a small boulder in front if itself. The rock managed to shield the fighting type from the blue-white flame.

"Ember, again!" Bianca shouted a second too faster than Hilda liked. Her Litwick sent out another burst of flame. It destroyed the blockage rock, and even though the fire attack did not connect to its opponent, the pieces of rock surely did. Mienfoo winced from the sharp chunk of rock and let out a low cry.

I was hoping that the Rock Tomb would hit Litwick, but I guess Minimize did a good job here, Hilda commented quickly in her head. Time for my favorite move, I guess. "Don't let up! Aerial Ace!" Hilda countered.

With one swift movement, Mienfoo disappeared from sight, only to reappear in front of the confused Litwick and delivered a powerful hit directly at the ghost/fire type's face.

Too absorbed in their battle, both Bianca and Hilda didn't notice something rushing from the distance, at least until their distance was close enough. The girls heard a loud roar coming from Bianca's back, followed by angry stomps of... something...

They turned their head to find a quadruped Pokémon with a dark blue body and fuchsia stripes on its abdomen. Black fur covered the Pokémon's upper front side all the way to its two heads. On its back, two parts of its fur created a wing-like shape. Whatever it is, it looks rather dangerous.

And it's stampeding towards their direction.

"Sorry, please step aside! Zweilous, stop!" A voice called out from the distance as both of them noticed two familiar faces tailing the Pokémon. "Bianca? Hilda?"

"Whaa - ?"


Comprehending their situation a bit too late, both girls froze in their place despite the rampaging dragon type. Thankfully for Bianca, her Litwick gathered its wits and pushed its new trainer aside. The blonde managed to land her hands on the grass field in an attempt to decrease the impact. Hilda, however, wasn't so lucky. Her Mienfoo responded first alright, but it was out of fear. The fighting type jumped to Hilda's face instead. She let out a muffled yelp and stumbled to her side, causing the Hostile Pokémon to tackle her right feet. Losing her balance, she flailed her arms in an over the top fashion as her back collided to the ground. Her Mienfoo lost its grip and tumbled a feet or two from where her head landed. The sight almost rivaled Bianca's own spectacular fall from the top of the stairs. Almost.

"Ouch!" The brunette cried out as a sharp pain blossomed on her back and her right leg. She used her hands to pull herself up, only to fall back again when the rampaging Pokémon growled right at her face. Bianca let out a scream at the same time Hilda did. "Aaah! H-help!" She squeaked out, shielding her face.

Luckily for her, a help did came. "C'mon, Zweilous, knock it off. You're scaring her." Its trainer knelt next to his Pokémon and the victim (Hilda) and gave the Pokémon a pat on both of its head. It seemed to recognize the touch as its trainer's, and it retreated with a content hiss. Even after that, Hilda eyed the dragon type warily, afraid that it might charge at her again for whatever reason.

Hilbert rubbed his neck before offering a hand towards her. "Sorry, Hilda. I had no idea why my Zweilous just... you know. I mean, it's rather cranky," both brunets winced when the Hostile Pokémon let out a low growl, "I guess its hungry or something. I'm going to deal with later." He returned his Zweilous to its capsule after helping his friend back to her feet.

Hilda returned her Mienfoo back to its ball. The incident with the Zweilous did a good job startling the few days old Pokémon and it squirmed like a tight ball when she came to comfort it. Bianca did the same with her Litwick. After a quick conversation between the four, they decided to split up and do whatever they like... or not.

What happened is this : Before the boys could explain what were they doing before, Bianca started to pester Cheren with questions about taking care a newly hatched and traded Pokémon; her Litwick. It went downhill from there when she started to ask about every jargon-talk bit that left Cheren's mouth ("Gene in Pokémon? Wow, I don't know that kind of stuff exist. And what's this Hidden Abilities you're talking about?" I quote). After awhile the bespectacled boy grew tired and gave up explaining with words. He offered Bianca to go with him back to the Pokémon Center so he can use reading materials to assist his explanation. Being the eager beaver about Pokémon the blonde is, of course she agreed.

With that explained, what do we have left? It's our favorite couple, being left behind, and decided to take a seat on a nearby bench.

"I'm surprised that Cheren actually keeps up with Bianca, I mean," Hilbert gave the two trainers a last glance before they disappeared from his view. "I'm under impression that he's the type who gets exasperated fast when someone gets on his nerves."

"You'd think that, would you?" Replied Hilda. "Cheren may not look like it, but he really cares about his friends and Pokémon alike. He's the mother hen when we're preparing to leave Nuvema Town for our journey. Well, mostly for Bianca, but you get my point." Okay, so I guess I was judgmental about him yesterday. If only because to me his bookworm quality shines through them, Hildamentally scolds herself for thinking that.

"Huh. You don't say. You made him sound like a great person for once. From all our chats and messages, all that comes up about him is you complaining." The brunet probably didn't mean it, but the fact about her complaining that much made her wince.

Way to rub it in my face, Hilbert, sheesh. "...or maybe because he appreciates someone who wanted hear all of his nerd rants," she laughed humorlessly.

Hearing that, Hilbert crossed his arms. His expression turned into a disapproving frown and he glared at her. "I hope you're joking, because that's kind of harsh."

"Wh-whoa!" Hilda held out her hand in defense. "O-of course I didn't mean it! That's just how I roll with him. Snark, jib-jab, you know?" Her voice wavered at the end. Her nervous blue eyes locked with his cold brown ones. "Sorry?" she mumbled slowly.

"Well, you're not saying it to me, but okay." The hostile look eventually fades and she sighed in relief.

Never liked his glare, never will. I need to come up with something to deal with that. Maybe... "Oow!" Hilda cried out in surprise when her companion bumped her back, still wearing an expression not unlike a child that just stole a candy.

"Cheer up! What, am I that scary?" He laughed loudly, lightening up the mood. "People keep saying that my glare can get rather unnerving but I call bull on that. Don't you think?" He asked, grinning widely at Hilda's face.

She regained her composure the moment he turns his face to her. "Rather unnerving, they say? Scratch the 'rather' part. Have you ever looked at a mirror when you glare?" She questioned playfully.

"Why would I?" He asked matter-of-factly, grumbling at Hilda's answer. "Do you really care how do you look when you're angry or something?"

"No," Hilda replied, and the brunet smirked in triumph. "Either way, with that glare, your future children will be weeping behind their mom every time you got ticked off. That can't be good."

"Hmm, that might be a problem," he decided to play along with her joke. "If my glare is that scary, don't you think my future wife would be even worse on that part? How else is she supposed to keep up with me?"

She didn't expect him to retort back, but she laughed nonetheless. "Then I weep for your future children. I won't volunteer to be the wall for your kids to hide though. I'd piss my pants," she paused to join her friend in a short course of laughter. "Of course, assuming that there's someone who can keep up with you."

"I wonder. You seem to do a good job of it."

Both blinked at each other, with Hilda surprised by Hilbert's response - compliment? Or whatever that could be. She was unable to come up with a reply, torn between choosing to continue the joke or to accept the compliment.

"Ah. Awkward. Sorry," Hilbert broke the silence when he notices that Hilda started to fidgets with her cap. "So, what were we talking again?"

"Uh, it's okay," Hilda bit her lip with a forced smile. The forced part quickly vanished and she perked up again. "Yeah. Cheren and Bianca? I guess they're a good pair. Bianca's curious nature and Cheren's... immense knowledge," the last two words came out sour as she attempted to not sound sarcastic. "It's a perfect fit, in a sense."

"Is it your nature to be snarky when it comes to Cheren?" He asked her with his eyebrows raised. "And 'immense knowledge' is kind of pushing it."

"Aah, my poor choice of words." The sarcasm was fully blown this time. "Honestly? He's a good guy. Been friends with him since I could remember. But the fact that he often shoves thick dictionary and such to my face is not helping," she carefully constructed her wording, just in case he'll get pissed once more. "You know what? It really is my nature to speak about him in disdain. That's how we roll, and he's cool with that." She paused to catch a breath before adding : "Let's change the topic so I won't be on the receiving end of your death glare over a slip of tongue."

"If you say so, Princess," he shrugged and stretched his arms. "And I'll ignore the last part. What do you want to talk then?"

"Hmm, let's see then," she thought of food (surprise), but with Bianca pointing out that she didn't finish her breakfast and whatnot, she wasn't in the mood for that. "Oh. I didn't know you got a Zweilous. What am I missing from all your stories now?"

Little known fact - at least if you're not Hilda or Hilbert - is that they often shares their travel log to each other. It's like trading diaries, only it was more of a digital journal. No need to write something too personal though. Hilbert was the one who suggested it and Hilda teased him to no end about it. Actually, it's only for a week until it got old. If anything, he countered back with the fact that she seems to enjoy it, writing even the tiniest details at times for her own log.

"Oh, that guy?" He pulled a Dive Ball from his belt for Hilda to see. "Remember my log about rampaging wild Pokémon in my hometown two weeks ago?"

"Can't say I do. Short term memory over here."

"Riiight," he humored her with a dry chortle. "It's a wild Deino. Real vicious. Headbutted everything in sight - scratch that, I mean everything in its vicinity. It's a pain to deal with, I tell you," he finished with a grimace.

"Wild Deino? In a town?" As far as Hilda knew, those Pokémon is a rare sight. Finding one in a town seems rather unlikely. She did a double take at the capsule. "And why Dive Ball?"

"It seems a trainer released it. No surprise there." He slipped his hands into his pockets. "And the Dive Ball? Well, nothing too important..."

"You can't be telling me you caught it when it was swimming in a lake or something," said Hilda with a deadpan tone.

"Of course not. It charged at me with all stuffs from my bag scattered on the floor. I just grabbed a nearby ball and I don't regret doing that. I might end up with a nasty bruise if I don't."

Hilda kicked the grassy terrain, and the small green blades flew from the ground for the wind to carry. "If it was so epic, I'd expect you to write it in your log or something."

"...Not epic at all, mind you," he grumbled at a grinning Hilda. "I didn't plan to keep him, but it seems to take a liking of me. One thing after another happened, and then it evolved. Moreover, seeing that it was abandoned once, I don't feel like releasing it."

"Aaw, Hilbert's a softie," she teased with a nod. "That's nice of you though," she added before he could come up with something else. "But don't you have a dragon type already? Your Haxorus? Now that I think about it, your log said something about changing your team."

"Aah, never told you, did I?" He rubbed his cap, slightly uncertain. "Mmm, how do I say this?"

"You know you don't have to tell if its personal," she assured him.

He shook his head in response. "It's really not. My grandparents always fancied a Haxorus. I caught an Axew in Mistralton Cave, and I trained it in hope it could evolve into one. Evolved it did, and was I glad to go all the trouble," he smiled at the thought of his grandparents. "Can't remember when was the last time they're that happy. Haxorus took a quick liking of them, and that's how I left my Haxorus at home."

"Whoa. But that's just it? You're fine with leaving a valuable member at home?" Seeing as he wanted to challenge the league, a dragon type would do nicely to balance up a team. That's admirable to say the least. But I guess it's to be expected of him.

"Haxorus wasn't a fighter at heart. It can get rather timid, so, yeah." He played with the blue capsule in his hand before holding it out towards her. "You wanna see this guy again?"

"Eh?" She wasn't sure what to say. The offer came rather out of the blue. Not to mention she didn't have the best first impression of it. "Won't it just charge and attempt a bite at me?"

Hilbert roared in laughter hearing her response, and she pouted a pathetic imitation of Bianca's own pout. "Hey, it will be fine! I'll handle things if it does charge at you. You'll need to see it anyway."

" lost me there. Why would I want to see a Pokémon that might attack me? No offense to you, of course." Yup, her level of respect towards him got increased by a bit. Dealing with a blind, potentially destructive Pokémon? Not something that she would do in any time soon.

It's the brunet's turn to stare blankly at her. "Pokédex, hello?" He pointed at the device attached to her belt. "I thought you were asked to complete it! Cheren was about to do it when it suddenly runs off."

"...Ah!" Hilda cried out in realization. She eyed her Pokédex while kicking herself mentally. Of course I forgot about that!

"What an assistant," he commented with an amused tone. "As far as I know, the Pokédex can obtain more data if it were to scan a Pokémon directly or something. You're the expert. Well?"

Of course, the moment Hilbert's Zweilous left its capsule, it hissed at Hilda before attempting to tackle her again. Hilda is now cowering on top of the bench while Hilbert attempts to calm the dragon type down.

"Not cool, Zwei. Something bothering you?" He asked quietly while his hand rubbed its necks in a comforting manner. "She might piss her pants if you keep this up."

"Not cool, Hilbert!" The terrified brunette squeaked out, only for the Hostile Pokémon to growl at her again. "Aah, I shouldn't have said anything! Whatever have I done to you, I'm sorry!" She directed the last part at Zweilous, and it let out a low hiss again. The sight almost amused Hilbert. He decided to save her from even more embarrassment when he notices her Pokédex is blinking.

"Hey, your Pokédex seems to detect something."

"Sorry Hilbert, but I don't think I'll be coming closer to your Zweilous - aah!" She held her hand in front of her face when the dragon type took a step closer. The brunet started to feel bad about the whole thing.

"Then I'll do it for you. Just tell me what I'm supposed to do."

Hilda gave shaky instructions for the brunet, and eventually he finished scanning his Zweilous. He flipped through the information enlisted in the device, humming in thought. "Whoa, this Pokédex is ten times cooler than mine. I could spend hours reading all this stuff. I won't need to buy books about these ever."

"If you're done, would you please, you know?" She said in a high-pitched voice, eyeing the dragon type in fear.

"Oh, my bad. But I'm kind of curious. Zweilous don't usually get jumpy with strangers," he looked at his Pokémon in contemplation. "I wonder if its hungry."

"Are you implying that it wanted to eat me - uh, wait, hungry?" She paused in thought. Slowly, she descended from the bench, flinching when Hilbert's Zweilous moved the slightest bit. She reached for her bag and pulled out a brown paper bag filled with her leftover breakfast. The food was slightly crushed from her fall before, but she's sure it's still edible.

"Uh, maybe this?" She pulled out a donut from the bag. True enough, Zweilous started to hiss towards the food. It'll probably tackle Hilda again if it weren't of its trainer's comforting hands.

"...aah, that explains it. My Zweilous eats a ton, and it has a sharp nose for foods." Hilda then offered the treat to her friend. He glanced at her skeptically. "You sure?" He asked, and eventually accepted the treat after Hilda gave a vehement nod.

He held out the donut towards one of Zweilous' head. It bit the food before gulping it down without as much as a chew. Hilda opened the paper bag's mouth wider. "S' okay, I got loads."

Hilbert muttered his thanks and started to feed his Pokémon again. It didn't take long for the two heads of Zweilous to start quarrelling. It would have been funny for Hilda, but she's too scared of the dragon type to even giggle. Hilbert spoke sternly to his Pokémon, and the heads quickly calmed down. He then turned to Hilda and said : "Hey, help me feed the other head?"

"Wh-what!"Hilda squeaked again, not believing her ears. "You're asking me to... feed..." she gulped before shaking her head furiously. "Can't we just settle the foods on the floor and let them eat?"

"It's not that scary, trust me," he took out a loaf of bread from the bag. "Here, just hand it over to it, and it'll chomp down. You can even pat the head if you want to." He did as he spoke and gave the bread to the left head. It chomped at the food furiously before letting out a content hiss. He ran his hand from the head down to its neck and it snuggled closer towards him. The right head is losing is patience though. "Well, c'mon, just try it at least once."

To save the last bits of her dignity, she reluctantly agreed. She's rather curious about the Pokémon anyway. Kneeling next to him, she shoved her hand and took out a croissant from the bag. She slowly hovered it in front of Zweilous' right head. When it was close enough, it munched the food from Hilda's grasp. She stole a glance towards Hilbert. He was teasing the left head with the food for a short while before he relented. After that, he stroked its neck with a small solemn smile, waiting for it to finish the food. It was at this moment he noticed that Hilda was staring at him.

"You can touch it, really. It won't bite. Give it another round," he assured her.

She turned her attention back to the right head - who just finished its meal - and offered it another treat. As it munched its food, Hilda braced herself and gave it a small pat. Fortunately, it welcomed the gesture. Soon, she's brave enough to rub its neck, even playing with the Pokémon's face. The brunet heard her excited giggle and his small smile widened.

"Aw, you're so cute!" Hilda laughed when it started to snuggle in affection. She grabbed another loaf of bread and gave it to the hungry Pokémon. During its munches, she let her fingers run through the Pokémon's black fur. She expected it to be raw and coarse at first. Turns out, it was rather smooth and clean. She could even smell a bit of a shampoo if she sniffled. Hilbert must have taken care of it personally.

"Well, it wasn't so bad, was it?" Said brunet finally chimed in.

"You're telling me. It's so adorable!"

"I wouldn't say adorable, but whatever."

They slowed down the pace when the food was running out, so it took approximately twenty minutes to finish the food. Hilda commented how she should have brought more, but Hilbert told her that anymore of those and his Pokémon might gain more weight than he'd like. The Hostile Pokémon still expected more, but they quickly backed off from another stern order from its trainer.

Hilda stifled a laugh at the sight. "See! Even blind Pokémon finds your glare intimidating!"

Hilbert rolled his eyes again in response. "I like to think that my Pokémon is obedient because of my skills, not my glare."

"How about both?" She replied with a chortle. A slight scowl made it towards his face and he returned his Pokémon without a word.

"But I'm curious. Those food you brought, I mean. Weren't you going to eat that?" He leaned back to his seat. "I'll pay for those. How much is it?"

Hilda glanced at him before she sat back to her seat. "No need for that. I don't even know how much it would be. It was leftovers from my breakfast."

He quickly jerks his head towards her, one hand reaching to his ear. "Did I hear that correctly? Or is this your attempt as a joke or something? 'Cause it's not working."

She quickly regrets saying the last part. His reaction's not unlike Bianca, but somehow it made her a bit uncomfortable. "What? Why would I do that? I wasn't kidding. It was leftovers."

He blinked, staring at his friend in disbelief. "You? Leftovers? No offense, but that word doesn't describe your stomach capacity at all." Hilda made a face after hearing that, but her sarcastic retort died at her throat when he inches closer towards her. " okay?"

"Of course," Hilda replied after a brief silence, her eyes downwards. "Why would I not? I just bought a bit too many, that's all," she tried to reason, hoping that he will buy it.

"Lies. I know you. If I were to guess, you'll buy five bags of those pastries first, and get another round if you're still not full," he noticed her wince and continued. "Something on your mind?"

Well damn, that was right on the spot. Now what - oh, let's try this again.

"Look, a flying Pignite!"

Hilbert's expression turns somewhat unamused. "That distraction got old the last three times you used it on me."

"Well, it worked that last three times, so I thought I'd give it a shot once more," she sheepishly laughed a short-lasting laugh. She wasn't expecting him to fall for it again, but she thought it might succeed in changing the topic.

Sadly for her, it's not working. "Look, I know you're trying to change the conversation, and I have to say that you failed miserably."

"Real nice, buddy."

"And you're not fine, not at all."

"Oh, and why do you think that?" She challenged him.

"You're not looking at me."

The answer made Hilda fell into another silence. Even though she wasn't looking at him, she knew he's probably celebrating his bulls eye guess. Well, I'm not looking at you because of... other reason. She felt a faint brush creeping to her cheek at that thought. She was able to escape this conversation with Bianca since she's easily distracted. Hilbert? Not so much, now that she learned the hard way.

In the end, Hilbert sighed and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Fine. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. But keeping it all bottled up inside won't do any good," he paused to gauge her reaction, or rather, lack thereof. "I'm your friend, Hilda. I'll keep it a secret if you want me to, and I won't judge you if you're thinking of something weird. Of course it's up to you, but who knows if I'll be able to help?"

Friend? Hilda thought over that word again. Right. I'm friends with him. Why does that sounds so weird again?

"Well," she finally spoke with a small voice. "I don't want to elaborate much, but I've been thinking about this weird thoughts. Kinda ruins my mood sometimes."

"Weird thoughts? What's it about - aah, no need to tell me if you don't want to," Hilbert paused, deep in thought for some reassuring words.

It's about you - not that I'll ever say that in front of your face, Hilda sighed, her mind replaying her internal struggle last night, and how it also replayed at her breakfast. It quickly suppresses her hunger, leaving an amount of leftovers that ends up in Zweilous' stomach.

"Well, let's try thinking of something else. All this frowning can't be good for your face," he leans back to give Hilda some space. "Say, why not tell me about your recent Gym battle? I haven't heard the details."

She blinked for a while before she started to smile a little. He's trying to make her comfortable in his own way, and she's very grateful for that. "Well, it's not so grand, but..."

Time passed until it was time for their late lunch. Cheren called Hilda's Xtransceiver to meet up back at the Pokémon Center. They decided to have this 'late lunch' to avoid the crowd that might make their lunch uncomfortable, if not for Hilda's sake.

Bianca was pleased when she noticed that Hilda gained a cheerful spring in her step, contrasting her rather moody behavior this morning. The blonde was quick to assume that Hilbert had something to do with Hilda's cheeriness, even more so when the brunette flushed bright red when Bianca mentioned it.

Though she wasn't able to bug Hilda further, since both her and Cheren are distracted with something else.

"Arceus, Hilda," Cheren pinched his nose, "that's your eighteenth bowl. That's three bowls too many than the usual - and you still wanted more?"

"You think?" Hilda grinned as she slammed down the empty bowl to the table. "I didn't feel full the least bit, so give me a break," Cheren groaned and casted a glance to his side, his stomach starting to act weird. "Give me the next bowl, Bianca," Hilda asked, to which the blonde nodded and pushed the food to Hilda while biting her lip.

"Are you sure you're not eating too many?"


"Eating your late share of your breakfast too, hmm?" Hilbert pushed his empty dishes aside. "You know what, I think you'll win this round. I'm beat."

"Says you," Cheren mumbled loud enough for his friends to hear. "That's your twentieth bowl. How do you people stay thin after eating all that stuff?" Not that he really wanted to hear the answer.

"What? You're two bowls ahead of me?" Hilda paused her eating to voice her disbelief. "Must be when I went to the toilet," and with that, she practically drowned her face to the bowl again.

"Yup, she's filling the empty stomach for the breakfast alright," Cheren commented. It seems Bianca told him about Hilda not finishing her meal. "Got me worried, but it seems that my worry was for naught. Look at you now, eating like there's no tomorrow ."

"Well, thanks and sorry," Hilda managed between her furious chomping.

"Hilbert, what did you do to her?" Bianca asked with a knowing glance towards Hilda. Said brunette almost choked, but she kept herself cool and continues to eat, pretending to not hear anything.

"Well, nothing as drastic as you think," he answered after a quick pause, and Hilda nodded after hearing that. She raised her head just to see Bianca's reaction, but she found a hand giving her forehead a playful shove.

"Just a tiny bit pep talk, I guess." Hilbert smiled towards the brunette, now frozen in surprise. She quickly retreated and murmured something incoherent while nodding furiously. Her reaction earned her weird look from Bianca and Cheren, though by no means they thought of the same thing.

And Hilda still lost the eating contest, only managing to finish nineteen bowls (and a half, if you want to get technical). She's lost in her thought and her appetite diminishes after that quick, fleeting moment.

"Please, Bianca, can we talk about this later?" Hilda sighed for the nth time. "I'm rather out of it."

After their lunch, Bianca dragged Hilda to a corner and asks about her condition (she's more worried rather than teasing). Hilda absolutely refuses to talk about it now though, and eventually the blonde relented.

"Okay then, but you'll talk to me about this 'scoop' today, right?" Bianca asked again, and Hilda gave a curt nod for her response. "Speaking of scoop, I'll even treat you some ice cream!" The blonde added after noticing her friend's expression. The blank look was back to her face, her blue eyes troubled, and her shoulders are limp. The cheery Hilda persona vanished just after the lunch, and as her best friend, Bianca couldn't help but worry.

Hearing 'treat' and 'ice cream', Hilda couldn't help but smile a bit. "You sure? I'm a big eater, FYI."

"Just a couple of scoops. After that you're paying your own," Bianca quickly amended her statement. She knew better than to pay for Hilda's bills.

"Okay then, I'm going to have a walk or something," Hilda waved slightly and without waiting for her friend's response, she walked past by the blonde. "Later."

"Moping," the brunette answered with a dry laugh. "And emptying my stomach for my ice cream treat. I'll call you when my stomach growls?

"Umm," Bianca had no idea what Hilda is thinking, but she figured she could at least give her childhood friend some space. "Okay! Two-three hours enough for you?"

Hilda looked to her shoulder and gave Bianca her nod of approval. "That might be too long. Give me at least an hour, I think that'll be enough." With that, she walked away past the sliding door and disappeared from Bianca's vision.

"Hey Bianca," Cheren's voice called from her side. She turned to find him and Hilbert approaching her, and she gave them a small wave. "Where's Hilda going?" He asked when they're within a normal talking range.

"Uh, she said she wanted to get stuff out of her head for a bit... I guess," Bianca answered uneasily. "She isn't looking so good all of a sudden, huh?"

"Yes, very unlikely of her," the black haired boy agreed, for once not showing his disdain tone towards Hilda. Both of them went silent, as if deep in their own thoughts. "I guess we can leave her alone for a bit," Cheren started again. "I mean, the last time she looked this down was when we ran out food while we're camping," the two childhood friends laughed a little at the memory. "But let's be on the safe side for a while."

Hilbert heard the two trainer's conversation, but he didn't feel like joining them. His attention are fixed to the door Hilda went into, a foreign spark flashed through his brown eyes.

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