A year later, on February 16th, Carol slipped Ed a conversation heart. He was about to toss it into his mouth when Carol's yelp stopped him.

"No! No… Ed, read it first," She pleaded, so anxious that he swore she was about to twist her earlobe off.

He read the pink heart out loud. "Marry Me." his voice drifted off on the third syllable. "Carol…"

"Will you?" She asked, taking his hands.

"I wanted to ask you, I've been thinking about it," He said, looking at his golden girl.

"I know. I wanted to make you sure of my answer. I love you," Carol spoke with a smile on her lips. And so, on the best day of his life, Ed did what any man in love would do. He wrapped his future wife in his arms and kissed her.


. . . t h e e n d