Twisted Pleasure

Characters: Horatio Caine & Calleigh Duquesne

Rating: T (with a possible change to M)

Spoilers: None

Genre: Drama/ Suspense AU

A/N: I had a stroke of inspiration from one line that kept running through my mind and some drastic changes that I've seen in Horatio. This is strictly AU…

Chapter One

The shrill of her cell jarred her awake, her brows knitting in confusion as she shifted minutely within the silk sheets. Her skin slipped easily across the soft material and the heat of another body beside her brought about the memories of their night together. Allowing the cell to ring until it ceased, Calleigh laid her head back down and closed her eyes, the images now even more vivid as they played behind her eye lids. Every touch, every tender kiss was imprinted on her psyche and even her heart which was what made this so very hard. He was bad for her in every form and fashion but she couldn't quite find the strength to put a stop to it. From the moment they met, Calleigh had fallen head over heels for him and even though they were from opposite sides of the badge, she just couldn't let him go. He was a part of her life, her passion for him coursed through her veins like hot lava and on occasions, like tonight, her lustful desires found an opening and exploited it- thoroughly.

The sound of the rain pelting against the window drew her line of sight to the darkness that awaited her. For most of the evening, she found herself within the throes of immeasurable pleasure, forgetting the world –and her responsibilities- to remain in his arms. He was addicting and dangerous, two traits she always loved in a man. Turning her body toward the window more, she closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath and let it go slowly, the memories flooding her senses. A small smile drifted over her lips, practically hearing the music in her mind, reminiscing…

Lotus Club, five years earlier…

The atmosphere was alive with electricity and fed directly into her, making her anxious to release herself from the constraints that she had effectively bound herself in. The expectations of the day had taken its toll on her; work had been filled with relentless meetings which then bled into several cases popping up across the vast landscape that was Miami. To top it off, her personal life was now in the can, courtesy of the job that she held true to her heart. If a man couldn't understand her devotion and commitment to justice, then if they parted ways, it was just as well. The relationship with the Assistant D.A. was wearing thin on her anyway; any semblance of excitement had been replaced with dowdy routine and that wasn't Calleigh's style in the least bit. She liked her men sensible but with a hint of mystery and danger. As she scanned the overcrowded dance floor, she wondered aimlessly if the man she craved was out there, waiting for her.

The frenetic beat of the music fueled her desire to explore, the pulsating bass surging through her body, furthering the need to release. The night-this night- was meant for her to let her inhibitions flow and her worries cease to exist. Tonight was the night she was going to resurrect herself from the doldrums of the day to day and she was going to enjoy every second of it.

Turning her back on the dance floor and making her way to the bar, Calleigh smiled at the procession of onlookers who eyed her hungrily. As flattered as she was by the attention, she could easily tell that none of them were in the stratosphere of what she wanted. With their slicked back hair and seedy grins, they were ill fitted to suit her needs. Many thought that her exceptional beauty was a folly and expected to get their way and sadly many found quickly that she was not what she was seemed. Behind her beautiful smile and arresting green eyes was a complex, contemplative creature that sought an equal. These posers sought only to get into her panties and as such she gave them no leeway.

Once she passed her admirers, she focused on the bar, feeling the need for a stiff drink. Usually, she didn't need alcohol to prompt her but after the day she had, it would be a welcome respite. Placing her clutch on the bar, she nodded toward the bartender and flashed a brilliant smile, lifting her hand for the drink. Settling, she felt a presence on her left side, followed by a tantalizing scent. Her body stiffened involuntarily and she chanced a glance but not before the person spoke, his smooth unhurried tones making her shiver with equal parts anticipation and arousal.

"It should be a crime," he remarked softly, inching closer to her ear. She bit her lip as all of the feeling seemed to automatically drift downward at the sound of his voice and anxiously waited for him to speak again. Getting her wish, she felt his body press against hers as he came closer, the scent now overpowering her sensibilities. Her eyes fluttered closed as he whispered delicately in her ear, "It should be a crime for someone so beautiful to have to buy her own drink."

Lulled by his gentle tone, Calleigh exhaled and shook her head as she opened her eyes, fully prepared to shoot the poor bastard down. She had to give him his props; it took balls to approach her in that manner and she was about to allude to that fact until she came face to face with him. Instantly drawn to his expressive blue eyes, Calleigh felt her breath rush out of her body as she lost herself within his gaze. She barely perceived anything outside of his intense gaze, only breaking the spell when he smiled. Her heartbeat pounded against her chest as she allowed herself to peruse him fully, taking in his stature and build. Gauging him at about six feet tall, Calleigh's brow arched slightly as a lustful grin inched across her lips. The cut of his suit formed against his strong shoulders and lean form, her heart racing at the lustful thoughts that invaded her mind. In a matter of seconds, she'd been overwhelmed completely by him, and all he did was speak to her.

"Now this is a change of pace," the man remarked with a small chuckle. The way his red hair fell in his eyes prodded at Calleigh's control and she attempted vainly to hide it, turning her body fully toward him, her expression challenging him to finish his statement. Taking her cue, he finished, "It's refreshing to see such a confident woman, one that knows what she wants and how to go about getting it." Her heart threatened to flat line at his close proximity, "Makes it just that much easier to give her exactly what she needs. No guess work needed."

"And you know what I need?" Calleigh asked, willing to let this play out. She was intrigued, thoroughly, and her mind and body were in concert with each other, shifting her closer to her mystery man.

"I do, and I can assure you that you will have no qualms about how I give it to you." Standing and offering her his hand, he smiled at her taking her in fully. He could see the brief hesitation in her eyes but then it relented as if forced into submission. Her strength called out to him and he was drawn into her orbit by her alluring, bejeweled eyes. As much as she was checking him out, he had been doing the same, the image of running his hands through her long, golden mane quickly becoming a desire he wanted to see wrought into reality. The space between them was simmering with raw electricity as they stared at each other. There was no question about what was going on between them, only about how they were going to take the next step.

At his cocky tone, Calleigh licked her lips and took his hand, standing with him. She was startled by his hand reaching to smooth a strand of hair away from her face but smiled anyway, his soft caress confirming what she already knew. She was about to tread new waters and allow this one night of carefree inhibitions. She was going to throw caution to the wind and enjoy it immensely. She was going to give this man the fuck of his life.

And she didn't even know his name…

His touch brought her back from the past and his warmth brought a smile to her face. That night was the catalyst and as much as she said it was only for one night, each time they met up, he made her out to be a liar. His skillful yet tender touch kept her within his grasp the attraction blossoming. Months passed and they were meeting regularly, conceding their nights to passion without disclosing any personal information. The sense of mystery and naughtiness kept Calleigh interested and thoroughly satisfied and little did she know, her ability to perceive danger in a man proved to be solid. For it was a chance meeting that she found out his secret and ultimately hers, the revelation having the potential to squander everything. To her surprise and detriment however, it hadn't splintered what they had. By some small feat, it strengthened it even though it should've never existed in the first place.

That thought erased the smile and she rose, slipping out of his feather like touch. Keeping her back to him, she felt the bed shift under his weight and exhaled as his addictive touch skimmed the planes of her nude back, his breath hitting her skin clearly making her escape futile. Once again, his heat pressed against her and she felt as if she was burning from the inside out. He did this to her, made her lust for his attention and as much as she wanted to be angry at it, she practically asked for it, time and time again.

Her eyes drifted closed under his finger's soft trek up her back and down her shoulders, her breath escaping slowly. For her own good, she was going to have to sever her ties with him but she couldn't muster up the strength. His love was just too potent to deny.

Futilely she whispered, "We've got to stop meeting like this, Horatio. This can't continue…"

Horatio chuckled as he skimmed his lips across her shoulder, moving the wave of gold to her opposite shoulder, "And why is that, sweetheart?"

He was doing it yet again…distracting her from her intent. It was a part of his game, his clever attempt to lead her further astray and she found that she liked it. Even so, she snapped back to her senses and shook her head, rising to her feet quickly. Without the camouflage of the silk sheets, she was naked under his ever watchful eye and the thought tantalized her. Annoyed with herself, she bit out, "We don't fit, Horatio. We could never work…I should've stopped this a long time ago."

Horatio smirked and sat up on his elbow, watching the beautiful creature before him. Even in the darkness, he could perceive her glorious form and his brow arched thoughtfully, already ascertaining how quick he could get her back into the bed. The cell on her side of the bed rang and he exhaled, "You're going to let this one go to voice mail, Cal?" Spying her badge, he picked it up and stared at it, his fingers gliding over the shield, "This is bothering you again, isn't it?"

"Shouldn't it be bothering you, Horatio?" Her ire was fueled by his blasé manner and she reached to take the badge out of his hand, "Give it back, Horatio." The cell continued to ring and it further pushed her patience, knowing that whatever it was, it was pertinent and she probably should answer it. Willing to let him skate with her badge, she instead reached for the phone and answered it succinctly, "Duquesne."

Horatio chuckled as her tone changed completely and watched as she morphed into Lieutenant Calleigh Duquesne. His amusement grew at the thought of their respective roles and he traded glances between her nude form and her badge, cognizant of the choices he had made. What she said was right; they shouldn't fit, they were polar opposites of each other. She enforced the law and he happily broke it. For all intended purposes, they shouldn't have fallen in love but that was exactly where they found themselves. From time to time, it bothered her that he was who he was but one night in his arms quelled her fears and calmed her. He couldn't help his lot in life and he wasn't willing to give her up. He was going to have to remain clever and on top of his game to keep what was his.

Shifting the badge in his hand when she looked to him, he laughed and then untangled himself from the silk sheets joining her. Waiting for her to finish the call, he traced the edge of the badge against her chest, bringing it downward, his playful smile growing lustful. He loved it when she was bothered, it made for interesting foreplay.

"On the job?" he asked smoothly, encircling her waist with his free hand. When she nodded, he sighed, "You've gotta go?"

"Yes, Horatio. I've got a call out. You might be familiar with the location; it's on the pier. Dock 601. Isn't that your territory?" Lifting her eyes to his, she asked pointedly, "Got business going down out there tonight, H?"

The smile disappeared as he stepped back, "Is this an interrogation, Lieutenant? Or am I free to go?" The sarcastic tone was caustic and uncalled for but he hated the way she looked at him when something like this happened. He was the criminal, the one she should be seeking out to arrest, not screw him mindlessly. It was a necessary evil though; he'd weather her judgmental glares just to keep her.

"Did you have anything to do with the body that's now stinking up the warehouse on 601? What was it, Horatio, a deal gone wrong?"

Horatio wasn't about to divvy on the details instead, he handed her back the badge, "Don't ask questions that you don't want the answers to, Calleigh."

Glaring at him, she shook her head, "I've got to go, Horatio. Someone has lost a loved one and now I have to bring to justice whoever took them away." Looking away, she ran her hands through her hair, "I just hope that I won't have to do that for you one day." The sound of a soft click caused her to turn toward the now closed door, the emptiness that she felt every time he left filling her completely. Spying the red rose on the bed, she picked it up and sniffed it, sitting down roughly, her thoughts running away with her.

They were opposite sides of the same coin, each other's roles conflicting with the strong tie of their love. Even though he was bad for her, she couldn't help the feeling that she would never be able to cut him free.

The thought petrified her completely.