Well, there is never too much Chuck/Sarah smut and after having a conversation with ShinyJayne19 about her story "A Million Years," I felt like I had to write my own. Make sure to read her awesome story too.

This is purely for fun and for your entertainment. The only real reason I decided to write this is because we know that Sarah is a naughty little minx in bed, but we never get to see it. We also know Chuck is a closet sex-god that could make even the most willed women crumble at his pleasure. This takes place any time after Season 4 so SPOLIER ALERT if you haven't seen the end of season four yet, be cautioned. There will also be a lot of Star Wars references. There is a warning for sexuality, nudity, crude language, and absolutely hot passionate sex.

I do not own Chuck but the idea for the underwear and shirt were strictly mine.


Chuck Bartowski had another long drudging day at work. It is already past nine at night. Contrary to popular belief, it is hard to run a BuyMore while secretly running a freelance spy organization. Then on top of that: training your best friend to use a tool that he shouldn't have acquired in the first place and Chuck being the only one who know how it properly functions is the sole trainer. Morgan is an amazing friend who has been there for Chuck from the first days of elementary school, but he needs to understand when something is gravely serious. The Intersect is not a video game and Chuck is struggling to drill that into his head. He thinks it is all fun and games and keeps trying to use his 'powers' for his own amusement. Luckily, Chuck was able to configure a Governor to keep Morgan's brain from overloading and causing him pain. No one knows what his retention rate is, so they have no timetable to when the Intersect would put too much strain on his brain.

Chuck sighs as he steps up to the front door of his apartment complex that he shares with his lovely wife, Sarah. Lovely isn't even a strong enough word to describe her. She is honestly the greatest thing to happen in his life and no matter how shitty it started, he wouldn't trade a single moment in fear he would lose the life he has with the woman he has. Well, there was that one time in Call of Duty where he thought he could go the opposite way of his team, but that is barely worth trading in for. More than anything right now, he just wants to hold his wife in his arms and tell her how much he loves her.

Chuck opens the door to the apartment and steps in. The apartment looks tranquil and gives him that aura of being home. His wife is nowhere in sight and he kind of hopes she isn't asleep because then he wouldn't be able to tell her how much he loves her. After closing the door, he walks by the clean kitchen and into his bedroom where Sarah, in one of his old Star Wars shirts that ends at her mid thighs, is reading a book. The instant he enters, she drops the book to gaze at the intrusion. She immediately smiles as she sees her husband.

He is the greatest man she has ever met. She cannot even describe how much he means to her because he means everything to her. Nothing in the world is worth sacrificing her Chuck for. She may've had a hard life at first being a con artist turned spy, but she wouldn't trade a single moment in her life because she is now married to the man she loves. Well, there was that 2X4 that she pretended to be with to make Chuck jealous. It worked, but only to hurt Chuck so she quickly realized that she needs to stop pretending to be with a piece of wood who couldn't even get wood and be with the single greatest man alive.

"Hi, sweetie," Sarah smiles brightly at her loving husband.

"Hey honey," Chuck smiles back with just as much love.

"Long day at work?" Sarah asks already knowing the answer.

"Yea," Chuck sighs as he sits on the bed with his back towards her. "Jeff and Lester played their new single on all the TVs and—"

"What song did they cover now?" Sarah asks curiously.

"The Promise from When in Rome," Chuck sighs dreadfully. "The song is still stuck in my head."

"Why don't you fire them?" Sarah queries as she puts her book down.

"No matter how horrible of employees they are, I guess I have a weird nostalgia for them and the whole BuyMore. It's the place that I first laid eyes upon my beautiful wife," he turns to look at her with a subtle smile as he speaks the complete truth.

"That's sweet," Sarah crawls until she is behind Chuck and starts massaging his shoulders. She can feel the stress in his trapezius muscles and she loves making Chuck comfortable… and touching him is always a plus.

"Thanks, babe," Chuck sighs in relief. "You're so amazing," Chuck lets his head fall back as he soaks in the therapeutic massage. After a minute of silent massaging, Chuck finally lets his eyes fall on the book Sarah has been reading: The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Chuck smiles as he has turned his beautiful CIA angel into a beautiful angelic nerd. "How're you liking the book?" Chuck asks, breaking the silence.

"It's weird, but funny," Sarah responds jovially.

"Yea, the Brits have an odd sense of humor," Chuck lets out a small laughing snort, "but it's one of my favorites," Chuck shrugs. "That feels amazing," Chuck moans in pleasure at her gyrating massage.

"Just relax, Chuck," she continues to massage him as she whispers in his ear. "I'll make all the stress go away."

"Did I tell you how much I love you today?" Chuck says in awe at the great relief on his shoulders.

"I don't recall you saying it today," Sarah lies mischievously. Chuck told her this morning and during lunch and during dinner as they shared a meal in Castle. But she just loves hearing him say it.

"Well I do love you… so much, Sarah."

"I know that," she whispers softly. "I love you too."

Sarah releases Chuck's shoulders and steps off the bed from behind him. He turns to look at her and she is standing there in his brown Star Wars t-shirt that hangs lazily off her shoulders, resting on her breasts and hanging at her mid thighs. The design on the shirt is Obi-wan Kenobi sitting in the landspeeder while being questioned by the two stormtroopers with the phrase 'these are not the breasts you're looking for.' Chuck always loves when she wears his clothes because gravity makes it cling to the best parts. And to be honest, those are exactly the breasts he's looking for.

"Chuck," Sarah pipes happily, "light side or dark side?"

"What?" Chuck furrows his brow curiously.

"Light side or dark side?" Sarah asks innocently.

"Is this some kind of Jedi mind trick?" Chuck asks as an amused smile starts to form on his lips. Wow, she has come so far from the cold hearted agent he met in the BuyMore all those years ago that she is actually asking a Star Wars question.

"No," Sarah shakes her head but keeps the innocent smile on her face.

"Okay… Dark side?" Chuck states unsurely.

"You naughty, naughty boy," Sarah says huskily as she grins deviously through hooded eyes.

"Light side then?" Chuck states with a confused smile on his face. Just seeing his beautiful wife always puts a smile on his face.

Sarah lets out a giggle that makes her free flowing breasts under the shirt bounce subtly. She grips the bottom of the shirt and pulls it over her head. As the shirt pools on the floor, Sarah looks to her frozen husband whose gaze has fallen upon her waist. His eyes are opened wide and his draw is dropped just slightly as he falls into a drooling trance. He looks like he has been frozen in a carbonite block. "Marry me," Chuck mumbles unconsciously as he cannot believe what he is seeing on his already perfect wife.

Sarah lets out another giggle as she spins to show Chuck both sides of her limited edition Star Wars underwear. There is a blue lightsaber pointing downwards over a background that fades from blue to white on the front side while the backside of the underwear contains the Death Star right in the center with a background that fades red to white.

"We're already married," Sarah smiles jubilantly at Chuck's reaction to her underwear and his comical demand.

"Marry me again," Chuck states in his same state of trance like a hypnotized zombie that wants to eat something other than brains at this particular moment.

"Okay," Sarah states shyly as she climbs onto the bed like a tigress ready to pounce on her prey; her breasts hanging freely from her gorgeous chest. Chuck meets her halfway as he presses her lips against hers. They slowly close the gap between their bodies as Chuck's hands find their way around her back. He breaks the kiss letting her fall back into tigress position on all fours as he studies her underwear. He places both hands on her ass as he looks upon 'the dark side.'

Sarah looks back in surprise to see Chuck looking at her underwear so intensely. He then flips her over, which she didn't expect, so she tumbles onto her back and Chuck looks at the light side with an amazed smile on his face. Sarah looks up at the expression on her face. "Good thing you didn't pick the dark side," Sarah chuckles as she pulls Chuck down for a smoldering kiss.

Their tongues duel for superiority like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as their kiss heats up farther. Chuck's hands find their way to her unhindered breasts and he envelopes them in his palms. Sarah lets out a moan into his mouth as he plays with her breasts. They finally break the kiss as the need for air barely defeats their passion for each other. Chuck pushes Sarah back down onto the bed as he trails kisses along her chin. He then kisses down her neck and to the top of her chest while massaging both her breasts. He trails the kisses down to the valley between her breasts. He starts working to the left until he has Sarah's entire hard nipple engulfed in his mouth. His right hand continues massaging her other nipple as his left hand glides along her side until it rubs up against her thigh and then rides back up her inner thigh until it reaches the wet lips of her pussy through the underwear.

Sarah arches back as Chuck devours her body. He flicks her hard nipple with his tongue while rubbing against her increasingly wet nether lips. "Chuck," Sarah drawls out a shaky moan at the intense pleasure. Chuck worships every inch of her body as his lips travel to the other nipple. He takes it into his mouth and gives it a quick suckle before letting his tongue roll around it. "Chu…uck," Sarah moans louder as his index and middle fingers increase the speed against her moist vagina.

"Sarah," Chuck looks up at her from his perched place between her breasts. She looks down at him to see the swirls of love and ecstasy in his eyes. He looks into the oceanic eyes of Sarah to see lust and passion swirling furiously.

"Fuck me," she begs with all her passion.

Chuck loves seeing Sarah completely hot and bothered and horny. His two fingers ease off her vagina as he sits up. He suggestively licks his fingers of any remnants of Sarah's juices left on them. Sarah's eyes widen in fierce anger that he stopped massaging her after giving her such intense pleasure.

"So help me god, Charles Bartowski, if you don't fuck your wife right now, she will rape the shit out of you," Sarah says with an unending passion and fear-bringing gaze. "Destroy me, Chuck! Demolish me! Defile me!"

That is all the incentive Chuck needs as he slides the now soaked underwear down Sarah's legs and she helps him slide her ankles out of them. They can easily weigh a pound with how much of Sarah's juices have absorbed into the cotton. Chuck smirks as he throws them into the corner and they make a splat noise against the floor.

He kisses just below her belly button as he continues south down her clean-shaven groin and finally to her smoldering wet pussy. He kisses the top as he brings her legs over his shoulders. She hooks her heels into his back as his tongue enters her wet folds. He instantly sucks up her juices as he tickles her clit. Sarah writhes with pleasure as she arches back, her hardened nipples pointing straight up to the sky. Chuck's hands grasp onto her breasts and his thumbs rub her nipples in a circular pattern.

"Oh… fuck…" Sarah moans shakily as she gyrates her core against Chuck's mouth.

Chuck's tongue continues to delve into the vast wetness of her essence as he caresses her perfect breasts. Sarah's legs start to clamp around Chuck's head as her abdomen clenches from the humongous orgasm she is about to unleash.

"Chuck," she tries to get his attention but he is so in tuned with giving her the most pleasure he can, he doesn't hear her. "Chu…uck," Sarah whines slightly as she removes his hands from her breasts. That gets his attention and he pulls out from between her legs. He gives her a questioning look. "I want you inside me, Chuck," Sarah states huskily as she pulls her legs off of his shoulders.

Chuck nods as he starts for his belt buckle. Sarah takes over the reins and pulls the belt out lightning quick with complete ease. She tosses it to somewhere that doesn't matter at this particular moment because she is about lose all sense of coherency from the raging orgasm brewing inside her. She quickly unzips and unbuttons his pants. In one quick tug, she removes his pants and boxers to see his hardened arousal. She lets out a tiny smile as she looks back at Chuck and attacks his lips; tasting herself on him.

In the lustful haze, Chuck finds Sarah's hips and centers her. She grips his steel-hard cock and guides it into her. Chuck pushes her into the bed as he thrusts inside her. Sarah lets out a loud moan as pushes harder, impressing her into the mattress. Each thrust causes an intense wave of pleasure for both of them as Sarah feels herself on the edge of the largest orgasm she has ever had.

"Chuck!" Sarah moans loudly. "Oh god! Chuck!"

His hands grip her hips so he can thrust harder, faster, and deeper into her vagina. Sarah's eyes start to roll back at the intense ecstasy as her stomach clenches to absorb enough energy to push out the giant orgasm.

"Fuck, Chuck!" Sarah screams in ecstasy. "Oh god!"

Chuck's breathing starts to get labored at as the pleasure start to get to him. Feeling himself inside Sarah along with her religious pleas is pushing him quickly towards climaxing. Sarah's eyes can no longer stay open as the orgasm starts its emergence. Chuck feels the walls of Sarah's vagina constrict around his hard cock and tightens its hold around it. This causes Chuck to go into overdrive as he feels himself flying over the edge of the orgasm.

Sarah, with one loud moan "OH CHUCK!" climaxes and releases all the pent up arousal as her body excretes a hefty amount of juices. Chuck feels the extra lubrication from Sarah's orgasm as the warm fluid engulfs his cock and starts spilling out of her. The warm feeling pushes him beyond coherency as he explodes inside her, letting out all of his lust in three final thrusts. He collapses on top of her nude body and gives her a kiss on her lips as she slowly opens her eyes to see the man who was the culprit for all the earthshattering orgasms she has been having since being with him.

Chuck finally pulls out of her and lies down next to her. She is spread eagle with the bed soaked below her in their warm fluids. They both have a glowing smile that only making love could give them. Sarah's golden locks are in disarray around the pillow her head rests on. Both of them are heaving to try and catch their breath after the monster orgasms they shared together. Chuck looks at his beautiful angel and slides the hair from her face that she was too exhausted to move herself.

"Chuck," Sarah whispers breathily. "That was… amazing."

"The feeling's mutual," Chuck gives her a peck on the lips before falling back down next to her.

"You ruined my underwear," Sarah states with mock anger as she tries to scrounge enough energy to speak.

"Well, technically, it was you who ruined them," Chuck rejoinders with a large smile. "You're the one who soaked them in your own fluids after all."

"I was outmatched," Sarah blearily argues as if it wasn't fair. She couldn't hold up against Chuck's nimble fingers rubbing over her like that. It just isn't possible when almost everything he does turns her on.

"How?" Chuck's smile grows as his amusement at Sarah increases. "It was just me and you. I think those are fair numbers."

"You suck," Sarah says tiredly as she lightly hits him on the stomach as she can barely even move her body. She might have just been broken by Chuck.

Chuck lets out a hearty laugh as he smiles charmingly at her. She looks over and cannot help but smile at the greatest man ever and not just in the bed either. "So," Chuck's smile turns devilish, "you ready for the dark side?"

Sarah's smile instantly drops and her eyes widen in complete shock.

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