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This story takes place early middle of season 3 before the greatest couple of all time gets together… and Hannah, because nobody liked her.

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Sarah knows she should feel ashamed for what she is doing, but she cannot help it. It is like an addiction that only has one cure: him. She hates having to confront Casey about the security feeds and being scrutinized under his disapproving eyes. He has always been fairly quiet about her relationship with Chuck, but Casey has been more than understanding. He has never once told her how foolish and pathetic she is acting. Casey should've put a stop to this so long ago, knowing she is not herself. She feels like a horrible person for what she is doing but she is not a normal person and never will be. Just like Chuck told her nearly a year ago. She may never have him, but she will always have these few memories of how her life could really be if she was just with him.

"Thank you Casey," She sighs embarrassingly as she turns to leave his apartment. "And I know," she responds to his condemning gaze. As the door to his apartment closes behind her, she tightens her black trench coat around her nearly nude body and glances at her watch. The time reads as 11:26 at night. She can tell that Chuck is asleep after checking the video feed before she asked Casey to shut them off. "I'm sorry, Chuck," she whispers to herself before sneaking into his window through the Morgan door.

She watches his sleeping form for a few seconds, wondering how different their lives would be if he had chosen to run away with her in Prague. They could possibly be happy and together… or they could be constantly on the run and never the chance to settle into a place for more than a few days. She still ponders both of their decisions to this day. Finally, she disrobes by letting the black trench coat slide off her shoulders and pool around her feet. She stands above the end of Chuck's bed in just black lingerie panties and a sheer black bra. She doesn't know what color lingerie would be Chuck's favorite, but she knows that black is a safe choice and she'll be removing it soon enough.

She gently removes the duvet to see Chuck in his usual sleepwear of boxers and sweatpants over them. She gently climbs onto the bed and prances on all fours towards Chuck. As she settles with her knees by his hips and her hands beside his head, she whispers softly, "Chuck." She leans in and presses a soft kiss on his lips to gently stir him awake. She snakes her tongue into his mouth and plays with his tongue as he finally starts to wake up. She smiles when his eyes widen at the sight of the beautiful angel with her tongue deep into his throat. She pulls back just enough so that he can reclaim his own mouth.

"Sarah?" He squeaks out at the complete shock of seeing her straddling him and making out with him. But for some very odd reason, he feels like this has happened before. He tries to blink the sleep out of his eyes as Sarah continues her onslaught.

"Hi, Chuck," she responds saucily as she dips back in for another deep passionate kiss.

After breaking the long kiss, Chuck cannot help but wonder, "Sarah? What're you doing?"

"Fucking you," she ferociously attacks his lips again. She leans on her left hand and runs her right hand down his bare torso, feeling him shiver beneath her touch. She noticed that he only wears a shirt to sleep when they have their cover sleepovers. Her right hand finds its way down and into his pants.

"Sarah," he quickly groans into her mouth as her hand grips his erection, already hard just from her revealing outfit and the passionate kissing.

"I want little Chuck," she demands as she starts stroking him gently.

So many questions and thoughts are running through his mind, but nothing more powerful than the pure lust and need to feel the angel that is stimulating him so greatly. He is not about to look a gift horse in the mouth, which he has always believed was a stupid nonsensical saying. His hands slide up her torso and up to her chest as she cups his scrotum with her hand. She nearly giggles with excitement as her favorite part is about to start. His hands grip her breasts through her bra and his thumbs rub circles around her ever-hardening nipples. She lets out a soft moan at the amazing feeling as she leans in so he can taste her flesh. Just like always, he lifts his head and presses kisses against her cleavage while his thumbs drone her nipples into pure ecstasy.

"I want you, Chuck," she moans as she arches her back slightly. "I want you so bad."

He takes her cue better than an obedient dog as he releases her breasts and slides his sweatpants down to his knees to reveal his hard erection. Before she can even reach back to pull her panties down, he does the work for her. As she feels the lacy fabric unstick itself from her wet pussy, she slides a condom down the length of his hard cock. He is slightly surprised at how ready she is, but he knows she's always prepared for everything and anything. She winks salaciously at him before she lowers herself down onto his erection and grins almost as if in relief as she closes her eyes and crooks her head back. But the night is only just started and she feels his hands quickly slide back up her toned abdomen and under her bra, popping the transparent material off and freeing her tits for his viewing and playing pleasure.

She wouldn't miss it for the world as she opens her eyes and looks down at Chuck to see his eyes widen in awe at such soft ample breasts. "Give it to me, Chuck," she demands as she leans her chest into his face and lifts herself up to the tip of his cock. He takes her right nipple into his mouth and she slams down to the hilt of his erection. He instinctively bites down on her nipple from the quick rush of arousal through him. She sucks in quick breath as she moans, "yes." She entwines her fingers into his hair and locks his head to her chest as she continues to bounce on top of his hard long cock.

"God, Sarah," he moans as she quickens her bounces and his hands find their way to her ass. He gives both cheeks a nice tight squeeze before sliding up and gripping her hips. He helps her as he thrusts into her and controls her with his hands on her hips, taking some of the workload off of her. She loves when he takes control. Last time he was a little more hesitant to take the steering wheel from her. But she is already on the verge of a climax and doesn't want Chuck to be tentative; not when she needs to feel him inside her. She wants him to take her and make her moan in complete ecstasy. She doesn't want him to let up until he's done with her, whenever he deems it time to stop.

"Don't stop," she demands as arches her back and pushes herself back down to his hilt.

"Why…" he moans huskily in pleasure between each thrust, "are you… doing this?"

"Chuck, I need you," she responds as she lets him lift her and slam her onto and around his cock, increasing the heat inside her. "Just… don't stop."

"Never," he responds confidently as he spins them and towers over her while he is still inside her.

Sarah smiles mischievously. She hasn't been taken like this in the last two times. She loves when he gets confident. He uses all his force combined with gravity to penetrate deep inside her sopping pussy as he lets her legs extend past his hips. Thrust after thrust, the arousing heat builds inside the both of them and she feels herself losing it. She cannot withstand the arousal flaring inside her from being taken from on top by Chuck.

"Oh god, Chuck," she moans breathily as she feels her abdomen tightening and the rush of orgasm firing down her entire body. "I'm cumming," she finally lets out a nearly silent squeaky moan as he continues to thrust in and out of her until every last drop of heat releases from her body. As they both ride their orgasms to the end, he gently softens his thrusts until he comes to a complete stop while still inside her. He starts gently kissing her right ankle and trails the kisses up to her knee before slipping out from inside her.

She falls back against the bed as her buxom bosoms heave up and down from her labored breath. She smiles up at him as he continues kissing up her left thigh now. As he reaches the apex of her legs where her vagina is still dripping and throbbing with almost painful arousal, he presses the gentlest kiss to the top of her vaginal lips. He skillfully uncovers her clit and gives it a soft suckle to ease her climax.

"Chuck," she shakily whispers as she still finds her breath escaping her. He lasted long enough to make her cum for the first time.

He releases her clit and kisses up her shaven crotch and up her toned abdomen as he lowers her ass and legs to the bed. He makes a quick pit stop to give both hard nipples some wet warm attention before continuing up her neck. She watches with awe as he has never done this before. He usually stops at her pussy and collapses at her side. But not this time. He is getting stronger and gaining more endurance. He is still kissing her neck now and getting closer to her luscious lips. When he reaches his destination, his lips stick to hers with each kiss when he finally collapses to her right side.

He looks over at her, awestruck with what happened; confused with what happened; overjoyed with what happened. "Sarah," he whispers softly, but the single word carries so much behind it.

She lays herself across his left side as she lets her head rest on his shoulder and her left leg hook around his far leg. "Chuck," she mimics in his same whispering tone, almost begging for him to not continue.

"You don't know how much I wanted that," he states as his left arm curls around her waist and keeps her in close while his right hand starts to softly run circles on her left ass cheek. "How much I want you." His right hand gently strokes some stray hairs from her face. "You're so damn beautiful, Sarah. I'm just… I'm so happy right now. To have you in my arms. I didn't think…"

"Chuck," she tries to interrupt him, knowing she cannot take the emotions he so easily can brew inside her.

"Please, Sarah," he continues softly as he presses a soft kiss to the top of her golden head. "I need you to know… that everything I've done, every decision I've made… it was for you. You've always been the first thing on my mind."

Sarah can feel the tears threatening to emerge once again. She told herself that she wasn't going to let herself cry again. She wasn't going to let him spill his heart again. This is the fifth time she's heard this and it still brings her to tears from how honest and truthful his words are.

"I just didn't want you to have to live your life on the run," he continues earnestly as his right fingers circle the circumference of her buttock. "I couldn't take the pain of knowing what I was forcing on you. And I know how much you love being a spy. I couldn't take that away from you, Sarah. I want you to be happy and I know being a spy makes you happy. I thought that if I stayed in Prague that I could be a spy and we could be together… as partners… and as lovers. We'd finally be together and you wouldn't have to give anything up. You'd still get to be a spy."

Chuck can feel her now heavy tears drip onto his chest. He gently slides her entire body up so he can see her face. He delivers a gentle soothing kiss on her lips. "But then my stupid brain—I'm the biggest moron in the world. I should've told you my plan in Prague. God, I'm so dumb," his eyes start to water as he explains his emotions. "And then I got scared that I screwed things up with you and the Intersect stopped working. I don't even know why, but then suddenly I was kicked out and wound up losing everything," he starts to shake at remembering the horrifically painful past. "I had nothing, Sarah," he starts to sob openly, unable to hold in his feelings. "I had no one. I thought I lost you and I couldn't even call you to tell you how sorry I was and what my plan for us was. I was so scared, Sarah," he snorts to keep his nose from running as his emotions and tears pour. "I thought I lost you forever and would never see you again." He takes a few calming breaths to gather his emotions. "I… I love you, Sarah. I always have."

For the fifth time, she doesn't know how to react to his explanation. She can't imagine what he was going through, losing everything, but it strikes her at her core. She is now openly sobbing with him. She hates how she can't say that she loves him back. All she can do is choke up and let out tears at his words. She feels it and she knows she does. Chuck is the only one who has ever made her feel this way. He is the only person who has ever made her feel absolutely cherished and happy. He is the first person who has ever felt like a home with a family and all. And she wants that. She never knew it until him. But she wants it more than anything in her life now.

She can't take it anymore as she turns to kiss him on the lips, tear-stained cheeks pressing against his. "I'm so sorry, Chuck," she sobs sadly as she lets her nude body deflate on top of his.

"No, I'm sorry, Sarah," he responds adamantly as he wipes away the remnants of tears from his cheeks. "I'm sorry for putting you through all that pain of leaving you. I should've told you my plan back in Prague. I'm such an idiot. I don't even deserve you."

Again, he comes out with the sweetest self-deprecating response and she cannot take another minute of it. "Why do you have to be so damn sweet?" She tries to smile through her emotional tears.

"I have my moments," he smiles back up at her, trying to take the conversation into a lighter genre.

"Damn you," she nuzzles her face into his neck as she contemplates when she should end the conversation. "Why do you have to make it so hard?"

"That wasn't a double entendre, was it?" He jokes with a bright grin, loving every moment with the gorgeous blonde angel on top of him. She looks up at him with a quirked eyebrow and a tight grin. "Because I'm kind of surprised that I lasted that long," he shyly states with an embarrassed grin. "I mean, it's been a while and well… you're super gorgeous and all."

His words take her over the point of no return as she uncontrollably sobs into his chest at how adorable and sweet he is. After everything he has been through, he is still able to be optimistic and loving. She knows what she has to do and it is always the toughest thing for her. She has always contemplating on just once letting things continue naturally.

"Hey," he soothingly coos as he strokes her back softly, "it's okay."

"I'm so sorry, Chuck," she continues in utter misery as her right hand reaches behind the unused pillow. "Please forgive me, Chuck. Please," she looks up into his eyes as she pleads the last word and tears continue to pour from her eyes.

"It's okay, Sarah," he responds honestly. "Forgive you for what?" He queries in confusion. She didn't do anything wrong. She was totally justified in being cold to him for what he did to her.

She can't answer him, not because of the tears and emotions caught in her throat but because she hasn't done the deed she wants the forgiveness for yet.

"Can you forgive me?" He continues at her silent sobbing into his chest. "Can you forgive me for what I did to you? I understand if you can't," he glances away in sad contemplation if she can't give him the forgiveness he so badly needs. "I really am sorry, Sarah."

"I forgive you, Chuck," she immediately responds as she breaks down in tears. She slides her hand back from beneath the pillow and brings it to his neck. He suddenly feels a prick on his neck. "Please forgive me, Chuck," she cries as she drops her head into his chest, crying for what she's done to him. She has brought on yet again the worst form a torture she could possibly imagine. This is now the fifth time she has put him through this agony only for him to not remember it. She hates herself for what she's done. Every time she does this, it kills her inside, but she needs him. She needs him more than he knows and if this is the only way she can have him then she will take what she can get. She will suffer through the torture of hearing his heartfelt honest explanation for Prague as long as she can spend an hour being real with him.

She removes the twilight dart from his neck as she wipes her tears with her left hand. She will again have to go through the whole process of cleaning him up, redressing him and tucking him neatly under the covers so nothing is out of the ordinary. "I love you, Chuck," she whispers softly to the sleeping man, knowing he won't remember anything that happened tonight.


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